10 Resume Tips You Haven’t Heard Before


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The best way to make a professional resume this year

If you’ve actively browsing career websites for resume advice, you probably already know the common resume rules. You should it 1-2 pages in length, add a bunch of keywords, use consistent formatting and focus on achievements over job duties, right? However, the art of effective resume writing goes beyond these overused tips. Our professionals who create professional resume are going to share the advanced resume writing practices with you. Today, you’ll find out the meaning of color for personal branding and when it’s okay to break the traditional resume rules.

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10 modern resume writing strategies

Today, we are going to get away from standard resume rules and tell you the ten writing rules you probably haven’t heard till date.

  1. Use the home address in resume strategically
    “What’s the deal with address in a resume?” you might ask. Here’s the answer: employers look at this section if they intend to find candidates who live in the same area. If you are looking for employment near you, just leave it as it is. However, if you want to relocate for the job, you might want to use the local address as otherwise the employers who aren’t providing a relocation package will simply decline resumes of candidates from other cities.
    If you’re in technology, you’ll also want to take a look at specific tips to create tech resumes:
  2. Drop names to capture the reader’s attention
    Dropping names in a casual conversation is likely to be considered a bad tone. The situation is different with your resume – here the names of famous brands or people always work for you. So, if you were associated with the leading company in your industry or brands like Microsoft or General Motors, do specify these names when describing your job duties. “Negotiated contracts with big corporate clients” and “Negotiated contract with Exxon Mobil” will have a whole different impact on the reader.
  3. See your performance reviews as a resume material
    Job-seekers often don’t know what to put on a resume because it’s hard to objectively evaluate your own strengths and accomplishments. Using your most recent review is an ideal source of this information since reviews are based on the opinions of other people who clearly see what you were best at the last year.
    Building a successful career takes not only resume writing skills – chances are you’ll be balancing romance and working life at times, so check out how to do it best.
  4. Follow better resume advice and use keywords naturally
    You must have heard about the importance of keywords that help your resume pass the automated selection. But we must warn you here: more isn’t better in this case. Don’t insert as many of keywords as you possibly can – recruiters can spot these tricks in a moment as they’ve seen it all before. Highlight the key words and phrases in the job posting and use them in sentences in career summary and job description. Using keywords naturally and moderately will bring you better results than repeating ‘accounting’ for 10 times in your summary section.
  5. Find out how the resumes in your industry look like
    Basic resume structure contains the contact information, work history, education, and skills. Still, resumes can look a lot different in the varying fields. Take a look at the government resumes versus advertising resumes to see what we mean. Before you get down to writing, look up for resume writing standards in your field – get a grasp of the overall resume organization and the details you are expected to include. Aligning your resume with the industry standards will increase your chances for consideration.
  6. But stay away from what websites call “powerful resume templates”
    The easiest way to compose a resume is to download a fancy resume template and fill it out. But beware – not only many of these templates are non-compatible with the ATS, but also they are widely overused. If your resume looks like a bunch of others in the recruiter’s pile, all your efforts to stand out will fall short. The best resume formatting is the one you create by yourself in MS Word or another text processor. If you’re out of ideas for designing a resume, check out the tips where to find inspiration.
  7. Be strategic about social media if you need help updating my resume
    The rule of thumb for social media in a resume is: include social profiles only if they make up to your image of a great candidate. If this is a professional blog or Facebook page with thousands of followers and interesting content for everyone in your field, go ahead and include it. If you’ve managed to grow your own Instagram page to 20K followers and you aim for a digital marketing position, show off this accomplishment. But if it’s a personal profile you use to chat with friends, keep it private.
  8. Proving your results is what makes a great resume
    Everybody knows that numbers and percentages are great for your resume. Now, make a step ahead and include testimonials from your previous employers or clients. You can extract them from the LinkedIn page, letters of recommendation or simply ask a boss or someone influential you’ve worked for to provide their opinion about your performance. Quotes in resumes are still used rarely, so they’ll make you stand out immediately.
  9. Avoid resume clichés and fluffy statements
    You won’t believe it – most job-seekers are motivated, hard-working, and result-oriented. So, do yourself a favor and delete all generic descriptors from the resume. Then, get rid of clichés such as ‘thrive under pressure’ and ‘proactive team player’. Not only these statements are overused, but also they give no valuable information to the reader. Replace them with facts and accomplishments, and your personal attributes will shine through them.
    If workplace stress has become a norm for you, read how to change things for better and effectively manage stress at work.
  10. Add resume colors strategically – it’s one of the new resume trends
    The purpose of adding colors to resume is not only to make the document look less boring. Colors make a different impression on us, and you can use the right color to contribute to an image you are trying to make. For instance, red is associated with energy and leadership – if you want to get a managerial position with the dynamic organization, you might want to add it to a resume. Another popular strategy is to use the brand colors of the company you’re applying to. It will help you make an impression as if you were a part of their team.

Although a resume is a formal paper, writing it is both an analytical and creative process. Make sure to incorporate these tips when updating your resume next time, and it will look a lot better than the application of your peers.

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