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Why it’s important to create professional resume online

Writing an effective resume is not an easy task. Whereas everyone can list their job duties and degrees, simply describing what you did in the past isn’t going to win the attention of a busy hiring manager. The competition is fierce, so the job-seekers go to great lengths to stand out. And one of the popular ways to significantly improve your resume is to work with a resume writing pro.

A resume is the most important document in your career, so every element of it matters. The writing style, grammar, professional accomplishments, correct structure, keywords, and even font contribute on an overall impression of you as a candidate. Do you doubt that pay someone to create professional resume for you is a sensible decision? We’ve collected the 7 proven reasons why hiring a resume writer is actually good for your job search.

How to make your online resume look professional?

Have no time to write a resume by yourself and the resume writing rules look confusing? Let us help. offers resume and LinkedIn profile writing help to students and professionals of all industries. Our American copywriters use the best writing practices and understand the expectations of today’s employers. If you need to apply for job tomorrow, no worries – we offer urgent 24-hour delivery.

7 Reasons to pay a professional writer to create my resume

  1. You aren’t a strong writer
    When reviewing your resume, the hiring manager expects to see clear, concise, up-to-the-point and error-free writing. Strong writing in a resume makes an impression that a candidate is detail-oriented and has advanced business writing skills. On the flip side, not all experienced professionals are naturally good writers. If you realize that writing isn’t your cup of tea, it’s a wise decision to hire a writing expert to perfect the content of your resume. Thus, you won’t miss any opportunity because of the poorly written, vague resume.
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  2. Your career history has issues
    Little of us have steady progressive career history. Sometimes you simply don’t have a clue how to reflect a certain career situation in your resume and still look a suitable candidate. Maybe, you’ve changed five companies in only a year and don’t want to come across as a ‘job hopper’. Or, on the contrary, you’ve stayed with the same employer for over a decade. Or maybe, you’ve had an employment gap or are in the middle of a dramatic career change. If you don’t explain these issues properly, the employer will most likely reject you. An experienced resume copywriter will develop the right strategy to downplay these issues and focus on your key selling points.
  3. It takes longer than you expected to find a job
    Probably, one of the most frustrating experiences is when the job search makes you feel invisible. You keep applying for jobs but don’t receive any messages back or get interview invitations for completely different type of job. Failure to land interviews quickly might depend on many factors, but in most cases, It’s a surefire indicator that the resume is poorly written or lacks focus, so the employers struggle to understand what exactly you’re good at. To get out of this maze, consider collaborating with a resume creator to see the problems in your resume and fix them.
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  4. Your resume lacks achievements and personal brand
    When it comes to presenting accomplishments and results in a resume, job-seekers typically make two major mistakes. The first one is they are too modest and feel awkward humblebragging about what they’ve achieved. And the second mistake is thinking they haven’t achieved nothing special. As a result, they create a dull, responsibility-driven resume that doesn’t differentiate them from dozens of other job-seekers. In this case, a resume pro will help identify and highlight the accomplishments and awards that make you a valuable employee. Moreover, a professional writer will help develop your brand (for example, increasing sales through building long-term client relationships) and highlight it throughout the resume.
  5. You hesitate about what to include
    For those who are no experts in resume writing, prioritizing career history is a real challenge. Should you leave in that part-time job in a media agency you’ve had seven years ago? Should you describe that project in detail or to sum up your main responsibilities in a couple of sentences? And is it a good idea to include interests and hobbies, such as traveling, acting or cooking? The answer to all above questions is: it depends on your unique situation. A good resume professional will prioritize the content of your resume and decide what to leave out, depending on your experience and current career goals.
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  6. You know nothing about ATS and keywords
    Ten years ago you didn’t have to worry about optimizing your resume for ATS software, but now it’s a must. Over 75% of qualified candidates are rejected because their resume is not recognized by the applicant tracking software. To get selected for a human review, your resume has to follow a set of criteria. Firstly, you need to use industry-specific and job-specific keywords, and use them in the right place. Secondly, you have to apply design and formatting carefully and only choose the elements which ATS can read. This process is confusing for many job-seekers, that’s why it makes sense to address these concerns to a resume expert who understands all peculiarities of ATS optimization.
  7. You aren’t an expert in resume writing
    Experience in resume writing comes with practice. If you only update a resume once in a couple of years, you probably lack skills and knowledge to create a document that would set you apart. Resume writing rules and strategies constantly evolve, and you need to be using them on a daily basis to understand what works for you. Moreover, good resume writers understand the expectations of employers and use the best resume writing techniques to match them. If you are confused by the peculiarities of resume writing, it’s better take this task off your table and hire a professional who will market you more efficiently.
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Last but not least, if you feel that something isn’t right about your resume, even if you can’t explain what exactly you’re dissatisfied with, consider contacting a resume pro. Our company offers free resume review – just send yours to us and we’ll respond with a detailed evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses.

How we prepare your professional resumes

Our company has two main principles in writing resumes: quality and timeliness. We are dedicated to providing perfectly written resumes to our clients and will work on your document until you are completely satisfied. We also respect deadlines – you can choose the delivery date for your order, and we’ll send it right on time. Our deadlines vary from 24 hours to 5 days, which is much faster than in most resume companies offering you a 7- or 10-day turnaround.

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A high-quality resume can help you find a job faster, make a step up in your career and ease the career transition if you are switching industries. If you are searching for the top resumes writing services in the USA, you’ve come to the right place. Our resume maker will craft a resume based on your instructions and expectations. Moreover, it won’t cost you a bomb – take a look at our resume writing and editing prices.

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