8 Resources Every Job-Seeker Should Be Using


In an attempt to find a new job as quickly as possible people occupy the job boards and company websites. These options are undoubtedly effective, yet you shouldn’t also overlook the less known resources for discovering new opportunities. Diversifying the efforts and taking advantage of all sources will significantly accelerate your job search.

Today the experts of our professional resume service will share the resources that we recommend our clients to streamline their job search. Take advantage of the websites and sources you’ve overlooked before, and you’ll manage to land new employment much faster.

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8 helpful sources for job-seekers

It’s not only on the top career website that you can find the openings from leading companies in your industry. Check out these helpful resources for job-seekers – most of them are available online:

1. Job boards and career websites

Online job-boards is a go-to resource for people looking for new employment and those curious about the state of things in the job market. Unlike the traditional job boards, today’s career websites are global, so you are no longer restricted by your area. The top career websites include as follows: – this global job board allows you to browse openings by salary, zip and career level. You can also upload the resume and be found by the headhunters. – in addition to looking through thousands of jobs and posting your resume, here you can choose the employer by rating from other employees and access the salary information. – an ultimate job-search resource for $100K+ jobs. This site is focused on posting senior-level and high-paying jobs and lets you get found by verified recruiters. – although it’s not a traditional job board, 87% of recruiters use it to find or vet job candidates. So, if you are interested in how to have huge career accomplishments, start with updating your profile.

2. Networking

A wide professional network gives you an access to what they call a “hidden job market” – the jobs which are never advertised and filled through recommendations. The more people you know the higher are chances that someone knows about jobs you’d be a good fit for. So basically there are two steps for success: building a large network and letting them know you’re job-hunting.

Reconnect with people you studied or worked with – get in touch with your alumni and former colleagues, and maintain these connections. Chances are they can recommend you for a job opening or give a piece of advice.

Meet other professionals online – connect with hiring managers, recruiters and professionals in your industry on LinkedIn. But don’t neglect other social media sites as well: Twitter and Facebook are also great sources of meeting new people.

Network in person – industry fairs, conferences, professional training and other job-related events work great for expanding your network.

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3. Alumni career center

The option of referring to a university career center is more popular among students. Nevertheless, even if you are an experienced professional, don’t neglect these opportunities. Some universities have a good reputation in certain industries or on the job market overall, so the companies would rather hire someone who graduated from this school.

Contact the career center for more information about what kind of career assistance they can offer. Maybe, they’ll inform you about the job that wasn’t advertised, or give the contact details of a hiring manager.

4. Professional associations

If you haven’t seen the point in joining a professional association, it’s time to rethink your decision. Not only membership in a professional affiliation will look great on your resume, but also they offer a handful of opportunities including events, networking and job search assistance. In particular, pro associations often have their own job boards or listings available for members only.

Professional organizations aren’t only a job search resource – they offer educational opportunities, events and let you meet other professionals. People you’ve met there can coax your job application to an insider or give a helpful piece of advice.

5. Staffing companies

A number of organizations work with staffing firms – they outsource the hiring process to ease it and save costs. These companies prefer not to advertise their openings and hire through the agency only. So, you should try this source of employment without a shred of doubt – the company helps you find suitable jobs, assist with resume preparation and gives helpful tips.

Job-seekers can use their services for free since it’s the employer who pays for the vacancy to be filled. Job-hunting that lasts a while can be exhausting and discouraging. Check out these ways to inspire yourself to stay positive.

6. Industry resources

Whether you are actively looking for a job or are just about to start, pay special attention to the top industry resources in your field. Read the reputable magazines and newspapers, sign up for the websites and Facebook groups, and attend industry resources that post job listings. Monitor fresh events and emerging trends.

Why is it important? Web and printed resources focused on your industry not only can help you find the job, but also provide you with indirect clues of where to look for employment. Let’s say, one of the leading companies opens a new division and will probably need specialists in your field. Moreover, you’ll make a great impression during an interview by showing you’re well-read and are up-to-date with industry news.

7. Resumeperk career blog

When you start looking for a job again after sticking with the same company for many years, there seems to be more questions than answers. Our blog offers a handful of practical tips for job-seekers. How to write an effective resume and how to prepare for an interview – we give answers to these and many more questions.

In addition to posting advice on resume writing and interview preparation, we also share tips on achieving professional success and overcoming workplace challenges. You can subscribe for the recent entries below and get the helpful advice delivered to your inbox.

8. Creative job-hunting tactics

If you are an eccentric person with a good imagination, you might want to employ the extravagant job-hunting tactics. Some candidates go to great lengths to get noticed: they post their information on billboards, write songs about the dream company and sent messages in a bottle. These methods can actually work, but you need to mind the industry. Moreover, make sure that the creative way of job-searching presents you in a favorable light and shows your creativity rather than make you look odd.

Want more ways to find a job faster without using out-of-box methods? Check out our recent tips to accelerate your job search.

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