Real Importance of Punctuation Marks

In: How To

When writing a resume, it’s essential to present yourself in the best possible light. This means paying close attention to all aspects of resume writing, including the layout, word choice, formatting, and punctuation. The resume punctuation is often underrated. Many job-seekers don’t take it seriously and it’s not the news that the majority of us limit the grammar check by starting the sentence with a capital letter and ending it with a period. However, for a breathtaking Continue reading

Planning a Future Career: Are You For Or Against?

In: How To

What makes a brilliant career? Years of hard work, an expanded professional network, a bit of luck and, of course, effective career planning. Although it is a controversial question whether you need to create a strict career plan, without the plan at all your career will likely be going nowhere. Whether you are a recent graduate, a mid-career professional or someone who is looking to make a radical change of career, the plan helps you identity the steps you need to take to reach your Continue reading

How to Respond to Eccentric Interview Questions

In: How To

If you are looking for the next job right now, you need to be 100% prepared for interviews as well. And, if your resume is good enough, you’ll start getting those interview calls quite soon. There’s no doubt that you know how to prepare for an interview: dress appropriately, grab the folder with your resume, references and samples of work, and to arrive on time. Here you can find more tips on how to act during the interview: Continue reading

Freelance: Yes or No?

In: How To

If you are a professional who works in the office, you have probably experienced the downsides of a job from 9 to 5. Getting stuck in a traffic jam while commuting, annoying boss or coworkers, inability to manage your working schedule… Under these circumstances, many office workers see freelancing as a synonym of freedom and independence. However, is it really so? When speaking of freelancing, you probably imagine the ability to work from anywhere and choose the tasks that really Continue reading

Mobile Apps: Personal Assistants For Every Writer

In: How To

Smartphone apps are used literally for everything these days. We use them to communicate, to keep fit and healthy, and to relax and have fun. Moreover, there are multiple apps you can use at work – and their number constantly grows. There are apps for professionals in all industries – and content writers are not the exception. 21st century writer is armed with not only pen and a paper, but also will multiple time management and writing tools. By the way, here are expert writing Continue reading

How To Create Believable Characters In Your Writing

In: How To

There are many keys to writing a powerful prose. One of the proven ways is to create vivid, believable characters people will take in and enjoy associating themselves with. Writing a novel is a time-consuming yet exciting work (here are a few tips to make the writing process simpler for you: You need to learn how to develop the plot, the outline, use the appropriate writing style and create persuasive characters. The Continue reading

Talent Vs Hard Work: How To Be Successful Writer

In: How To

Our society exalts talent. A talent tends to be seen as an inherit ability of the individual. When we see an artist at work, we often have an impression that he/she was born to do this thing. And we often say things like “That singer is so talented” to express the highest praise for someone’s ability that we admire. However, is it really a talent that determines your success or failure in a certain field? Is there a reason to start practicing a thing for which, as others Continue reading

Essential Tips On Writing Roundup Posts

In: How To

One of the ultimately effective ways to increase your online visibility, build the authority in the subject matter and enlarge your audience is writing a roundup post. Roundup posts are more often liked and shared, and if written under the right angle, they go viral. As a result, a well-crafted roundup post can generate your blog the attention any traditional piece of content won’t. So, what are the secret and the magic of an expert roundup? Which steps do you need to take if Continue reading

Top 10 Bad Writing Habits Everyone Should Stop Doing

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Writing is a complex process that requires you to put knowledge, creativity and attention to detail into it. There are lots of resources to educate the beginning and experienced writers on what and how they should write to make their copy a success (for example, you can find key expert copywriting tips here:  However, it’s also important to be aware of how NOT to write. Anyone is perfect, and Continue reading

List Of Profitable Job Positions For Writers

In: How To

Have you ever dreamt of making good money as a writer? In the age of the internet, your dream can easily become true. Although it can be tough for a beginning freelancer to get your first jobs and to establish your name, if you devote enough time to it and work smart, this effort will pay off.  The times when writers could hardly make their living have passed decades ago. Everyone with strong writing skills have the opportunity to earn money writing, or even become a high-paying writing Continue reading

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