10 Habits Every Job-Seeker Should Develop


Job-hunting is an exhausting process. With so many things to keep in mind, no feedback after you’ve sent a resume and the fact that job-hunt might take you months, it can frustrate even the confident and accomplished professionals. Nobody likes being a job-seeker, and it’s not surprising that you are ready to go to great lengths to get hired as soon as possible.

However, when it comes to finding a good job quickly, it’s important to work smarter, not harder. Chances are that you know some people who never seem to struggle to find new employment. This is because they are proactive about their careers and take the right steps during their job search. You can gain control over this intimidating process, too. Check out the list of effective job search habits from our online resume services, and watch your job-hunting efforts bringing better results than ever.

Getting your resume ready for job search

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10 habits of successful job seekers

1. Understand what sort of opportunities you’re after

Are you simultaneously applying for the position of an accountant in a small local firm, a finance manager in a big consulting company and a finance director of a startup in another state? If so, it shows your dramatic lack of focus. Of course, when you’re unemployed, you might be naturally inclined to apply to as many jobs as possible in an attempt to get hired again. However, without a clear focus, you’re likely to end up in an unfulfilling job and lose months of your time. Narrow down your focus to the positions you’re qualified for and those that match your career interests.

2. Treat the job-hunting as a job

If you’re now employed, treat it as your second job. Probably, that’s the most trivial advice you’ve ever heard. But the truth is, it’s a bit naïve to send a couple of resumes every other day and reach out to one person a week and expect quick results. The most effective job-seekers spend hours daily looking for jobs, sending out resumes, networking and scheduling interviews. You should follow their example.
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3. Apply to select opportunities rather than mass-mail

The generalized approach doesn’t work. Firstly, sending the same version of your resume to everyone means that you’re not adding relevant keywords and it is unlikely to pass the ATS screening. Secondly, non-targeted applications don’t tell employers how exactly you are going to meet their specific needs if hired. It’s better to send out 10 customized, targeted resumes than 100 generic ones, as the first tactic will bring you more responses. It helps you pass the automated screening and shows the recruiter that you bothered to create a resume specifically for them. By the way, check out these words to include in resume to make it more appealing for employers.

4. Strengthen your social media presence

Most likely, your social media profiles are the first thing that recruiters will see when they look up for you online. What will they find on you – a positive and neat Facebook page or a Twitter profile full of inappropriate and less than professional jokes? Check all your profiles before starting to job-hunt, and delete everything that doesn’t support your personal brand. Take your time to fill out and regularly update a LinkedIn page. Don’t let the unprofessional image that your social media makes be the reason for rejecting your candidacy.
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5. Set deadlines for your job search efforts

If you’re like many job-seekers, you browse job openings here and there and access corporate websites and job boards from multiple devices. And you don’t always have a technical possibility to apply straightaway or reach out to the HR manager for clarification. Here’s when deadline reminders will do you a lot of good. Set them for any timed action you can’t do at the moment. A smartphone reminder won’t let you forget about something important, thus, you’ll minimize the number of missed opportunities.

6. Track all your actions

This point is closely related to the previous one. During the job search you process lots of information, complete multiple online forms and send out dozens of emails. This might make the entire process feel chaotic. 74% of job-seekers say it’s important to track their efforts. The successful job-seekers always monitor all actions pertaining to the job search – companies they’ve applied to, HR managers they reached out to in various social media, scheduled interviews, etc. Use a good old to-do list, an online organizer or whatever you feel comfortable using.

7. Let your network know you’re job-hunting

The best job openings are not published on job boards. They are filled through recommendations. Once you’ve decided it’s time to move on in your career, start reaching out to everyone who could recommend you for some opportunities or connect with the right people. Let them know your specific expectations to avoid bothering people to look for jobs that aren’t the right fit. The best tactic is to connect with a person working in your dream company and ask them to hand in your resume to a hiring person. Recently, it has also become popular to share a job-search post on social media. However, it’s appropriate only if you’re officially unemployed.

8. Identify and fill qualifications gaps

If you’ve been stably employed for years, you might notice that the employers’ expectations have changed and the job listings now require proficiency with a new software or a couple of new skills. Or maybe, you want advancement to a management role which assumes having extra competencies. The desire to get a new job and a higher salary are the perfect reasons to develop yourself professionally. Check out the several job listings and start working on skills where you feel that you lag behind. If you’re unemployed, it will help you keep your mind sharp. Moreover, mastering in-demand competencies will increase your earning potential.

9. Practice your interviewing skills

Practicing body language and speech in front of the mirror might seem silly to you. Yet, during the first face-to-face interaction with a hiring person you’ll be evaluated closely. A closed body language, using too many filler words, or blurting out something not very professional can spoil that first impression. Like any other skill, feeling confident and relaxed during interviews comes with practice. The more you practice answering the questions and presenting yourself at home in front of the family, the less actual interviews it will take you to get employed again.

10. Stay positive and persistent

Like we said before, the job search is a grueling and time-consuming process. This is especially true if you’re unemployed now or the entire process goes more slowly than you expected. However, keeping a positive attitude is important for a few reasons. Firstly, it will help you stay calm and confident when the minor setbacks will inevitably arise. Secondly, you’ll keep moving and taking the necessary steps towards finding a job rather than beating yourself and feeling depressed. And finally, you’ll send a positive vibe and be pleasant when interacting with target employers rather than looking sad and desperate. And a positive attitude is one of the key traits that the hiring managers want to see during an interview.

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