A Cheat Sheet to Rewrite Resume Like a Pro

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Rewrite your resume like a professional writerIf you’ve been with the same employer for three years or more, chances are that your resume looks slightly outdated. “Why is this even a problem?” you might think. With today’s recruitment process streamlined, companies receive up to 400 resumes for one job posting and can choose from the dozens of perfectly written resumes. Under these circumstances, a tiniest mistake can disqualify you from the competition.

Are you ready for a new job? Then, it’s time to dust off your old resume and give it a brand new look. Our cheat sheet prepared by expert writers will guide you towards creation of a really competitive modern resume.

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Checklist for rewriting resume like a pro

Recharging your old, out-of-date resume is a manageable task – provided that you know what to do. If you want to breathe life into your it, try following the next steps:

Decide on the career goal

Writing a resume without a clear objective is a waste of time and effort. Without a career goal in mind, you won’t know what to highlight and what to leave out. So, before you get down to writing, ask yourself, “What job suits me?” Define on the types of jobs you’ll be applying for, and revise a resume for a particular position.

Cheat sheet for resume rewriting

Remove the street address

Including your full address isn’t necessary, as you’re most certainly communicate with the prospective employers via email. Moreover, it could threat your security. A city and state are enough when it comes to indicating your residence. There’s one exception from this rule, though: if you want to live near the office and want to highlight the fact of easy commuting. In this case, you can include a street or zip code.

Add social media links

Adding the URL to your LinkedIn page is considered a good tone these days. However, to impress the employer complete your profile first and keep it updated (here’s how to do it easy: http://resumeperk.com/blog/improve-your-linkedin-with-resume-service-online). Including other social media links is appropriate if you’re an influencer in your niche or have a group or channel connected with your target job.

Cut it to 1-2 pages

Although it’s the content that should dictate resume length, HR managers usually disapprove resumes which are longer than 2 pages. Remove the older jobs and unnecessary details to make your resume shorter. The recommended length is 1 page for early career professionals and 2 pages for job-seekers with 10+ years of experience.

Delete skills and experiences which are out of date

Maybe, 15 years ago skills like “Internet” and “Windows 2000” did make you a catch for employers. Today they’re completely out of date. Remove any hard skills which are no longer in demand and omit the obvious skills such as “Microsoft Word” or “Internet proficiency” – it’s something that even elementary students can do.

Add the trending skills

After you’ve gotten rid of outdated skills, it’s time to add the fresh ones that can really set you apart. Below is the list of technical and soft skills that the recruiters will be excited to see in your resume (but don’t stretch the truth and add them only if you have this skill under your belt):

  1. Social media
  2. Programming
  3. Web development/web design
  4. Data analysis
  5. Communication
  6. Problem solving
  7. Leadership
  8. Relationship building

Note: rather than simply listing these skills, try demonstrating how you applied them in specific situations at work.

Make use of keywords

Improper use of keywords (or ignoring them at all) is one of the critical mistakes that make job seekers. Meanwhile, adding the right keywords can help your resume to top the search results and get read by a human hiring manager for sure. If you’ve never dealt with resume keywording before, start with adding the words from a job posting. By the way, a resume writing service offered by our copywriters also includes loading your resume with keywords.

Having an appropriate look is highly important for a strong impression during an interview. Learn what to wear to a job interview to send the right message.

Shorten the education section

Education section is an asset if you’re a college graduate and has minor importance if you’re an experienced professional. If you’ve been in the workforce for 5+ years, omit your campus accomplishments, GPA and student activities. If you’ve graduated over 10 years ago, a school name and a degree is your go-to option.

Fix your summary section

There are lots of tricks and techniques to create a killer summary that this article doesn’t cover (you can learn some of them here: http://resumeperk.com/blog/write-a-resume-summarytips-by-custom-resume-writing-service). To refine your summary quickly, make sure it matches the requirements below:

  1. It contains the name of the job you’re applying for;
  2. It’s 3-5 sentences in length
  3. It contains job-specific skills, highlights relevant experience and your key accomplishments.

Proofread carefully (or hire the rewrite companies to proofread for you)

Your resume isn’t a novel – but like with creative writing, in-depth copyediting makes the most of your resume’s success. As you’re done fixing the content, run the resume through the online spell checker and then find another person to check it one more time. Ideally, find an English editing service that specializes on resumes. They’ll fix grammar and spelling issues as well as eliminate the advanced problems in writing you might have never thought of, increasing the overall quality of your resume.

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