List Of Profitable Job Positions For Writers

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Have you ever dreamt of making good money as a writer? In the age of the internet, your dream can easily become true. Although it can be tough for a beginning freelancer to get your first jobs and to establish your name, if you devote enough time to it and work smart, this effort will pay off.  The times when writers could hardly make their living have passed decades ago. Everyone with strong writing skills have the opportunity to earn money writing, or even become a high-paying writing Continue reading

7 Important Facts How To Bring Together Reader And Character

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How to make your novel or short story vivid, engaging and memorable? There are many writing tricks that fiction writers use to improve their writing. Nevertheless, one of the best ways to write something outstanding is to create a character that most of the readers will immediately take to. Well-developed, vivid characters completely transform the entire story. They make the reader believe, feel for them and sometimes even erase the border between fiction and reality. As a reader, you can Continue reading

Increase Your Creativity With These Writing Hints

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Whether you are a writer, an entrepreneur or a teacher, you need a great deal of creativity to succeed in your job. Tackling various kinds of challenges, developing unusual approach to things and ability to look at traditional things under different angle are impossible without creative thinking. This is especially true for creative writers, whose well-being and success depend directly on their creativity and imagination. But what if creativity floods seem to let you down and you feel stuck Continue reading

Unexpected Tips For Busy Writers

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Are you a beginning writer who works hard on creating a manuscript of the first novel? Or, maybe, you’re a blogger/content writer looking to attract more audience to your personal or corporate website? Anyway, quality writing takes time. Time is a resource which is never enough. However, by using special tricks, you’ll learn to be more productive and get most of the time you have. They work for any type of writing – be it a website content, creative writing, or resume Continue reading

How To Start Your First Novel: 15 Winning Tips

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Are you one of those who have always dreamt of writing your own novel? If yes, then stop postponing it and finally dare to realize that dream. As they say, now is perfect moment for starting anything. And, who knows, maybe the first novel will determine your career and a writer and will make you a great writer? To start off, you’ll need a strategy to follow and the advice from other writers to guide you on your way. Creating a lengthy piece of writing is always a challenge, and you Continue reading

What Your Handshake Can Tell About You During The Interview

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During the interview, everything you say and do is being evaluated (that’s what the interviews are conducted for, aren’t they?). Not only your answers to tricky interview questions matter; if you don’t know how to react to the unexpected questions, see here for more information: Your body language is significant as well. The body language alongside with your visual appearance is even more important as Continue reading

How To Clean Up Boring And Lengthy Writing

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Have you ever faced the situation when the blog post you’ve put so much effort into looks boring, lengthy and unengaging? The first drafts, especially if you’re a beginning writer, often look like this. And, as a beginning writer, you probably can’t afford the services of a quality editor, so you’ll need to master the editing techniques if you want to advance your writing and make it appealing to your readers. Editing requires as much time and attention as the writing Continue reading

How To Start Cover Letter To Make It Eye-Catching

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What is a cover letter? It’s a self-description, marketing tool and an outlet for explaining details about your personality which don’t belong to resume. For a hiring manager, however, the cover letter is something different. It’s the reason to read your resume carefully – or to trash it without any consideration. If the prospective employer mentioned that you should apply with a cover letter, then it does matter. So, you need to use all your creativity and motivation Continue reading

Just Follow These Tips To Become Popular Blogger

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Making money blogging is like a dream come true for many these days. You are your own boss, you can work from anywhere and write only about what is interesting for you, isn’t that perfect? However, to really make a living blogging, you need to be popular. Our resume service knows a lot about writing in general and blogging in particular. Today we are going to explain why some blogs grow instantly while the others struggle getting visitors and coverage they deserve. Read below for killer Continue reading

Personal Or Online Interview: Choose Wisely

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Skype interviewing isn’t a new practice. Many companies prefer it when interviewing candidates located outside of the city or for other reasons. However, the candidates’ views have divided: while some are fans of getting interviewed through Skype, the others value face-to-face contact. So, who is right and which kind of interview will land you a job faster?   If you are 100% confident in the quality of your resume or received a free critique from resume services, let’s Continue reading

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