How to Put Expected Graduation Date On a Resume? + Samples |


How to put your expected graduation date on a resume? (+3 Samples) In addition to college name and major, employers also would like to know when you expect to graduate. They want to know whether you’ll be comfortable working full-time, or will need a flexible schedule to attend classes or write a dissertation. And if you work part-time, the expected graduation date means it will inform them when you’ll be able to be more engaged at work. Resume experts say that outlining the ...Continue reading

Best Ways to Show You’re a Team Player On a Resume (With Examples) |


Ways to show you’re a team player on your resume (+ 9 Samples) Teamwork is one of the most sought after skills in the job market. Since many careers and projects require group work, the hiring manager expects to hire a person who can effectively collaborate with others and contribute to the team's success. Therefore, you need to emphasize a teamwork ability on a resume to show the employer you are the person they’re looking for. However, simply putting ‘team ...Continue reading

How to optimize resume for ATS? + Samples & Tips |


Applicant tracking systems help companies oversee the recruitment process and streamline the selection of candidates. According to the statistics, 98% of Fortune 500 companies rely on ATS to filter the most qualified candidates and save the hiring manager’s time. Writing a resume that opens correctly with ATS systems is the major stumbling point for job-seekers. If your resume has the wrong file type, formatting, or typos, it can be tossed before the hiring manager actually reads it. To ...Continue reading

Sales Assistant CV: How to Write & Examples | ResumePerk


Sales Assistant CV: How to Write & Examples Sales assistant job is a perfect starting position if you wish to build a career in retail. This job involves consulting customers, managing merchandise and inventory, resolving complaints and informing about special offers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 594,400 openings in retail sales are expected each year. The pathway to a career in sales starts with a persuasive resume that articulates your strengths as an employee ...Continue reading

How to become a successful BookTuber: Monetize your hobby


BookTube is the segment of YouTube that is devoted to books and book reviews. If you are passionate about reading and enjoy spending your evenings with a newly published novel or discussing the books you’ve just read, you can turn this hobby into a source of income. To start your journey as a BookTuber, you need to set up a YouTube channel first. This is free. Next, choose a catchy name for your channel. The name can reflect the topics you will cover on your channel, or you can simply ...Continue reading

CV Designer: Tips & Templates to Create a Beautiful Resume


How To Design a Perfect CV: 9 Secrets From CV DesignerIn a professional resume, every element counts. Your document not only needs to have persuasive, spotless writing, but to impress visually as well. Since most recruiters spend under 10 seconds doing the initial review, looks matter more than you think. Using an eye-grabbing yet professional resume CV design leads to getting you noticed and hence shortlisted. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?Yet, don't hurry up to experiment with layouts and ...Continue reading

How To Sell Yourself On A Resume? 9 Tips + Examples


How to sell yourself on a resume? 9 tips and strategiesResume is a marketing document in the first place. Its purpose is to present your value and past successes to convince the employers that you'll excel in the job if hired. Yet, simply listing your previous experience and project is not enough. You need to pitch them and articulate your value as a potential employee to get noticed in today's highly competitive job market.As the economy recovers from the pandemic-driven drop, it's the best ...Continue reading

Business Professional Resume Tips & Examples


Business professionals should submit impeccable resumes as the competition is severe. Whether you apply for a position in business management, administration, or analytics, it is important to impress hiring managers in mere seconds. According to the research, 40% of recruiters spend under 1 minute on each resume they receive! Therefore, a business resume you submit should cater to the needs of your target employer while emphasizing your value as a professional.Composing a resume that turns ...Continue reading

How to Write a Resume Header (With Examples)


A header is the shortest section of your resume, and one of the most confusing as well. It serves as a business card that briefly introduces you to a hiring manager. Forgetting to include important contact details or listing unprofessional information may lead to rejecting your application. And, since hiring managers review each application for less than 1 minute, you need to impress them in seconds.In today's article, our professional resume consultants will give you actionable tips on what ...Continue reading

Professional Aviation Resume Writers Know How To Make Your Resume Perfect


Aviation and aerospace industry is an excellent career choice for individuals who are fascinated by travelling, enjoy the sense of adventure and like learning new skills. In addition to letting you explore the world, every aviation job offers lucrative salary and high job security. However, to be considered for the dream position, you need to provide a well-structured resume that speaks to your professional strengths and achievements.The competition in aviation is high, so your resume needs to ...Continue reading

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