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Have you ever dreamt to relocate to a new place? Moving to another state can pull you out of that comfort zone, enrich you with positive impressions and open new career horizons for you. Speaking of the latter, finding a job in a new place is one of the biggest challenges you’ll have to encounter. Today we will share some valuable insights on how to organize your job search and escape the possible pitfalls of job-hunting from a distance. 

CV creator: It’s better to find a new job in advance

Unless you have significant amount of savings on your account, it makes sense to start applying for local jobs before you actually move. Ideally, you should get a job offer before the relocation. Our local resume writers can assist you with polishing your resume before the job search. A well-structured, error-free resume designed in accordance with employers’ expectations can go you a long way if you need to find a job faster. Our writers can also tailor your resume for a specific job posting, helping you to come across as a perfect candidate for a hiring manager. With a resume issue solved, you’ll be able to focus solely on your relocation and perfecting your interviewing skills.

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Landing a job in a new city: 10 tips

  1. Emphasize your readiness to relocate
    If you apply for job in another state, this issue has to be addressed in your resume. Let them know that you are planning to relocate to their city and are actively seeking for new opportunities there. Cover letter is great for it; however, you can mention your intent to relocate at the end of resume summary as well.
    Note: if you need an inspiration to craft your cover letter, use our search of free cover letter template.
  2. Start looking for jobs before you move
    As mentioned above, the best advice for you is to start browsing new opportunities while on the old job. Job hunting typically takes a while, and you might feel uncomfortable in a new city without an employment. Browse huge job websites such as and and look at local job platforms. Do a research about what types of jobs are available in your industry and how much they pay. Being informed will help you stay realistic and therefore find a suitable job faster.
    Also, don’t forget to take care of your social media profiles. To learn more about how social media can impact your career, see here:
  3. Ask your local friends for help
    If you have friends in the area you are moving to, they can help you a lot during your relocation and job hunting process. They can recommend the best companies in your industry, or even put in a word for you if you need a recommendation. Moreover, having someone you know in a new town will help you minimize the stress caused by relocation.
  4. Take advantage of LinkedIn
    LinkedIn can go you a long way when it comes to building connections in a new town. Use it to connect with recruiters from the town you’re moving to and stay aware of the upcoming job openings. Moreover, you can browse your connections and find someone working for the company you’d like to work for. Having a referral from the company increases your chances during the resume screening process.
  5. Arrange for online interviews
    If you live in another state, most companies are likely to conduct the first interview via Skype. This option helps save time and money on travel. Online interview requires preparation as well – learn here how to nail a Skype interview -
    Some employers, however, don’t consider candidates whom they can’t meet in person. In this case, you should be willing to travel for interview at any time convenient for them if you want to get a job.
  6. Be ready to explain your motivation for moving
    Moving to a new city is a significant decision in life, and you need to have a proper explanation for it. Even if in reality you’ve decided to do so to challenge yourself or because the beer is delicious, probably, it’s a bad idea to tell this to your prospective employer. So, think of a preferred story you’ll be telling at interviews, and be ready to tell it with enthusiasm.
    in advance of a good reason to explain your move at the interview, and you won’t need to mumble or to say a silly thing that first crosses your mind.
  7. Get a PO box
    Some companies don’t accept applications from out-of-state candidates. What to do about it? Use a PO box – it will give potential employers an impression that you are already in town. If you have a friend in a new city, you can also use their address and ask them to forward your correspondence to you. This trick gives you exposure to more local opportunities than if you had confessed living far away. Don’t expect the company to cover your transportation expenses if they invite you for an interview, though.
  8. Ask whether it’s possible to work remotely
    If you are happy with your current job and don’t feel like changing it, try asking the management about the possibility of working remotely. This is barely possible if you are a sales manager, receptionist or a manufacturing engineer – however, for accountants, internet marketers and designers it’s definitely worth a shot. If you have a good reputation within the company and have worked for them for a couple of years so far, chances are that the management will approve this scenario.
    Working remotely will relieve you from many troubles connected with job-hunting – you won’t have to write my CV and fly to another state just to attend an interview. Later on, when you get familiar with the new town, you’ll find it easier to land a local job.
  9. Visit local universities and career centers
    Even you are an experienced professionals, career centers can be very helpful as you probably have little awareness of the local job market. These centers can consult you on job hunting issues in your industry and maybe even connect you to the companies which are hiring. Moreover, universities and job fairs are great places for networking.
  10. Find and target big companies
    Research the biggest players in your industry and tailor your application for the roles offered by them. Why? Firstly, big corporations are more familiar with the relocation process and some of them will even offer you a relocation package. Secondly, they are first and foremost focused at hiring the best talent and don’t see geography as a problem. And finally, they typically offer higher salary and perks.
  11. Browse part-time or freelancing opportunities
    If finding a full-time employment takes a bit longer than you had expected, don’t neglect other opportunities to make extra money. For those who have already moved, finding part-time role is a good option – you’ll be able to make extra money and still have plenty of time to devote to your job search. Moreover, a first job in a new town is a great place to meet new people and expand your professional network.
    Freelancing can be a good fit, too. Use one of the globally recognized or local platforms to make some extra money. If you doubt whether freelancing will be a good fit for you, check our guide here:
  12. Consider volunteering options
    Volunteering can provide you with the first local experience, expand your professional network and add value to your resume. Browse the local non-profit and charity organization and ask how you can contribute. Perfect, if they need someone with your professional skills. However, even if they don’t, volunteering is definitely worth consideration. Most volunteering options will take you a few hours a week but this experience is often very rewarding.

Relocation itself assumes that you possess specific personality traits, such as flexibility, ability to adapt to new working conditions and environment, and organizational skills. These personality traits are also in demand for the top employers. If you’ve made up your mind to find a job in a new place, remain calm and confident and be ready to utilize all the available resources, and you’ll find a desired employment in no time.

Write my CV online for a job in a new city

If you are serious about moving to another state and are already considering various career options, it’s helpful to make sure that your resume is up to scratch. Create your CV is a lot of work – you need to be aware of the hiring trends in a new town, know keyword optimization and rules of punctuation for resume. If you are too busy organizing relocation, getting experienced resume help online might be a solution.

Our resume writing experts are dedicated to quality of writing and your career success. At our website, you can get your old resume edited and improved or get a totally new one which is tailored to your current career needs. You’ll have an opportunity to discuss your career needs with the writer for better result and get the written document changed if it didn’t fully satisfy you.

Learn more about services we offer and pricing policy. We are open 24/7 and are looking forward to your questions.

Have you ever looked for a job in another state and was it a success?

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