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How to write a cool resume?

Recruiters scan hundreds of resumes each day. And most recruiters will admit tossing resumes because of poor design, inconsistent formatting or grammar mistakes. Therefore, in 2021 your resume has to be visually appealing and well-structured to secure you an interview. If you are fascinated by creative resume templates you've seen on the internet and want your resume to look this cool, continue reading. Today, our experienced resume writer will share recommendations on how to develop a unique resume design that will grasp the attention of a hiring manager.

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9 tricks to make your resume look amazing

Assuming that you already have a written resume, use these tips to make it look irresistibly cool:

1. Be careful with online resume templates

The internet is full resume builders offering modern resume templates. While many of their resume designs do look attractive, resume writers insist that you should think twice before using a resume and cover letter template. The first stumbling block is that most of such creative templates are terribly ATS-unfriendly, meaning that your application is likely to be tossed by applicant software.

And secondly, since these creative resume designs are available for everyone, chances are that lots of other job-seekers have used it so your resume won't look original. It's best to develop your own creative resume design in Microsoft Word or Adobe Illustrator, or hire an expert to do this for you.

2. Use appealing font, structure and alignment

No matter what resume template you choose, the document should look neat and be formatted consistently. Inconsistent font, cluttered formatting, paragraphs instead of bullet points and outdated font types will turn off recruiters even if you're perfectly qualified. Experts recommend that you use sans-serif font, 10-12 pts, to keep the text easily readable. Leave enough white space between sections and bulleted lists. Structure the text reverse chronologically, as this order is most favored by recruiters.

3. Make sure your industry welcomes creative resume design

An innovative resume design immediately catches the attention of a recruiter browsing through applications. Yet, you need to be careful here. Not all companies and industries welcome modern, attractive resumes. Some will prefer a traditional resume with no design elements added. For example, finance, accounting, legal and government professionals are not expected to apply with a bright, multi-color resume. Make sure that professional resume design is acceptable in your industry.

4. Make your work experience look presentable

Professional experience is the biggest asset of your resume. Here's how to make it more appealing to the reader. First, make sure the experience section reads as a holistic story, with no long breaks. Every career gap should have an explanation, say, maternity leave, running a business, or freelancing. Focus on 2-3 most recent years in your career history, as they are of most interest for employers. You can tell very briefly about early career and jobs you had over 10 years ago.

If the company is little known on the market, add a brief caption to outline its size and industry. To create the best resume CV, avoid copying responsibilities from the job descriptions. Highlight the most important facts and write them down in simple words. In addition to your job responsibilities, be sure to indicate specific achievements and performance results, for example, “Increased sales by 26% in FY2020".

5. Use a color blocking technique

Color blocking is a technique to make your resume stand out. It assumes taking colors which are opposite on the color wheel and pair them to make an eye-catching combination. Combining yellow and purple, red and green are examples of color blocking. You may use color blocks to highlight your contact information, skills section or other important details while making a memorable, beautiful resume design.

6. Do not exceed 2 pages

Ideally, you should use a one page resume as such length is most welcomed by recruiters. If you have 10+ years of experience, you can add the second page to your CV resume. This length is optimal to list most recent work experience concisely, sum up educational pursuits and other career-related activities. If your resume text takes longer than 2 pages, consider removing early or irrelevant jobs, shortening job descriptions, or chaning the layout.

7. Use matching cover letter and resume design

If you apply with a resume plus cover letter, your resume template should be used for a cover letter as well. It is recommended that you always use a letter, as 45% of hiring managers will reject a resume for not including a cover letter. And if the two documents have the same color scheme, it makes a professional impression. Make sure the content is aligned as well, and the letter emphasizes the same skillset, personality traits and is also targeted for a specific job.

8. Avoid popular resume mistakes

Even the coolest resume design won't help you make the right impression if the resume contains mistakes or unprofessional information. First of all, make sure that the resume is free from grammar and spelling mistakes, as 59% of recruiters reject resumes that contain errors. Another popular mistake is not providing enough details for your past jobs or forgetting to include some information. Don't include a photo or other personal information.

9. Add a catchy resume header

Creative resumes make a stronger impression if they come with a title. Ideally, your resume header should match that of a job you're applying for. The best resume examples have a header that pops up and draws attention.

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