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When you hear “resume”, you probably think of a career history of a person who applies for a job. But have you heard of such thing as a company resume? Basically, a company resume is a document or website page that presents the main features and milestones of your business. It’s very similar to a job-seeker resume, with the only difference that you promote the company’s competencies and experience.

Company resumes are used to promote your business online, pitch potential corporate clients, to get a long-term contract with a particular client or simply to inform anyone interested in what your company does. If you’ve never written this type of document before, read on for a step-by-step guide on writing a company resume that turns heads.

Want a professional resume that distinguishes your business from competitors?

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good company resume. It’s a great tool for landing new profitable contracts, spread the word about your business and even attract the top talent. American and British resume experts from our website can help highlight your business mission, identity and accomplishments. The resume will be done by a writer who understands your industry and its challenges.

7 steps to write a stellar company resume

1. Include your company name and contact details first

The document should start with your brand logo, name, address and contacts. Introduce your organization and show how you can be contacted. Make sure this information is visible on the page so that the reader can find it in one glance.

2. Choose the section headings strategically

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all structure for writing a business resume. If your company has multiple industry awards, you need to add the respective section; if no, you skip this section altogether. With this in mind, use the appropriate and informative headers for all sections. ‘History and mission’, ‘Clients’, and ‘Awards’ are good examples.

3. Start with the summary of your business

At the top of the resume, summarize what your company does in a few sentences and how it can be helpful for a potential client. For example, if you’re a digital marketing agency, tell that you can develop a social media strategy, launch ads, grow subscriptions and sales. Quantify your capabilities when it’s possible: show the client which results you can realistically accomplish for them.

4. List your main products and services

In this section, briefly describe the goods sold or service packages you have to offer. If you’re a large corporation, obviously, it’s not possible to mention each item. In this case, group products/services by categories to give the reader a big picture of what you do. If your product/service is innovative, explain how they might be beneficial for a client.

5. Throw light on your history and mission

History and mission is what makes your company unique and different from the competitors. If your company grew rapidly or changed its specialization dramatically, mention it. Develop a clear mission statement that would intrigue the potential clients. If your business has specific features, i.e. products are not tested on animals or the business is sustainable, mention these values as well.

6. List your corporate accomplishments

In a business resume, achievements are the outstanding results that were accomplished by the entire team. For example, you’ve expanded market share by 15% or developed an advertising campaign that doubled the client’s revenue, list these facts as accomplishments. You might also want to specify the number of clients served and projects completed, indicating the time spent per project.

7. Show off the business awards

Did your company or agency receive a prestigious industry or national award? A corporate resume is a great place to show it off. Customer Experience Innovation Award, Cloud Security Excellence Award or another can add you points in the eyes of a prospective client or vendor. Resume experts recommend that you place the Awards section higher in the resume so that it’s definitely noticed by the reader.

8. Mention your top clients

In addition to showing your areas of specialization and the examples of excellence, it makes sense to list some of the clients you’ve done work for. Focus on the well-known brand names, if any. It also makes sense to list clients for whom you’ve done complex projects that became crucial for their businesses. Your past successes will advocate for the high performance and potential of your business.

9. List the key team members

List 5 to 7 key members of your team, giving their academic credentials, industry certifications, job titles, and years of experience. if your business is a large corporation, mention the members on senior leadership positions. Giving your team’s credential will persuade your potential clients or vendors in the high professionalism of services or goods offered by you.

10. Add relevant links

Having a paper or PDF version of the company resume is important, but you also need to provide links to extra resources for those who wish to learn more about the company. You might want to add links to the corporate website, online portfolio, business blog, social media pages, etc. Give the readers a breadth of information about your company to keep them informed and engaged.

11. Keep your business resume brief

An ideal length of the business resume is one page. Yet, if your business has an extensive history and a large list of projects completed, it’s acceptable to use a second page. In either case, it’s important to keep the document brief and to the point. If you’re sharing the company history, write 1-2 short paragraphs, not an essay. The same rule applies to all sections.

12. Design the resume using your brand colors

A corporate resume is a representation of your business, and should be designed accordingly. Use the brand colors in a document, make your logo visible at the top of the page, and choose an appropriate font which is easy to read.

13. Use a reverse chronological format

Just like in a traditional job-search resume, list projects, awards and other details reverse chronologically. It will make the document easier to read and give your accomplishments and contributions a sense of structure.

14. Edit and proof read

Typos and grammar issues can work against the reputation of your business. Make sure to check the written paper multiple times until you’re sure that each sentence makes sense and there are no grammar or punctuation issues. Use an online spell checker to improve the sentence structure, grammar and ensure that the document looks spotless.

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