Cover letter for supervisor position: Example & tips


Writing a cover letter is essential when you apply for a supervisor position. According to LinkedIn, 83% of hiring managers consider cover letters when making a hiring decision. A persuasive cover letter can distinguish you from the competition by focusing on your skills and most prominent achievements. Whether you work in a customer service department, a warehouse supervisor position, or a project management role, a good cover letter can help you sell your leadership skills to employers. ...Continue reading

Cover letter for sales representative: Examples & Tips for 2024


Image: good sales representative is a valuable asset in any industry. Employers always look for professionals who can close deals, ensure customer satisfaction, and exceed sales targets, driving revenue growth for the company.If you have a lucrative sales job in mind, make sure that your cover letter effectively reflects your skillset and accomplishments to the hiring manager. To help you get started, we have prepared a ...Continue reading

How To Write A Cover Letter For Research Assistant?


Image: hired for a research assistant position can help you build professional skills and increase your chances of being admitted to medical school. Top schools prefer applicants with experience in a research position, as it shows your dedication and interest in scientific progress.However, to land a job on a research project, you need a persuasive resume and a cover letter in the first place. If writing a ...Continue reading

Cover letter for manager position: Examples & Tips


Cover letter for manager position: Examples & Tips for 2024Many job-seekers believe that cover letters are not necessary in 2024. However, hiring managers think the opposite. 60% of companies expect a cover letter along with your resume. Not sending a letter at all or submitting a poorly written one can result in squandered opportunities and can cost you an interview for your dream job.At ResumePerk, we understand the frustration that most managers face when trying to write a catchy ...Continue reading

10 Bad Resume Examples & Mistakes To Avoid


Bad resume examples: 10 mistakes to avoidWriting your own resume is always a challenge. Even if you have browsed plenty of resume advice, there is still a chance that you are making one of the resume mistakes that cost you interviews. And, to avoid making these mistakes, it helps to know how bad resumes look like.Our team has come across some really bad resume examples. The worst resumes feature poor formatting, unprofessional fonts, cliches, irrelevant work history, and spelling and grammar ...Continue reading

10 Best Skills for Teacher Resume + Examples


Top 10 Skills for Teacher ResumeTeaching is a good career that lets you share subject matter knowledge with others and make a difference in the students' lives. It also offers job stability and opportunities for lifelong learning. However, just like with any other job, you need a persuasive resume to land interviews for your dream teaching position.In particular, you need to focus on teacher resume skills relevant to the position you're after. Without these skills, the hiring manager can ...Continue reading

Best Ways to Show You’re a Team Player On a Resume & Examples


Teamwork Skills Resume: Top 7 Skills & How To Feature Them Teamwork is one of the most sought after skills in the job market. Since many careers and projects require group work, the hiring manager expects to hire a person who can effectively collaborate with others and contribute to the team's success. Therefore, you need to emphasize a teamwork ability on a resume to show the employer you are the person they’re looking for. However, simply putting ‘team ...Continue reading

How To Write A Powerful Relocation Cover Letter - BEST TIPS!


Writing a relocation cover letter: 7 essential tips According to the statistics, an average American relocates 11.7 times in their lifetime. If you plan to find a job in a new city in advance, you will need to make some changes in your resume and a cover letter. In today's guide, you will find: the secrets for writing a strong relocation cover letter to compete with local candidates; relocation cover letter example; general cover letter tips to help you get noticed by a ...Continue reading

Expected Graduation Date On Resume | GUIDE & EXAMPLES


How To Put Expected Graduation Date on Resume? (A Comprehensive Guide + Examples) Including the graduation date on your resume can be puzzling if you haven't completed your degree program yet. The best practice for current students is to list the anticipated graduation date. Thus, you will inform the potential employers about the progress of your studies so they could give you the needed flexibility. Continue reading to find out how to include the expected graduation date on a resume. ...Continue reading

How to Put Expected Graduation Date On a Resume? + Samples


How to put your expected graduation date on a resume? (+3 Samples) In addition to college name and major, employers also would like to know when you expect to graduate. They want to know whether you’ll be comfortable working full-time, or will need a flexible schedule to attend classes or write a dissertation. And if you work part-time, the expected graduation date means it will inform them when you’ll be able to be more engaged at work. Resume experts say that outlining the ...Continue reading

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