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It comes as no surprise that the success of your job search highly depends on the quality of your resume. A well-written resume engages the hiring person and secures you an interview – and in some cases even the job. Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, it’s incredibly tough to create a resume like this. Planning the resume strategy, writing and then designing the document take hours of hard work. And this hard work doesn’t guarantee you a result. Recruiters and hiring managers say that at least 80% of all resumes suck, which is another argument in favor of good resumes being rare and can make a lot of difference for you.

The most effective solution for giving your resume a head start is hiring professional resume writers. For example, at we create custom resumes focused on your skills and achievements. We follow the freshest resume writing trends and stick to your expectations, ensuring the quality result. If you are still in doubt whether hiring a resume writer is worth it, continue reading to find some important arguments in favor of collaborating with a professional.

5 main reasons to let the professionals prepare your CV 

  1. You are not getting quality interview calls
    Perhaps, there are little things as frustrating as applying for a job you’re perfectly qualified for and not hearing any response. And if this situation occurs over and over again, it’s a serious reason to assume that something is wrong with your resume. Of course, there might be other reasons why you are not contacted back. Chances are that you’ve misread the application directions, the position was filled through referrals or closed. But if you’ve sent over 30 resumes and still no response, having your resume checked is a good starting point.
    By the way, our company has a free service for that. Send us your resume and our writer will evaluate it and point out at its strengths and weaknesses. It is free and you don’t have to order anything.
  2. You know for sure that writing isn’t your cup of tea
    Strong writing isn’t the only ingredient of a successful resume. It also takes knowledge of marketing, HR management and design to compose an eye-grabbing resume. However, without good writing, the rest is nonsense. The ability to convey facts from your professional biography in a way that entices and persuades the reader is essential. Let alone the fact that the resume should be written in professional language, without abbreviations, slang or awkward statements.
    If you are good at what you do but aren’t as good at writing, don’t put your chances of getting hired at stake. Consider working with a resume writer who knows for sure what and how to write to present your experience effectively. And you’ll get more time to work on your professional skills and meet career goals you’ve set for yourself. If you haven’t created a career plan yet, check out the best way how to plan career.
  3. You don’t know what to include
    You are pretty sure that the resume should be 1-2 pages. But figuring out what to include freaks you out. You want to be brief, but you’re scared you’ll cut off something really important. You’ve had too many jobs, and listing all them in a resume makes the document 5 pages in length. You want to include voluntary work and professional organization, but there seems no more space left… Sounds familiar?
    If you’re not a professional writer, you can have a really hard time trying to prioritize the resume information. Professional writers know for sure what matters for the success of your resume and what can be omitted. They focus on the most critical facts in the first place, making the document ‘short and sweet’ – the attribute which all recruiters value. By the way, check out the most curious things that people put on their resumes:
  4. You’ve heard that your resume needs work
    As an active job-seeker, you probably ask the opinion of others about your resume or pass it to acquaintances so they could put in a word for you. Have you ever heard from them something like “I think your resume might need some work” or “The resume doesn’t make it very clear what you’re good at”?
    In this case, professors, colleagues or recruiters try to point out that the current resume doesn’t represent you very well and you might have a hard time landing interviews. So, take their advice and revise a resume. Or, which is even better, have a professional rewrite it for you – if you are not writing resumes on a daily basis, you might struggle to find out what exactly doesn’t work in your resume.
  5. Your career situation is complex
    People with a steady career history in the same field often find resume writing manageable. On the other hand, not everyone is lucky to have a stable growing career. Let’s say you had a huge gap in employment, switched fields once or twice or changed jobs every 2-3 months. You know that recruiters don’t see it as a good thing (and you are right). If you don’t downplay these issues, the employer will most likely reject your application.
    Hiring a professional writer, in this case, will save you time and effort. Resume writers know how to handle challenging career situations and will focus the employer’s attention on your professional strengths rather than the minor gaps or other issues. And while your resume is being written by an expert, you’ll have some time to dedicate to your hobby – writing first novel or swimming.

Employers read resumes very quickly. They do not necessarily spend the famous six seconds of them, but the truth is, they do skim through them rather than read, looking for the information they consider important. If they notice nothing that catches their eye, they put it aside. Here’s exactly how recruiters scan your resume.

If you’ve recognized yourself in one of the above situations, note that all of them can cost you months of unemployment. That’s why it’s a wise decision to collaborate with a resume writer to build a stronger application that will maximize your interview chances.

Make me a curriculum vitae: three non-obvious benefits from collaboration with a professional writer

Apart from fixing the shortcomings of your resume, hiring a resume writer has some extra benefits for your career:

  • It saves you time. While resume writing is often seen as ‘no big deal’ by many job-seekers, on practice it takes hours to write and then even more time to customize and update it for each new job. On the other hand, it takes minutes to order and describe your expectations to the writer, and you receive a submission-ready paper.
  • It prepares you for an interview. As you answer the writer’s questions about your achievements, work history and career goals, you have another chance to reconsider your experience and take a closer look at your career history. And when the interviewer will ask you similar questions, you’ll have answers at hand.
  • It gives you confidence. How many times did you worry you if your resume is good enough or if you have included all necessary information? Worry no more. Experienced writer will describe your experience in the most presentable light, so you can confidently apply with it and feel more relaxed when talking to a recruiter.
  • It helps you eliminate mistakes. Resume errors are huge deal-breakers: 59% of recruiters reject candidates because of poor grammar and spelling. Unfortunately, an online spell checker can spot only a few types of errors. Meanwhile, a professional writer will ensure an error-free writing, allowing you to impress the hiring person with your excellent writing skills.

Reasons to create CV online with our service

Our company has been providing resume writing assistance for over a decade. We keep our hands on the pulse of the most recent resume trends and, unlike many resume writing websites, provide personal assistance to each client. Here are some of the benefits we can offer you:

  • Quality at a reasonable price. We work exclusively online and can keep our prices affordable for everyone. Our professional can prepare your resume or a CV under $100 which is quite an affordable investment into your career.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction. Providing quality assistance is the motto of our business. So, if you feel that something could be improved in the written resume, your writer will make necessary adjustments until you are completely satisfied.
  • Quick service. Have you found a hot job and would like to apply ASAP? No problem – our writer will create you a good resume in 24 hours.

How to do a resume with maximum efficiency?

Frankly speaking, anyone can write a resume using a template from the internet. However, the efficiency of such a resume will be not so high. On the other hand, when you pay a resume writer, you pay for the expertise and strong writing skills and receive a document which present your career history in the most favorable light and boosts your interview chances.

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

Sales, Accounting, IT, Fashion, Marketing, Nursing, Pharmacist, Physician, Finance, Medical, Product Management, Military, Teacher, Healthcare, Executive, Technical, Engineer, Scientific

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