Top 15 Weirdest Things People Put On Their Resumes

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Job-seekers often go to great lengths to impress the hiring managers with their creativity. It often works – people doing the hiring are tired of resume clichés and are receptive to fresh approaches to resume writing. However, if you overdo with creativity, it may have an opposite effect. Hiring managers receive dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes in response for each job posting. Some are simply dull, some are irrelevant, yet some of the incoming resumes make the recruiters laugh Continue reading

10 Things to Add to Your Resume to Make It Outstanding

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Let’s face it – most resumes look pretty much the same. They use similar corporate language like “work effectively under pressure” or “possess a strong business acumen”. The structure doesn’t allow much space for creativity either: a career summary, work experience, education and skills. Let alone the fact that the bureaucratic format of a traditional resume doesn’t allow you to show your human side to the hiring person. So, how on earth under Continue reading

Top 7 Company Offices in America

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The world’s largest and most profitable companies do their best to attract and retain the top talent. They offer lucrative compensations, provide extravagant benefits and supply the employees with delicious snacks. One of the top ways to stimulate staff productivity and creativity is creating fascinating office spaces. No more open spaces with eggshell paint and standard dull desks – game rooms, large kitchens, fresh designs and sports areas are quite common for the modern offices of Continue reading

How to Use Positive Thinking for Your Career

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Do you want to make a big move in your career or feel more fulfilled with your job? Then, don’t overlook the power of positive thinking. Quite often, it’s enough to take control of your thoughts and get rid of the limiting beliefs to achieve your goals. Whether you want to get a new well-paying job, pursue a career change or improve the quality of workplace relationships, cultivating the positive attitude can enable you to do all of that and even more. Today, the experts of our Continue reading

The Resume Evolution: How The Resume Changed in 20 Years

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Did you know that the resumes as we know them only appeared 70 years ago? Since the 1950s, they went a long way from being a pure formality to becoming a personal marketing tool. The expert resume writers of have followed this change and are ready to present you how. To increase your chances for an interview, it’s important to consider the most recent resume trends. How did the resumes evolve? The most recent changes in resume writing and methods of a job application are Continue reading

Resume Heat Map: How Employers See Your Resume in 2019

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So, you’ve sent a resume to the company. Have you ever been curious about what happens next? The recruiter quickly scans each incoming resume to determine whether they are a fit for the organization. To increase your chances of getting noticed, you have to be familiar with how exactly the recruiters read resumes. has thrown light on this matter. They have conducted an eye-tracking study which reveals what recruiters pay attention to when scanning resumes. Today, a writer of Continue reading

5 Resumes of Famous People: What You Can Learn from Them

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A lot of people have the role models they look up to. They can be a multimillion startup owner, a Hollywood actress, a worldwide known entrepreneur or even one of the US presidents. What really matters is that your beloved famous person inspires you for career or personal accomplishments. If you are looking to repeat the professional success of your favorite leader or entrepreneur, you should really take your resume writing seriously. In this regard, it will be helpful to take a look at a few Continue reading

7 Steps to Compose Powerful Letter of Recommendation

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Imagine the two recent college graduates applying for an entry-level position in finance. They both have a high GPA, relevant coursework and done voluntary work while in college. They both seem to be qualified well for the job opening. However, the first applicant attached none or poorly written recommendation letters while the second person uploaded several highly informative letters from their thesis supervisor and professors. These letters expand on the positive personality traits and Continue reading

How to Format A CV to Get More Interviews?

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A CV formatting is one of the small things that make a big difference to the success of your CV. A neat, logically correct and clear structure increases the chance that your CV will be read through. But use wrong or cluttered format, and all your stellar accomplishments might be overlooked. Although the final content of your CV will depend on the role you’re aiming to apply for, there’s a basic order of sections in a CV that you should follow. Using the classic CV structure makes it Continue reading

How to End a Letter: 10 Examples & What to Avoid

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Have you ever found yourself puzzling over how to end a professional email? Then, you know how it feels. You’re almost done composing that all-important letter and now feel stuck because you can’t decide on the proper closing. Should you put “Yours sincerely”, drop the laconic “Best” or leave the closing blank at all? Effective business email writing is a must-have skill for students and professionals of all career levels. And a cover letter closing Continue reading

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