How to Work with People You Really Hate

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Our coworkers are rarely the most pleasant people in the world. Personalities clash, the working styles vary, leading to inevitable arguments and conflicts in the workplace. For most of us, good relationships with colleagues are the important component of work satisfaction. However, what if you don’t see eye to eye with your boss, subordinate or coworker? Or, what if you have to work closely with someone you really hate? The quality of workplace interactions affects us more than we Continue reading

How to Stop Annoying Your Colleagues

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Working environment in the office affects us more than we are used to thinking. Corporate culture, your relationships with colleagues and the way people around you approach the working process often predetermine our everyday job satisfaction and sometimes even career progression. Some companies are even willing to train you the unspoken rules of office etiquette to make an open-space life more convenient for everyone. However, not everything depends on the corporate culture. Quite often, we Continue reading

Complete Guide to Quitting Hatred Job

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Are you happy with your job right now? Does it give you a sense of meaning, do you enjoy working closely with your colleagues and do you look forward a new working week on Sunday? Even if you feel comfortable working at not-so-fulfilling job until it pays you decent money and value compensation over job satisfaction, there’s no denying the fact that job has a major impact at our lives. If you happen to be dissatisfied with the job you have, you’re not alone. As the statistics Continue reading

Conflicts at Work: Most Common Types

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At any company that staffs more than one person, conflicts are inevitable. Some of them take their roots in the organizational structure and leadership style, and others happen when different personality types and work approaches clash. One way or another, a conflict can stimulate the healthy exchange of ideas and creativity. On the other hand, if ignored or handled incorrectly, organizational conflicts may cause staff dissatisfaction, lower productivity, high turnover and other bad Continue reading

Career Building Tips for New Graduates

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College and university graduates usually face a real challenge when trying to land their first job after graduation. Lack of professional experience, labor market conditions and the absence of job-hunting and self-presentation skills make finding a job for graduates more difficult than for experienced job-seekers. Moreover, the task of finding a job itself isn’t the toughest one. You’ll need to determine your career interests (maybe even create a career plan), get busy with writing Continue reading

Differences between Boss and a Real Leader

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Are you in a leadership role or planning to pursue a managerial position in the future? Then, you might be interested in the ways to strengthen your influence and drive the performance of the team. Setting tasks and deadlines, controlling the processes and developing the team members are all the tasks of a manager. Being a boss doesn’t mean being an effective leader, though. In fact, even though these terms are used interchangeably, they have slightly different meaning. Today, our Continue reading

8 Secrets Of The World’s Best Job Hunters

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Today, the competition for the best job openings is fierce. Companies receive hundreds of online applications in response to a job posting and only interview a few of them. The selected candidates should meet a set of criteria to their professionalism, personality traits, attitude and cultural fit. Sounds pretty challenging, doesn’t it? Still, even under these circumstances, there are people who hardly ever struggle getting the job. These people seem to find great career opportunities Continue reading

Robots Reading Your Resume: Curious Facts On Resume Software

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If you’re in the middle of your job search right now, you know how time-consuming and demanding this process is. And probably, you’ll agree that the most daunting part of this process is sending your resume in response to a job posting and not hearing back from anyone. It is especially frustrating if you’ve taken time to tailor that resume to the employer’s requirements only to receive zero result. Sounds familiar? Then, you should know that most likely the hiring Continue reading

How to Be On Good Terms with Colleagues

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The importance of good relationships at work is hard to overestimate. Employers prefer their staff to work in a team rather than individually due to a well-known synergy effect that allows the team to achieve more than a group of individuals. This is often reflected in job listings – ‘team player’ is a common trait employers expect the candidates to have regardless of the industry. Whether you work for a multinational corporation or a small local business, good relationships Continue reading

How to Turn Your Hobby into Job

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So, you have this hobby you’re really passionate about. People take up hobbies for many reasons: to get their brain recharged after a busy day, to give an outlet to their creative juices or to stay connected to the dream of youth. Since getting engaged in other activity is the best way to relax after work, hobbies help us stay motivated for our main professional activity. But what if you find your hobby more rewarding and fulfilling than your 9-to-5 job? What if your hobby is so Continue reading

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