How To Reduce Stress During Job Interview

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After weeks of sending out your resume, you finally got an invitation to an interview… Sounds like a great news! But here the X day comes, and you feel nauseous, your palms are sweaty and you are scared to death that you’ll say or do something wrong… Looks familiar, isn’t it? Well, you’re not alone. 96% of the US job-seekers are so stressed before an interview that they experience problems with sleep. And the more important the prospective job is for you, the more Continue reading

Must-Have Words For Winning Resume

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We all know the undeniable power of words. A word can breathe life into you, motivate you to reach new heights or put you down in no time. That’s why we pick words carefully when communicating with co-workers, boss and people outside of work. We know that our choice of vocabulary heavily influences the way we are perceived by others, the impression we make as well as the success of our communication. When it comes to writing your resume, the words you choose to use eventually determine Continue reading

Lifeline for Newcomers: Unspoken Rules of Office Etiquette

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Workplace etiquette is an essential part of successful communication in today’s business world. Its major purpose is to enable people co-exist and collaborate productively in the busy office. Some may assume that the rules of etiquette had had their days; however, that is totally not true. The rules and norms of etiquette change as our society evolve, regulating the manners and norms which are most appropriate in each certain case. Moreover, kindness, respect to others, both clients and Continue reading

Climbing Career Ladder: All Is Fair?

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For most of us, professional success and recognition is a dream come true. On our way to career success, we spend years in college, develop a career plan and even refer to professional resume service to help us land better job.  Striving to grow up to an executive role one day, we are willing to go to great lengths, work as hard as it takes and even sacrifice the work-life balance. However, as you may have noticed, the knowledge and hard work alone rarely lead to breathtaking career Continue reading

Brand New Resume Format: Key to Success

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When someone says ‘resume’ what crosses your mind first? Let me guess: the black text on white background, formatted as a .doc or .pdf document. Since the old-fashioned paper resumes made their way to the web, little has changed in their appearance and layout. On the contrary, the application process has changed dramatically due to the availability of internet. You can read more about online application here: Although Continue reading

Importance of Personal Development in the Workplace

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If you care about your professional success, then constant development is nothing new to you. In the information society, it’s the individuals that are committed to ongoing learning that reach the career heights. The huge success is closely connected to personal development as well – the subject that gets less attention than the development of certain skills needed to get the job done. Nevertheless, when personal development at work is given the attention it deserves it helps you Continue reading

Simple Ideas to Regain Motivation for Working

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What really the workplace motivation is? Often described as a combination of external and internal factors keeping the employees engaged in their professional activity, motivation is seen as the key element of reaching happiness at work and achieving professional goals. As long as we feel motivated at work, we feel productive, appreciated and stress-free. Nevertheless, motivation isn’t stable, and under specific circumstances we can face loss of motivation, varying from slight Continue reading

Career Crisis: Why Does It Happen and What to Do

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In our career-centered society, the matter of professional growth and developed are the top priority for many. Successful career presumes that you create a plan (for effective strategies and stages of career planning, see here: ) and then gradually learn new skills and gain the extra responsibilities. However, in real life, the path to success is quite different. These days, not only middle-aged professionals Continue reading

Top Weirdest Jobs You'll Be Curious To Discover

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Ever complained about your job being dull and monotonous? Wondered if there are fancy jobs beyond offices, calculations and negotiations? If you’ve planned a radical career change (read more about the top reasons why people leave their jobs here: and want to know about unusual, non-typical jobs that the world has to offer, you’ll find them in our list. After creating a professional resume, you’ll be able to Continue reading

Effective Ways To Face Criticism At The Workplace

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Getting feedback at work is a gift as it gives you the chance to understand your weak points, improve them and continue learning from your mistakes. Criticism at workplace in inevitable as it’s a way to communicate to you what has been done wrong and what should be done better. However, in most companies the culture of giving (and receiving) constructive criticism isn’t well developed. Thus, you might be reacting wrong to a valid feedback. To learn how to accept criticism and use Continue reading

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