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There's no secret that competition on the job market gets tougher every year. The global availability of the best candidates, opportunities brought by remote work and the use of technology make their impact. Now, a single job opening can attract hundreds of resumes, and it gets truly challenging to compete.

Even the job-winning credentials and skills may be overlooked if the resume doesn't sell them well. If you don't feel like risking your job chances, why not work with business resumes writers? Ultimately, the team of the best resume writing services knows the nuts of bolts of how recruiters screen, select and shortlist resumes. The resume services can expand your pool of opportunities and get you noticed by the dream employers.

The undisputable advantages of our professional resume writing services

  • 100% customized writing. The writer analyzes your career track using an old resume or a questionnaire to come up with a distinct, unique resume that attractively highlights your strengths.
  • Knowledgeable writers. The writing service is provided to you by an in-house writer who has HR background, expertise in resume development and is fluent in English.
  • Prompt delivery. Need a resume by tomorrow? No worries - we'll deliver on time. Besides, we guarantee full refunds in case of non-delivery.
  • Free revisions and updates. Our professional resume writers revise as many times as it takes to completely satisfy you with the product. Corrections are free of charge unless you change the initial instruction.
  • Thoughtful customer support. A support rep is always online to assist with questions that may arise. We are available 7 days a week, day and night.
  • 96% customer satisfaction rate. Clients who are professionals in different industries leave satisfied. We help people from the US, Canada, UK and beyond.

Client testimonials

"I have been working as a software developer for seven years, and my old company didn't offer any promotion. So, I turned to for a resume update, and now I'm getting interviews for project management roles."

Kevin C.

"I'm really happy with the experience I got with your company. The support team is very helpful, and the writer was receptive to all my suggestions. Now I'm finally satisfied with my CV."

Nina D.

"It's my second order with you guys and you never let me down. My resume looks perfect, and I could barely describe my own experience better than my writer did. Professional resumes make a whole different impression on recruiters."

Anna K.

"It's great to find such a quality service at a price this low. These guys wrote my resume at $90. and it turned out better than the one I bought from other company for $300."

Robert F.

"I couldn't get interviews after a two-year break in my nursing career. My writer Meriam has rewritten the resume completely and added some accomplishments, and now I have three interviews scheduled."

Caroline D.

"Turned out, I underestimated how cover letter is imporant. After I ordered one from you, I got a response from Pinterest where I've always dreamed to work. Thanks a lot!"

Tom W.

Why every professional will benefit from professional resume writing?

As the job market competition grows, the requirements from resumes are tightening as well. In 2021, a great resume that has impressive design, is packed with keywords and revolves around accomplishments isn't a luxury, it's a must. The best resume writing services kill two birds with one stone. They pour years of experience into the creation of a winning career document and also save you time on writing. Here are some ways they can assist:

  • Secure more interviews. A DC resume crafted by a professional generates more interview invitations. Recruiters just cannot miss a well-written, focused and structured application.
  • Ease a career transition. The change of career (say, from an accountant to a non-profit fundraiser) is difficult to reflect on a resume. A professional writer can do it with a click of fingers.
  • Relieve the stress. Writing about yourself is stressful - not everyone feels comfortable bragging about themselves. Delegate this task to a resume service and get a submission-ready resume.
  • Pass the ATS. 98% of Fortune 500 companies use the so-called resume robots. We'll insert related keywords to your DC resume so that it passes the selection.
  • Perfect English and style. Professional resume writers prepare error-free, spotless resumes written to the standards of business English that show, don't tell, your impact.

How to choose the trustworthy professional resume writing services?

Choosing a good resume company is half the success. The internet is full of low-end or blatantly scam companies that can provide you with a poor resume. The level of resume writing and additional services correlates with the writers' qualifications and trustworthiness of the company. Use these tips to identify a reliable one:

  • Seek an initial consultation. Contact the company via phone or chat to discuss their terms and the services you need. If they sound confident, competent and answer each question of yours, chances are you're dealing with a good washington company.
  • Browse online reviews. Look for testimonials and independent reviews before you purchase a new resume. The best resume writing services will absolutely have some positive comments online!
  • Inquire about terms and guarantees. No guarantees at all or obviously unrealistic promises (such as interview or even job guarantee) should warn you. Reliable resume writing services can only guarantee a high-quality resume.
  • Check their website. Creation and maintenance of a website in Washington DC is costly. So, if a company has well-designed fancy site, it might indicate that they provide good resume writing services and are doing well.
  • Learn about writers' qualifications. Ask if they have experience with your industry (say, federal, IT, accounting and finance, etc.), a certification (such as CPRW or NRWA) or experience in recruitment.

Locating a reliable company isn't an easy task, but if you are eager to receive a resume at a reasonable fee, you've come to the right place. has 11+ years of experience on the market of career services. Whether you are a freelancer, a student, a leader at the executive level or a business owner, we'll help you craft a winning resume.

Get a resume from our top-tier professional resume writers

So, at this point you are probably wondering what is a good resume writer? As a rule, qualified writers are abreast of the resume writing trends and principles. They know the stages and peculiarities of the writing process, and can align the resume so that it passes each stage with ease. To achieve this, the best resume writing experts obtain a special certification, or simply earn the experience by producing hundreds of resumes for clients in many industries.

The in-house writers of meet all the above criteria. We only accept writers with Bachelor's degree and above and 1+ year of experience. Secondly, all our writers are native English speakers. Each applicant has to take timed English and resume writing tests before getting accepted. Only less than 8% make it to our team!

Such a thorough selection helps us provide the job seekers with impressive, keyword-rich, achievement-driven resumes. Our main feature is that the writer stays in touch with you throughout the process. So, you can discuss the design, focus and requirements and receive a document that is 100% customized for your needs.

How is a resume written?

If you've never bought a resume before, you are probably wondering how the process works. Let us reveal the mystery for you. First of all, you provide our professional resume writer with your career information, such as history of jobs, target position, and more. We recommend that you attach a link to the job listing so that the writer could add the keywords. Then, you'll need to choose one of the packages - a resume only or add-ons such as letters, LinkedIn page development, etc.

The writer submits the first draft as per the deadline you've chosen. You can download the resume and use it immediately, but if you belive the resume could use some corrections, you'll have 2 weeks to claim a revision. Just point out to your consultant what should be changed. Note that this is a rare feature among online writers - most will provide you with only one or no revisions at all!

Writing tips from the best resume writing services

Resumes that win interviews share some common features. Here are the main of them:

  • A career summary. Top resumes all use this 3-4 sentence section that emphasises the strengths of job seekers. Here's an example: "A PMP-certified project manager with 5+ years of experience implementing strategic business projects and exceeding corporate objectives. Excels at planning and managing multi-million projects offering technology solutions to meet business needs. Uses technical and business acumen to communicate at all levels".
  • No longer than two pages. If you're a marketing student, a beginner customer service rep or a junior web developer, stick to one page. Experienced professionals and managers can use a second page when writing resumes. The correct number of pages ensures that the hiring manager will read the document.
  • A synopsis of past jobs. To save the recruiter's time, add a brief synopsis before the job descriptions where you'll sum up the company details or your impact. Example: "XXX Company - A #2 wholesale retailer in California" or "Marketing Manager - Reconceptualized and launched digital marketing strategy for company's 3 best-selling products".
  • Accomplishments. You can't get away from responsibilities completely, but include enough accomplishments as well. Your accomplishments may sound like this: "Converted the accounting procedures into electronic form and implemented the software resulting in paperwork reduction by 45% and 10% time saved". Accomplishments prove your expertise and add credibility.
  • Congruent formatting. Have you seen all these fancy, bright resumes on the internet? Make yours just as attractive. Use the same font, capitalize and use bold font consistently. Colors used to highlight some sections or important achievements make the document more pleasant to read.
  • Strong, persuasive language. Resume is about humblebragging and selling yourself. As long as you can prove them with facts, making loud statements is encouraged. Best pro resumes use verbs like "orchestrated", "conceptualized", "incorporated" or "consolidated". Such languages adds you overall value and increases the chance that the hiring manager will take you to "yes" pile.

Best resume writing made affordable

For job seekers ordering resume writing services, price is an important concern. A resume should pay off the invesment and help you get hired faster. On the flip side, paying hundreds of dollars for a resume writing service is a bit pricey, especially for the job-seekers who provide for their families or lost their jobs because of coronavirus pandemic. offers highly affordable services. Our company operates exclusively online, which helps us keep the pricing affordable for both freshers and executives. We charge under $100 for a resume product, and 20% discounts are available for new clients. No matter in what area you are based - get a resume at a low cost.

Unlike other agencies, we don't work with overseas freelancers. We have a team of in-house writers who are located in the US and the UK. According to our quality control policy, each resume is additionally checked by an editor before sending to you. We don't have rights reserved - the rights for a newly written resume will be transfered to you in full, so you can use it as you deem necessary.

Avoid the common resume writing mistakes

The number of resumes rejected because of mistakes is agitating. What stresses the job seekers even more, is that many great professionals make mistakes they aren't even aware of. Working with a pro writer will help you avoid such widespread pitfalls:

  • Unprofessional email address. 35% of recruiters decline the application because of an inprofessional address. Ideally, it should consist of your first and second name, and maybe several extra symbols: "".
  • Lies. Stretching the truth may get your foot on the door, but once the truth uncovers, it can damage your professional reputations. All degrees, experience and skills are now easy to check, so it's better to lead with your real strengths.
  • Typos and errors. Near half of recruiters reject resumes that contain typos, grammar errors, and punctuation issues. So, all experts of resume writing services insist that you proofread the document prior to submission using an online spell checking software.
  • Copied and pasted job descriptions. Be sure that any hiring manager can spot if you've copied and pasted the responsibilities from the internet. Such applications don't evoke credibility and are tossed as they don't show your real value to the employers.
  • Lack of keywords. The resume language should mirror the one in the job description. The lack of keywords makes it hard for the application to pass the resume robots and be seen by the human hiring manager.

Working with an expert can definitely eliminate all sorts of mistakes. A pro resume not only is free from any pitfalls, but it also positions and market you for the targeted position.

Quick turnaround - keep pushing your career forward

In a turbulet job market being fast often means being hired. According to the statistic, 41% of all applications are received within 48 hours after the job was posted. The recruiters might simply not consider the latter applications. With this concern in mind, our professional resume writing services offer rush delivery within 24 hours. We don't compromise the quality and pour as much effort and research in the creation of the resume as usual.

At you are free to select the turnaround that works for you. We won't keep you waiting for a week or so if you need a CV urgently. Yet, you can select a longer deadline - up to 5 days - if you're not in a rush as it's more economical.

Effective cover letter writing services

Undoubtedly, the resume should lead with accomplishments and wow with writing style and design, but what about covering letters? Are they still in demand in 2021? The answer is "yes" as the data shows that 45% of recruiters reject candidates who don't include a letter. But attaching a cliche, standardized letter won't be of much service.

There's a plenty of effective strategies for writing a cover letter. Firstly, you can share a personal story that speaks to the deeper connections with the company or the desired position. Secondly, you may share a few case studies of how you managed with similar challenges in the previous role. And finally, there's an option to get creative - write an essay, offer the practical solution to the company's challenge, and more.

Not sure what strategy will work for your industry? An expert from resume writing services will prepare a cover letter that complements the resume perfectly and gives an idea of your personality and working style.

Best resume writing services that guarantee satisfaction

While others resume and career coaching companies make loud promises, we offer guarantees. As you select the deadline, rest assured that you'll get the finalized document right on time. Otherwise, we will refund your payment. Secondly, we guarantee your full satisfaction with the quality of writing. You'll get an unlimited 2-week revision period, and if you belive that our best resume writing service could improve the resume further, the writer will make corrections as requested.

We offer a bunch of premium options for client who seek the first-class service. This includes an additional resume check by a PhD editor, extended revision period, free update in a year, and more.

Grab your best resume for all career levels

The definition of "the best resume" varies from industry to industry. A five-page federal resume that lists supervisor's names, salary history and full job descriptions will be non-viable for the corporate sector, and vice versa. Similarly, a two-page document will be redundant for an entry level candidate.

Industry considerations play a key role in the creation of a winning application. Our resume writing service prepares resumes in line with the unwritten standards of each industry. For traditional industries and corporate jobs we develop classical formal resumes with limited use of color and design. For digital and IT, we stick to slightly more casual approach that allows for simpler language and more creativity.

Career level impacts the resume style, tone and lengths as well. Entry-level applications typically emphasize academic achievements and a potential of a young professional, whereas a manager's resume is solely focused on the ability to organize and motivate teams rather than their own professional skillset. Our resume writing service minds these subtleties for your success.

Need a LinkedIn profile? We're on it

A 100% complete LinkedIn profile is an important contribution to the effective job search. Recruiters name this platform as #1 source of quality hires. Complete the profile to strengthen your online presence and be found by employers. Our expert will evaluate your career goals and complete each section of the profile accordingly, including accomplishments, skills and keywords. Through LinkedIn you can find an employment with zero effort, so don't neglect quality profile development.

Still hesitating? Claim free resume review from professional resume writing company

The services our resume writing service offers go far beyond writing itself. In particular, an in-house editor can fix mistakes in your old resume and freshen it up. Not only that, but our resume writing service can improve your resume for free! Email it to us, and an in-house writer would evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of it and provide you with a free report.

With the future course of career depending on the resume, don't leave everything to chance. Order personalized resume help from the writer who is dedicated to your needs. Contact us via chat to claim your 20% off the first order.

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