What You Can Really Get From A Resume Critique Service

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Today, many resume companies offer a free resume critique feature. Typically, you are asked to upload your resume and get a detailed feedback from a professional writer. Resume critique is often free of charge; however, some companies will apply a small fee. However, what’s in a resume critique for you as an applicant? Is this critique helpful in terms of improving your own resume and can it be trusted? Our writers of creative professional resume explain why you will benefit from a Continue reading

Cover Letter Editing Tips: Make Your Cover Letter Shine

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Accompanying a well-written, ATS-optimized resume should be a short yet concise covering letter that highlights your personality fit for the role. Although some employers tend to see cover letters as a thing from the past, the vast majority still expect to receive one along with your resume. So, when making a professional resume, be sure to pay enough attention to your cover letter as well to increase your chances for an interview. One-size-fits-all covering letters don’t work any Continue reading

I Need A Resume Now! Urgent Resume Help

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Great job opportunities can appear unexpectedly, so it’s a good idea to always have your resume up-to-date. However, if often happens that a good opportunity comes up and your resume hasn’t been updated for years (or you don’t have any resume at all). For instance, a friend has recommended you for the newly opened position and they need your resume as soon as possible. Or, the deadline of application for scholarship is expiring in a day or two, and you still have any idea Continue reading

Executive Resume Writer: How to Become a Better Leader

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Job-hunting process for senior executives is far more complex than for an average professional or a mid-level manager. The limited number of leadership roles in the market, high hiring costs and lengthy process can keep you unemployed for months. Moreover, the companies are less willing to hire you if you’ve been unemployed for a year or so. So, how to avoid all the pitfalls of job-hunt at an executive level? Why partner with professional executive resume writers In case if you Continue reading

Robots Reading Your Resume: Curious Facts On Resume Software

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If you’re in the middle of your job search right now, you know how time-consuming and demanding this process is. And probably, you’ll agree that the most daunting part of this process is sending your resume in response to a job posting and not hearing back from anyone. It is especially frustrating if you’ve taken time to tailor that resume to the employer’s requirements only to receive zero result. Sounds familiar? Then, you should know that most likely the hiring Continue reading

Update Your Resume: Where to Get Started

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Feeling that your resume looks pale comparing to those of your friends and other job seekers in your field? Are you going to change a career direction and don’t know what to add or what to leave out? Or maybe, you just haven’t updated your old resume for years and you’re curious how to make it look modern? Career experts insist that you always keep resume updated – you never know when the right opportunity will come by. Today, our resume wizards will share a few Continue reading

Top Job-Seeking Tips from Resume Building Services

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In today’s busy world of work, you don’t have time for delays. Periods of unemployment leave you without a regular paycheck as well as the opportunity to keep your hand on the pulse of what is going on in your industry. Moreover, the periods of job-hunting are always accompanied by stress, especially if finding a new employment take longer than you had expected. To be one of those lucky ones who land a new employment in no time, you need to concentrate all your efforts on job Continue reading

Executive Resume Writing Service: Land Your Next $100K Job

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Job hunting at an executive level has its own peculiarities. Firstly, the whole process is likely to take you somewhere from 4 to 6 months – that’s a normal time frame for a C-suite job search. Secondly, since the number of positions on this level is limited, the competition is stronger than at any other level. And finally, due to an enormously high demand for $100K jobs, your personal brand reflected in your resume and other application document affects your job hunting success Continue reading

Buy Resume Made By an Expert Writer

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Once upon a time, a resume used to be a white piece of paper with the plain black text on it. The times have changed, and so have the requirements for the modern resume. Today’s effective resume must be clearly structured, well-designed, perfectly written with accomplishments clearly highlighted and should support your personal brand. Needless to say that creating this sort of a resume is quite a challenge, especially taking into account that a corporate job posting typically attracts 250 Continue reading

How to Be On Good Terms with Colleagues

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The importance of good relationships at work is hard to overestimate. Employers prefer their staff to work in a team rather than individually due to a well-known synergy effect that allows the team to achieve more than a group of individuals. This is often reflected in job listings – ‘team player’ is a common trait employers expect the candidates to have regardless of the industry. Whether you work for a multinational corporation or a small local business, good relationships Continue reading

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