Do I Need A Resume For My First Job? | Resume With No Experience


Do I need a resume for my first job? Tips from a resume writer Your first full-time job sets the tone for your career development. According to the study, 87% of students whose first job matched their potential had a decent job five years after. So, your first job resume template should present your potential and your knowledge in full. Moreover, it has to be compelling enough to persuade the hiring manager to consider your candidacy furhter. But the problem is, how do you write a resume for ...Continue reading

How To Answer "Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?"


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? The interview process is intimidating itself. Although the conversation lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour, the interviewer makes an impression about you within only 7 seconds. And, since out of 250 candidates on average only 4 to 6 get shortlisted, it's not surprising that you want to do everything perfectly. "Describe yourself in 5 years?" is one of the most popular - and the most irritating - interview questions. Interviewers want to know if your ...Continue reading

List of Good & Bad Work Habits for Your Career


Your education, skills and experience are important factors for having a successful career. Yet, your daily habits and actions are equally important. No matter how qualified and skillful you are, if you display poor work attitude, show up late, and aren’t willing to help others, you’re likely to be overlooked for a promotion.Cultivating good workplace habits will help you improve your professional reputation, get more productive and organized, and open new paths for career ...Continue reading

How to Quit a Job You Just Started?


Quit the new job that doesn’t suit you in 7 simple stepsHave you ever been stuck in a job that doesn’t fit you well or that you secretly hate? The situation gets more complicated when you’re not satisfied with the job you’ve just started. After a few days or weeks on a new job you might encounter an authoritative boss, toxic culture, unrealistic goals or responsibilities that differ from what you were promised. So, how do you go about this situation?First things ...Continue reading

Resume Summary for Career Change: 5 Expert Tips


An informative career summary is paramount for catching the employer’s attention from the first sight. Yet, in a career change resume, it performs another important function. The summary should explain how your prior background aligns with the role you’re seeking. Moreover, it has to prove that you’ve got the needed skills and competencies to excel at it.Previously, we’ve published a guide to career change resumes (you can read the article here: ...Continue reading

Top 9 Fastest Growing Careers for 2020-2021


With the current uncertainty on the labor market, you want to make an informed choice of careers. To be an in-demand profession under any economic conditions, turn to the occupations which are expected to boom in the 2020s.Today, the experts of our IT resume services have prepared a list of the fastest growing careers for 2020 and beyond. Whether you are a student considering which major to pursue or a professional who wants to turn to a higher-paying career, use this list to get informed. ...Continue reading

9 Skills Essential for Remote Managers


The top skills and attributes of a successful remote managerRemote work is becoming a new norm. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, 7 millions of people were already working remotely in the US. 78% of managers surveyed listed telecommuting as one of the most effective ways to increase employee retention.Telecommuting is valued by employees as it offers better work-life balance, reduces time and money spent on commuting, and allows people to work at the pace convenient to them. Yet, remote ...Continue reading

What Do Employers Look for in A Resume?


Find out what exactly matters for employers in a resumeHave you heard that 40% of employers spend less than a minute to determine if your resume is interview-worthy? With this limited time frame, it’s naïve to expect that they will read it top to bottom. Instead of reading the document through, hiring managers rather scan them to spot the details they deem the most important. And only if the initial screening was satisfactory, they give a resume a deeper consideration.So, what the ...Continue reading

11 Best Jobs Without Resume (And Where to Find Them)


Top jobs that don’t require a resumeResume writing stresses out many job seekers so much that they’d like to avoid this process whatsoever. Inconsistent employment or no experience at all make things even more difficult. But you absolutely need a resume to apply for any job out there, right?Not exactly. Everything depends on the industry and career level. For example, you’ll struggle to find a corporate IT or finance position without a well-crafted resume. Yet, there is a ...Continue reading

8 Reasons to Find Part Time Jobs


If you still don’t see part-time employment as a full-fledged career, think twice. Taking a part-time job carries a number of benefits for professionals across all industries, especially if you’re currently unemployed. It serves perfectly well as a temporary replacement while you land a long-awaited full-time gig and a source of cash flow. Not only that, part-time or short-term opportunities.The statistics say, 27.9 million people were employed on a part-time basis in March 2020. ...Continue reading

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