What Employers Look for in Your Professionally Done Resume?

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Have you ever dreamed of composing a resume which will turn the recruiters’ heads? Despite the great competition, a really great resume is rare. You might have encountered the situation when you kept rewriting, editing and formatting a resume but still received little responses from the companies. One of the biggest secrets about resume writing is knowing what kind of information the hiring managers are looking for in your resume – and giving it to them. Today, one of the experts Continue reading

Get A Resume Done Professionally to Achieve Success

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Your career progression depends on the ability to get things done on time and exceed the expectations. And the productivity, in its turn, is determined by your ability to manage your time and prioritize tasks. However, if everything is that simple, why the lion’s share of American employees work extra hours? And is it even possible to quit your office at 5 pm feeling relieved because you’ve crossed out every item in your to-do list? Yes, it is – and our expert will explain how Continue reading

Skyrocket Your Career with The Help of a CV Writer

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Have you planned to make a long-awaited career transition in 2019? Or maybe, you want to quit a dead-end job and join the organization that offers the opportunity for career progression? In either case, your way starts with composing a strong CV – and here’s why. Why get expert help to make a CV Many accomplished, experienced professionals undersell themselves in resumes. As a result, being perfectly qualified for their dream job, they struggle getting interviews. And here’s Continue reading

Get A New Job with These 7 Perfect Resume 2019 Tips

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The rules of the game in recruitment and hiring change rapidly. With the availability of diverse technological solutions and channels of communication, companies try out the new approaches to attract the best talent. And of course this is going to affect you as a job-seeker. If you plan on quitting your hatred job, making a cardinal career change or taking on more responsibility, you should consider the modern hiring trends. These hiring trends also shape the way an interview-winning resume Continue reading

How to Make a Resume with No Experience? 10 Steps

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To land your first ‘serious’ job, be it a full-time employment after the graduation or a part-time job to earn some extra cash, you’ll need a good resume. With the growing competition for entry-level job openings, your resume needs to capture the eye in seconds. Otherwise, your chances for an interview will plummet. Since you don’t have a professional experience that would speak for itself, you need a different approach to resume writing. Today, one of our expert Continue reading

Top 17 Resume Writing Tips & Tricks 2019

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The labor market becomes talent-driven in 2019. It means the increase in the number of job openings available as the employers’ willingness to go to great lengths to hire the best candidates. So, if you were looking for a perfect timing for your next career move, this is your moment. However, despite the optimistic trends, the procedure of hiring remains the same: you still need a well-written, eye-catching resume to get noticed. To help you fulfill your career ambitions in this year, we Continue reading

A Cheat Sheet to Rewrite Resume Like a Pro

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If you’ve been with the same employer for three years or more, chances are that your resume looks slightly outdated. “Why is this even a problem?” you might think. With today’s recruitment process streamlined, companies receive up to 400 resumes for one job posting and can choose from the dozens of perfectly written resumes. Under these circumstances, a tiniest mistake can disqualify you from the competition. Are you ready for a new job? Then, it’s time to dust off Continue reading

Tips & Tricks for Professional LinkedIn Profile Writing

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In today’s world of recruitment, presence in professional social media is an asset that can make the right impression on the employer or eventually generate interview invitations without your effort. As the report shows, social professional networks are the #1 source of quality hires for companies. LinkedIn is the most popular professional network and is indispensable for every professional concerned with their career success. We’ve already written the essentials of LinkedIn profile Continue reading

Top 7 Qualities of A Good Editor Resumes

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How to make certain that your resume is up to the standards and free from mistakes? Hire a resume editor. These professionals work with written resumes, fixing the minor downsides and ensuring that the document is flawless in all regards. Not all editors are equal, though. How to find a qualified professional you can entrust your important career documents to – read below. Where to find editor resumes? Big resume companies typically have staff editors. For instance, here at Continue reading

Myths About Resumes, Busted by Creative Resume Writers

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Writing a resume is not a rocket science, yet just a few job-seekers manage to create a resume that sells them well. Neglecting the importance of a resume strategy, creating a lifelong career history rather than marketing the most recent expertise and making commonplace resume mistakes are the most popular setbacks on your way to a perfect resume. However, it might be one of the widespread resume myths that spoils the whole thing. A perfect example of long-living resume myth is the so-called Continue reading

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