Top 10 Creative Careers You Can Enter Without Retraining


Careers in creative industries are on the rise, they give an opportunity to unleash your creative potential and some of them pay decent salaries. This is what makes artistic careers a popular consideration among professionals who are unfulfilled with their current career paths. When you’ve made a wrong career choice, even the high salary won’t satisfy and bring you peace of mind.

A change of career course is often associated with years of training, gaining new skills and the grueling search of the first job. However, this isn’t always the case. Some creative careers are relatively easy to enter. Today, our creative resume writers have prepared the picks of creative careers with a low entry barrier. It will take you a few months to gain the basic skills, and then you can jump right in and look for the first job in the desired field.

Sounds enticing, right? Then, wait no more and choose among the creative career options listed below.

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Jobs for creative people which are easy to enter

  1. Public relations assistant
    If you enjoy working with people and feel comfortable with the idea of entering the field of public relations, consider this job. Many PR agencies, as well as large companies, are willing to hire a PR assistant with no prior experience. Your primary tasks will entail writing and editing press releases, newsletters, and dealing with media. To be considered for the role, you need to display strong communication and writing skills. The ability to think creatively to build a positive company image is also welcomed.
  2. Makeup artist
    A makeup artist is one of the jobs that help people look beautiful in important life events such as weddings or proms. However, the skills of a makeup artists have a much wide application. These professionals often work in theaters, magazines, prepare actors for shooting or work with photographers during the photo sessions. The greatest thing about this line of career is that it doesn’t require a long education – taking a few months’ course is enough to get started. And your earnings will depend only on your creativity and ability to promote your services.
  3. Photographer
    In an attempt to handle career crisis people often switch to artsy careers, and photographer is one of the popular options. To become a photographer, you need an artistic vision, an eye for colors and composition, and long months of practice. Photographers collaborate with websites and newspapers as photojournalists, take pictures of people during their special events, promote brands online or take portraits. It’s relatively easy to get started – if you have some prior experience with photography, look for a job as a photographer’s assistant to gain skills faster.
  4. Social media marketing
    You are probably using social media every day, so why not turn your interest into a career? Brands increasingly want professionals who can engage their prospects, spread the word about the business online and manage the brand’s image. This is one of the creative jobs with a low entry barrier – taking a couple of online courses on Udemy or Coursera is enough to enter this career. This role includes the creation of social media campaigns, sharing helpful and promo content, maintaining a dialogue with the subscribers and growing subscription base.
    Did you know that your Facebook page can make or break your job search? Check out how to clean up your online social profiles before job-hunting.
  5. Copywriter
    Do you have a knack for writing and only consider jobs that don’t involve customer service? Then, a copywriter or website writer is your perfect option. These professionals promote products and services through the written word. They create text for websites and printed ads, work on product descriptions, slogans, ads, blog posts and social media posts. You’ll need strong writing skills, out-of-box thinking and the ability to explain things in a simple way.  No formal training is required, yet you might need to take a short course or to take an internship to get an insight into a professional and find your first job faster.
  6. Technical writer
    This is one of the jobs that involve writing. Yet, while you can become a website writer with no specific knowledge, technical writing requires a background in engineering, manufacturing or computer science. Technical writing assumes the creation of how-to guides, journal articles, release notes and instructions. For that, you’ll need to study a product or technology comprehensively and then to explain it to an average user in a way that is easy to understand. It sounds difficult, doesn’t it? Yet, there’s good news: technical writing offers much higher salaries than other writing careers.
  7. Illustrator
    Illustrator is one of the jobs that involve drawing, yet it doesn’t require an extensive set of skills and is easy to enter. Basically, they produce artwork for a range of publications or online media, presenting ideas through images. Illustrating books in a publishing agency, preparing images for catalogues or magazines are all illustrator’s responsibilities. Illustrators need excellent artistic skills and an eye for detail combined with communication skills and a strong work ethic.
  8. Marketer
    Marketing is one of the most popular creative business jobs. Marketers are focused on spreading the word about the brand, product or service. They create and launch advertising campaigns, set prices and define the target customers. To successfully promote the company or a product, they need to monitor trends and competitors. Today, marketers should also possess a set of digital skills such as copywriting, SEO, social media, public relations, and many more. To enter this line of career, consider taking the relevant courses or to find an unpaid internship.
  9. Actor
    Did you take an acting class in high school and find it rewarding? To turn acting into a career, you don’t need a college degree. Taking a class in a community center or a theater will provide you with the basic acting skills and prepare for work. Becoming a movie actor is a dream for many, yet, there are lots of other ways to make money acting. Advertising companies, promo campaigns, children’s holidays and TV shows seek actors for short- and long-term projects. It might be tough to work your way up at the beginning, yet the acting is one of the most rewarding careers for artistic people.
  10. English language teaching
    With English becoming an #1 international language, the demand for good teachers will only grow. To teach foreigners via Skype, you don’t even need to major in English. Any college degree and your conversational skills are usually sufficient to become a remote English teacher. This career requires good communication skills, the ability to follow workplace etiquette guidelines, patience and good command of your native language. You can contact local language schools or apply for teaching jobs online. In addition to flexibility and the ability to work in a self-paced schedule, this career gives you an opportunity to meet many new people and broaden your cultural horizons.

If you are looking for a career that will bring you genuine satisfaction, there’s plenty of aesthetic careers to choose from. The ones listed above don’t require you to go back to school. Taking a short-term course or training is sufficient to get started in a new profession. By the way, when you decide to resign from an old job, make sure to do it in a professional manner:

3 tips for starting a creative career

  • Don’t be shy to ask for opportunities. When starting out as a creative, you’ll probably need to work for free or at the minimum wage just to gain experience. However, don’t expect such opportunities to come out of nowhere. Reach out to the agencies and companies in your chosen field and offer your services.
  • Network. The majority of jobs are filled through networking. Along with taking classes and building on your skills network with other professionals in your chosen field. Attend the local events and meetup, reach out to people on social media. These people can give you helpful tips and recommend you for a job, but be ready to return the favor.
  • Build a portfolio. Collect the most impressive pieces and results of your work in a portfolio. After months and years of work, this portfolio will work for you. Nothing speaks of your professionalism and attracts new clients in a creative industry better than a strong portfolio.

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