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How many resumes have you sent this week without receiving a positive response? 10? 50? 100? Or maybe, you haven’t sent any because you got stuck trying to squeeze the 20 years of experience into 2 pages. Job-seekers face many challenges, and these are just some of them. But if you struggle to get interviews, rewriting a resume should be your primary point of consideration. Having your resume prepared by a resume expert can go a long way for you since these professionals know how the world of recruitment works.

But the magic isn’t going to happen unless you are dealing with an experienced and well-trained resume writer. Only the top professionals in resume writing can develop a strategy for writing your resume, market your skills, pick the appropriate keywords and influence your chances for an interview. Never collaborated with a resume writer before? Read our guide to distinguish a true resume professional from a low-quality service provider.

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If you don’t have time to compare multiple service providers and need a resume done quickly, rely on the fs of We offer over ten years of progressive expertise in resume writing and an in-house team of writers specializing in various industries. Our American and British writers are carefully picked and trained to provide superior writing and exceptional customer care.

You can take a look at the samples on our website and make sure. We are so confident in the qualities of our resumes that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you’re not happy with a resume, we’ll revise it for free. So, if you need to apply or to send resume to a reference by tomorrow, don’t waste a single second and message us right now.

8 differences between a professional resume writer and an amateur

  • Amateurs guarantee you an interview or a job

    The internet is flooded by the companies who promise a resume that guarantees an interview or even employment. Although this statement is tempting (who wouldn’t want such a resume?), this is a false promise. No resume agency can guarantee an interview, let alone the job, since they don’t have control over the hiring process.

    The professional writer understands that the hiring decision is influenced by many factors, and resume is just one of them. The position might be closed, filled through the referral program or promotion. At the same time, a good writer will do his best to advertise you as a maximally suitable candidate to give you a head start over other job applicants.

  • Amateurs offer a lot of other services – resume writing is just one of them

    Have you seen the ‘jack-of-all-trades’ writing services that are willing to write you a college essay, a website copy, a memo and a resume? If you want an outstanding resume, avoid clerical services like these. Specialization is the king, and the writer who can write you any kind of paper is unlikely to be good at writing any of them.

    Professional writers, as a rule, specialize in writing only career documents. Since they are all about resumes and CVs, they’ve gained the expertise in creating really strong resumes. Such writers know all about resume trends, employers’ expectations and personal branding. Resumes created by a professional have an impressive appearance and polished content.

  • Amateurs have neither relevant experience nor certifications

    One cannot become a good resume writer overnight. It takes months of training and extensive experience to master all aspects of resume creation. Unprofessional writers have neither recruitment experience nor industry training. It’s quite doubtful that someone who lacks knowledge about resume keywording, principles of writing and types of resumes can create a decent copy for you.

    As a rule,professional resume writers have either hiring experience or extensive experience in the industry they write resumes for. A renowned certification in resume writing (CPRW, NCRW or ACRW) is a huge plus. The holders of national certifications typically keep on at the edge of resume writing practices and applicant tracking systems. Yet, the certifications aren’t mandatory – many writers keep their skills current through practice and self-paced learning.

  • Amateurs don’t provide initial consultation or resume review

    Unprofessional writers will insist that you make an order. They won’t offer an initial consultation to determine your needs and how they are going to meet them. They won’t even review your resume to understand its shortcomings and recommend the appropriate type of service. In fact, if you struggle to receive any feedback about your resume and the writer refuses to discuss any details of the project until you pay, this might not be the best writer to entrust your career future to.

    Professional writers will give you an honest opinion about your resume through e-mail or a resume review service. If you need a piece of advice or feedback, they are willing to provide it. Collaborating with a writer like this helps you feel confident in your job search as you know that the weak points of your old resume are going to be fixed.

  • Amateurs don’t offer the one-to-one communication

    Amateur resume companies don’t offer contact with your writer. You will be asked to fill out an endless questionnaire or submit an old cv, and that’s it. Your inquiries are either resent to the writer by the support team, or you can’t seem to hear back to anyone. As a result, the finished product often turns out below your expectations – simply because you didn’t have a chance to communicate them.

    Professional companies realize that one-to-one communication with the writer is highly important for creating a strong resume. A good writer will get back to you regarding your goals and expectations, and ask more questions if needed. By learning more about your personality and professional accomplishments, your writer will be able to produce a truly effective resume.

  • Amateurs hide their prices and the process

    From the very beginning, amateurs don’t make it clear how the process works, and browsing their website doesn’t seem to help. They might be also not very transparent about their fees. Of course, you can send an email with an inquiry. But if the company is secretive about the very basic things, how can you expect honest and direct communication afterward?

    Professional writers are transparent from the beginning about their prices for every type of resume and other papers. They also give clear deadlines, describe the process and guarantees. Thus, you know what to expect for your money and can rest assured that you would receive the quality you had paid for in due time.

  • Amateurs don’t have a resume writing blog

    All reputable companies have blogs these days, and resume writers aren’t the exception. Amateur companies either don’t have a blog at all or they have a weak one, with only a few postings. Moreover, a lack of a blog might be a sign of a fraudulent or scam website that won’t provide you with an original resume you’ve paid for.

    Many professional writers and resume companies have a blog for content marketing purposes. They use it to share the resume writing expertise, tips and tricks with their readers and potential clients. The original and non-trivial advice in a blog proves the professionalism of a resume writer. Maintaining a blog is costly, and if the company can afford it, it means you’re dealing with prosperous and reputable service.

  • Amateurs cannot produce a quality resume

    You don’t need to be a resume writer to know how a great resume looks like. It has strong writing, focuses on your strengths and is formatted with style. Unfortunately, amateur writers can produce neither of these outcomes. Moreover, most of the amateur companies don’t make any amendments to the written document, which means that you most likely will leave dissatisfied with the level of service and writing.

    Professional writers are dedicated to quality and reputation. That’s why they will make improvements to the written document to better suit your needs. They use the best practices in resume writing, focusing on the results you’ve delivered and picking the best appropriate format. As a result, a professional resume will likely ‘wow’ you.

When choosing who to entrust your resume to, watch out for the above 8 signs before you hit the “Pay” button. These characteristics of a professional writer will ensure that you get the custom, professionally done resume you’ve paid for. Statistics also show that resumes written by professionals generate more interviews due to a clear message, correct writing and catchy designs.

How much should a professional resume cost?

Prices for resume writing is a controversial subject. Some job-seekers believe that the more they are charged for resume writing the better quality of writing they will receive. Others don’t believe there is any connection between the price and quality. Indeed, is there any difference between a $100 and a $500 resume?

As the practice shows, every resume writer charges as much for a resume assignment as they find it appropriate. To spend your money wisely, ask what your resume package includes. Some companies charge more simply because their fee includes a few letters, distributing your resume to recruiters and posting on job boards.

At Resumeperk com, we offer resumes for sale at affordable prices – prices for resume writing start under $100. We work with clients exclusively online, and this business model made it possible to serve the needs of all types of customers.

Receive professional help with cover letters

If you’ve ever written a cover letter, you know what confusion it is. Firstly, you need to create a catchy opener (and “I am writing to apply for a Customer advocate position advertised on” isn’t one of them). Secondly, you need to tell a story that would persuade the hiring manager that you’re a good fit. Thirdly, you are expected to spruce in a few relevant keywords. And probably the most grueling part – each job ad requires a customized cover letter.

If taking the above steps doesn’t seem an enticing perspective, let us help. Here is how our writer will help you stand out:

  • Keep it concise. Hiring managers don’t read lengthy letters any longer. The writer will persuade them to hire you in less than 300 words, keeping the focus sharp and letter content up to the point;
  • Highlight the soft skills needed for the role. Applicants are expected to show not only relevant experience, but also the right personality traits, and our resume assistant can help with it;
  • Humble brag about your achievements. Accomplishments are expected in a cover letter as well as in resume, and the writer will draw the reader’s attention to your most notable results;
  • Tell a story – if you have a personal connection with the company you’re applying for or would like to complement your resume with important details, your writer will help articulate your thoughts;
  • Format in line with your resume – a cover letter and a resume formatted similarly show your personal brand, your attention to tiny details. Moreover, it indicates that you’ve put an extra effort to impress the employer which is always appreciated.

Get assisted by the best resume/CV editing and proofreading company

Did you know what really stands between you and your dream job? Mistakes in a resume. According to, 59% of recruiters reject candidates because of poor grammar or spelling. This statistic alone is enough reason to carefully edit your resume before you send it to a company.

There are multiple effective proofreading techniques. You can start with running your resume through a spell checker such as or Then, print it out and read aloud to get rid of awkward statements. Reading each sentence backward word by word also might help. However, little techniques can compare with hiring a resume editor.

Our professional editors have an eye for resumes and are extremely peculiar. In addition to fixing typos, fonts and word choice, they will also add a compelling summary and apply an eye-catching formatting. You won’t recognize a new version of your old resume!

8 Signs Of Professional Resume Writers

  • ✓ They are focused exclusively on resume and career writing
  • ✓ They have relevant experience and national certifications
  • ✓ They offer free resume review or consultation
  • ✓ They provide one-on-one resume assistance
  • ✓ They are transparent about their fees and the process
  • ✓ They don’t promise you an interview or a job
  • ✓ They have a resume writing blog
  • ✓ They provide a satisfaction guarantee

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