Rely on resume writing pros to get hired faster

So, you’ve decided where you are headed next in your career, chose the job listings to apply to and created the list of target companies. Now you need a strong resume that will help pursue your ambitious goals. At the same time, resume writing takes time, energy and nerves, so many job-seekers rely on resume writing companies to create a resume for them.

If this is the first time you’re considering working with a resume creator, you probably have more questions than answers. Today, we’ll explain the main benefits of hiring the writer, things to consider before paying for your resume and how to ensure that you’ll get the quality you’ve paid for.

Is hiring a resume writer worth it?

The outcome of your job search depends heavily on the way your resume is written. Any recruiter and the hiring manager has faced the situation when the candidate’s resume was so irresistibly good that they picked up the phone to invite them for a face-to-face meeting straightaway. With your skills and achievements effectively emphasized in the right place, you have every chance to get noticed.

Having created thousands of resumes for the clients from the US, Canada and overseas, we know the importance of a good resume for landing a job or an internship. Many great professionals undersell themselves on their resumes, fail to include important achievements or are too shy about their real business impact. And, with all shortcomings fixed, they end up finding the desired employment pretty fast.

Did you know? On average, it takes an American job-seeker 43 days to get hired. With a professionally done resume, you can get more interviews and a job much faster! Contact us to discuss how we can improve your resume and other career documents.

How much does a resume writer cost?

Not as much as you may think! Of course, there are plenty of overpriced service providers who will charge you over $500 per a single resume, but it’s completely up to you not to deal with them.

Reputable and reliable services can be found in the lower pricing category. For example, on our website you can get a custom resume done for $100. This doesn’t impact the quality – we’ll create your resume from scratch, and the unlimited revisions are included. Our prices don’t hurt your wallet, and serve as a reasonable investment into your future career.

Is it legit to hire a resume writer?

Yes! When you reach out to a resume writer for help, you’re not cheating anyone. A resume is not a journal article or academic paper where you have to be the sole author of your writing. Moreover, the practice of getting resume help is quite common – students ask for help with resumes in their college career centers, and the experienced professionals seek recruiters’ advice.

Having composed hundreds of resumes, the resume makers gain a clear vision of what works on resumes and what doesn’t. They can incorporate this vision to transform the way your resume looks, the impression it makes and the results you’ll get with it.

Did you know? 75% of employers have caught a lie on a resume. Don’t embellish the truth and don’t risk your reputation in an attempt to get an interview. Hire an expert and let them present your real experience in the attractive light.

Popular reasons to hire a resume writer

Writing a resume is considered something that you can do on your own. But in certain cases, it’s strongly recommended that you reach out for professional help:

  • You get unbelievably little interview calls

    Your chances for an interview depend on multiple factors: the state of the labor market in your area, the popularity of the job among the applicants, and whether the position was filled through referrals. However, if you keep applying for jobs you’re well qualified for, adjust your resume every time but don’t hear back, your resume is a great place to start troubleshooting. The writer will identify the shortcomings and weaknesses that prevent you from getting results.

  • Writing is a tedious process for you

    Not all professionals are naturally great writers. If writing an email, report or memo frustrates you, you’ll probably feel at your wits’ end when it comes to resume writing. Does it sound like you? Then, focus on developing your job-crucial strengths or skills, be it coding, reconciling accounts payable and receivable, or developing logo designs. Let the professionals specializing in resume writing handle this task for you.

  • English is your second language

    Whether you’re a student looking to get accepted in an American university or a professional who’d like to relocate for the job, your resume should be flawless. Non-native speakers might unknowingly make mistakes in writing that spoil their chances for an internship or a job. Get an American editor to review your resume before sending it. Be 100% sure that your resume is written to the standards of modern American English.

  • Your resume is all responsibilities, not accomplishments

    Employers value result-oriented, achievement-driven resumes. If your resume is packed with responsibilities only and sounds like “Answered inbound calls from clients”, “Managed project budget and defined the scope”, and “Greeted customers in the reception area”, don’t get surprised that the recruiters toss it. Your resume should contain at least 4-5 accomplishments, and a resume writer will help you identify and formulate them.

  • Your career history has issues

    If you aren’t one of those lucky ones who has a progressive career history in the same industry without any gaps, you might encounter additional challenges as you try to put the career story together. How do you downplay gaps in employment? How do you go about irrelevant jobs or that job for a logistics company that you secretly hated? And finally, how to describe your experience if you transition from accounting to marketing? Our resume writer knows answers to all these questions and more.

Where to find a resume writer?

You can find lots of resume writers and career consultants both online and in your area. The real challenge here is to find an experienced and reputable writer who possesses the needed qualifications, understands the labor market in your industry and is genuinely interested in your career success.

Before choosing a service provider, Google customer reviews and testimonials from previous clients. Evaluate their website – the pricing, process and guarantees should be visible and transparent. Finally, talk to the writer or the support rep about the writer’s qualifications, experience and strategy for writing your resume.

Our company has been around for 10+ years, and we are committed to delivering continuously high quality of writing and service to our clients. We are so confident in the level of service we provide that we’ll rewrite and edit your resume free of charge if you’re dissatisfied with it.

The perks of a professionally done resume

  • Better keywords. Keyword optimization of your resume is a must if you want the resume to be seen by a human recruiter. Yet, ATS optimization is all Greek to many job-seekers. A resume pro will adapt the resume for a job posting with high-value keywords.
  • Persuasive writing. Everyone can list their duties and achievements, but not every job-seeker can sell them to a prospective employer. The writer will use high-impact words and a problem-action-result writing approach to make them buy into your resume.
  • No mistakes. 77% of employers disqualify resumes because of typos and grammar issues. Don’t let the tiny mistakes become deal-breakers when it comes to the success of your job search. We’ll edit your resume to make it spotless.
  • Excellent writing and design. A resume for sale, created for you from scratch, will favorably distinguish you from other candidates. The writer leverages strong writing skills and HR expertise to communicate the exact traits the employer looks for, and the custom attractive design adds up to the document’s likeability.
  • More interviews. The resume writer has no control over the hiring process. Yet, thanks to high-quality writing and the absence of any mistakes and shortcomings, the resume will sell you much better. Our clients report a significant increase of interview calls with a professional resume.

Did you know? 84% of applicants forget to include a hiring manager’s name in their application and end up getting a rejection. A resume professional will help you avoid mistakes like this.

The process

Our company works exclusively online, which makes it possible for us to balance between the superior writing quality and affordability. For you, it means convenience, a fast turnaround and the possibility to reach out to your writer anytime. Here’s how the entire process works:

  1. Signup – create a profile on our website, upload your old resume and other career-related files, and complete a questionnaire.
  2. Writing – the writer starts working on your order, getting back to you to clarify and discuss your project.
  3. Delivery – receive a resume by email in due time and request edits if necessary.

What if I need a CV instead of a resume?

Are you an accomplished psychologist or a microbiology researcher looking for the next employment? In this case, you need a CV that would highlight your publications, teaching, research work and other academic credentials. Our in-house writer will assist with the creation of a comprehensive CV encompassing your career story.

Hiring a resume pro: Our benefits

  • Get a resume that really works for you. The writer makes the most out of the experience and skills you have. You no longer have to puzzle over “Why didn’t they invite me for an interview?”
  • Save time and energy. The job-search process is tedious, and the necessity to write and rewrite your resume can frustrate even more. Outsource your resume to professionals and focus on search and interviews.
  • Excellent quality. Our staff writers are trained to deliver a perfectly written and designed resume. But if you don’t like something, you’ll have two weeks to have your resume rewritten for free.
  • Urgent delivery. You don’t have to wait for weeks until your resume is done. Choose the time frame between 24 hours and 5 days, and we’ll deliver on time.
  • Ongoing support. We are always online in case you have questions, concerns or want to discuss your order in detail.

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