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Should I hire someone to write my resume?

Resume writing rules change frequently, leaving the job-seekers confused about what is good for their resume and what isn’t. Keyword optimization, writing result-oriented statements and tailoring for a job posting can overwhelm even the great professionals. At the same time, if you don’t maximize the potential of your resume, you’ll lose to those job-seekers who do. Want a resume that markets your strengths and experience to a prospective employer? Consider hiring a certified professional resume writer.

How to write resumes that get you hired?

The skill of effective resume writing comes with practice. However, the key to writing a successful resume is to look at it from the employer’s perspective. Does your resume look and read as great as other resumes you’ve seen online? Is it obvious that you have the right qualifications and will succeed in the job if hired? If you cannot answer positively, it’s time to improve your resume. To get you a job, the resume should also meet the criteria below:

  • Short and sweet summary. Summary is the elevator pitch in the world of resumes, and its goal is to briefly introduce your main competencies and achievements to the prospective employer.
  • Accomplishments with figures. Companies want proven results and the evidence that you’re a top performer. Give it to them by putting your measurable achievements into the spotlight.
  • Strong action verbs. Start each sentence with a high-impact action verb, such as Orchestrated, Directed or Initiated. Action verbs will highlight your contribution.
  • No lies and exaggerations. If you make up facts in resume, it might get you the interview. But once your lies uncover, it will damage your work reputation.
  • Neat and professional formatting. Using plain font, bulleted lists, and highlighting the important information will make your resume more pleasant to the recruiter’s eyes.

If you are serious about beating the competition and getting that job you are dreaming of, you will benefit a lot from the expertise and insights of a resume writer. Our resume creators have industry experience and HR background. We will take care of the resume content, formatting, and keywording, putting your loudest accomplishments in front of the hiring manager’s eyes. Hiring a resume maker at comes with lots of bonuses – you’ll get unlimited revisions and 24/7 support.

How to deal with burnout at work?

Going the extra mile to deliver results that could later be included in your resume can work wonders to your career. However, all work and no play can seriously damage your health and well-being. Professional burnout is a common condition that people experience as a result of prolonged physical or emotional exhaustion.

Burnout is mostly caused by excessive stress, working too many hours or experiencing a toxic environment. People with burnout feel exhausted and overwhelmed most of the time. Their usual responsibilities start to feel unbearable. You might also lose interest in your work at all, experience headaches or stomach aches, and feel depressed. If the above descriptions sound like you, it’s time to take immediate action. Here’s what will help you to get back on track:

1. Take time off work

The easiest way to put an end to the exhaustion and burnout is to stop working and get a quality rest. Talk to your HR department or boss, and take at least two weeks off work, no matter paid or unpaid. You need to completely change the environment, so no phone calls or emails from office. Beat the temptation to spend these two weeks in front of the TV or laptop. Give yourself a dream vacation – travel, visit Disneyland or spend this time on the beach. New impressions and experiences will help your nervous system to recover better. 

2. Reach out to someone close to you

When the situation at work bothers you, opening up to someone close might have a therapeutic effect. So, share your problems and concerns with a family member, a close friend or even a colleague you’re on a good note with. It will relieve the negative pressure you experience and strengthen your relationships even more. Another good idea is to write down everything you feel in form of a diary entry.

3. Take care of your health

In stress conditions, people often turn to alcohol, coffee, and energy drinks to relieve the pressure. While these methods will give you an energy boost in short term, if used regularly, they aren’t good for your health. Moreover, it’s easy to get addicted to them. To support your body in mind during the burnout, stick to healthier options of food and drinks. Make sure you get enough sleep and make exercising the part of your daily routine. This advice sounds trivial, yet living healthier is the key to overcoming the consequences of burnout faster.

4. Find an inspiring hobby or activity

If the work drains you, find something to recharge your energy outside of work. Go in for an active hobby or activity that you enjoy doing. Playing music instruments, cooking desserts, dancing salsa or playing video games – choose whatever appeals to you. Creative and engaging activities outside of work help you distract from work problems and prevent the burnout in the future. Moreover, you might find a new hobby so engaging that you’ll want to turn it into a full-time career. Here’s how to do it effectively:

5. Minimize the stressors

When dealing with workplace burnout, identify which elements of your work caused it in the first place and eliminate these factors. And it might turn out that you actually love your job. Do you work for 11 hours every day? Ask your supervisor to reduce the workload or organize your day differently to leave the office early. Do you work with toxic colleagues and have to respond to destructive criticism from them? Try transferring to another department. In other word, find what caused the burnout and deal with this factor while taking action with the consequences of burnout.

6. Change the environment

Change the working conditions you are used to. If you had had routine responsibilities for months, it’s a good idea to talk to your boss and ask for different scope of responsibility within your role. If you’re an office employee, try working from home or a local coffee shop. Put things in order in your cubicle. When you change the everyday routine, it pulls you out of the comfort zone and encourages to look at things differently. So, you might find a new meaning in your job or find the solutions to the problems that bother you.

7. Find a new job

Sometimes the above methods don’t work. The boss might be reluctant to give you time off or make adjustments to your schedule so you could work productively. In this case you’ll need to quit the company you work for. This step is necessary for the sake of your health and well-being. Burnout requires taking action early, so don’t stay on the job that is no good for your mental and physical health. Update your resume and start exploring new opportunities. By the way, here are some companies with stunning offices:

Should I hire someone to do my resume?

If you want a new job urgently, hiring a resume writing pro will save you time. You won’t have to rewrite the resume over and over again, trying to figure out what works and what will secure you an interview. Your American writer will employ the best resume writing practices to put your strengths into spotlight and minimize the shortcomings. You’ve managed to find resume writing service in USA that guarantees you satisfaction – we offer unlimited revisions.

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