6 Tips to Avoid Resume Mistakes and Typos


Mistakes in a resume can be very costly for the success of your job search. Hiring managers receive lots of resumes and can afford to choose the best of the best. Therefore, if your resume is formatted or written not as good as ones of your competitors, you’ll struggle to get interviews.

Moreover, some recruiters reject resumes with errors whatsoever. 59% of recruiters reject candidates because of poor grammar or spelling. For them, your typos mean weak communication skills or lack of interest in the position.

How to make sure your resume is written flawlessly and please the picky recruiters? Use the below tips from the local resume services. Below, we’ll recommend how to detect the resume mistakes and fix them proactively, maximizing your chance of getting shortlisted.

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How can you avoid resume errors?

When you write a resume on your own, making mistakes is inevitable. Yet, your goal is to find and fix them proactively so that they won’t sabotage the success of your job search. In particular, here’s what you can do:

✓ Review the resume examples in your industry

The purpose of this step is to detect faults in resume structure and content rather than writing style. Spend some time reading resumes of other professionals in your industry, preferably those who have the same career level as you do. Ideally, look for professionally written examples rather than resumes written by applicants themselves.

Why is this important? As you read others’ resumes, you get an idea of what sections the resume should contain, what writing style to use, and how to structure it. In other words, if resume examples don’t have a Hobbies section, you probably shouldn’t be using it too. And if they list a lot of accomplishments…well, you’ve got the point.

✓ Read your resume aloud

When you read the resume silently, you tend to grasp an overall meaning of the sentence rather than focus on each word. As you read it aloud, you concentrate on the text better which helps you pay better attention. As a result, you will notice typos and misspelled words faster than if you looked through it silently.

But more importantly, this technique helps you improve the flow of words and logic of resume. You may notice that some words are misused, some phrases don’t make sense or might not be clear for the reader. Thus, you’ll make the document more informative and improve the readability, which hiring managers will appreciate.

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✓ Print it on paper

Multiple studies prove that we read on paper differently than on screen. When reading from the screen, we tend to skim through the text, paying attention to occasional words and phrases. With an approach like this, it’s more difficult to spot errors and punctuation issues, especially in complex words and sentences.

On the flip side, when we read a printed copy, we are more focused on the writing itself. Thus, reading a resume from paper will help you fix the writing issues you would have overlooked otherwise. Moreover, a printed version will show you how the document looks in general. Maybe, you’ll want to change the font, structure, formatting or other visual elements.

✓ Have someone else to proofread it

When we spend a decent amount of time writing or editing some document, our eyes get familiar with it and we don’t notice mistakes. Having a trusted colleague or friend to review it can be of huge help. As they see your resume for the first time, they’ll easily spot any issues and errors, saving you time and preventing you from making obvious mistakes.

If you can show the resume to a recruiter or women in business who understand your industry, that’s even better. If the person understands your line of career, ask them to check the content as well. Ask if you’re using the right resume format, if your job descriptions make sense and whether you should add something. An outside perspective can offer you lots of helpful insights.

✓ Use online editing software

Online editing tools cannot do all the work for you, but can definitely streamline the editing and proofreading process. For instance, a software checks typos, punctuation, grammar issues, and more. It can also help you improve clarity and eliminate wordiness in writing. A paid advanced version also improves readability and the style of writing.

Hemingway App will be most helpful for your cover letter. This tool helps you improve readability and polish the writing style so that your writing is easier to understand even to recruiters who are not familiar with your industry. In the meantime, you can enhance your soft skills – for example, check out the tips for getting along well with co-workers.

✓ Hire a resume copyeditor

Hiring a resume editor is similar to showing your resume to a friend, but the result will be much better. A professional editor will adjust your document to the standards of modern resume writing. They will fix all kinds of errors and shortcomings in writing, but there’s more to professional editing than that.

For instance, the editors of our website check and improve your resume in general, including formatting, structure, writing style, and design. Moreover, an editor will add a catchy career summary if you don’t have it and list job-relevant skills to help you pass the ATS. Our services are available 24/7, so feel free to reach out anytime you feel that your job search needs a professional boost. New clients get 20% off the first order, and returning customers receive lifetime discounts.

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