Hate Your Job? Here's How to Find Your True Calling

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Follow these resume writers’ tips to discover your professional passion Feeling unmotivated or downright unhappy with your job? You’re not alone. The study reveals that 51% of Americans are disengaged at work. The majority of the nation’s workforce shows up in the office every day without feeling a real connection to what they do. Many professionals also dread or hate their job. Needless to say that professional fulfillment and growth are impossible under these conditions. If Continue reading

15 Most Popular Employee Benefits

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In an attempt to attract and retain the top talent, employees offer not only a competitive salary, but also various benefits and perks. And the latter has increasing importance – according to the survey, 60% of people see benefits as a major factor for accepting a job offer. Although not all employers can afford the benefits similar to those offered by Google or Amazon, certain job flexibility and more days off are something that nearly any employer can provide. If you actively look for a Continue reading

10 Reasons Why People Fail Job Interviews

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Did you feel that something went wrong during the most recent job interview but couldn’t figure out what exactly? In some cases, the situation is beyond your control. For instance, the interviewer didn’t like your personality or their expectations from the candidate didn’t match your skills and background. However, as the practice shows, the interview success mostly depends on simple things that everybody knows: being prepared, acting confidently and showing enthusiasm. To Continue reading

7 Things to Do in The First Week of a New Job

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After you’ve signed the desired job offer, it’s no time to rest on the laurels. Your first week on the job shapes the impression about you and sets the tone for your further work at this company. This period of time is also stressful, so you can forget the new coworker’s name, start overcommitting or fail to prepare for an important meeting with a new boss. Luckily for you, has your back. Our creative professional resume authors have collected the top things Continue reading

Top 10 Creative Careers You Can Enter Without Retraining

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Careers in creative industries are on the rise, they give an opportunity to unleash your creative potential and some of them pay decent salaries. This is what makes artistic careers a popular consideration among professionals who are unfulfilled with their current career paths. When you’ve made a wrong career choice, even the high salary won’t satisfy and bring you peace of mind. A change of career course is often associated with years of training, gaining new skills and the Continue reading

10 Questions to Uncover the Company Culture During the Interview

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Your well-being at work, as well as professional success, depends a lot on the company’s culture. As a set of official as well as unwritten rules, culture determines how things are done in the organization. The dress code, company’s mission, management style and more should be a good fit personally for you, so that you could feel comfortable and thrive in the workplace. With this in mind, you want to evaluate the corporate culture during the interview stage to make a well-weighed Continue reading

How to Make A CV Look Professional: 5 Best Tips

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Is it reasonable to pay someone to write my CV? Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional, CV writing is always a challenge. You need to pack all your professional experience, skill sets and community activities into a one- or two-page document. Moreover, the CV should be clearly formatted and eye-catching. And deciding what to include, which resume format to choose and even which font to use can keep you stuck and frustrated about the process. Luckily, now you Continue reading

Five Reasons to Do Your Resume Online – Top Writers

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It comes as no surprise that the success of your job search highly depends on the quality of your resume. A well-written resume engages the hiring person and secures you an interview – and in some cases even the job. Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? On the other hand, it’s incredibly tough to create a resume like this. Planning the resume strategy, writing and then designing the document take hours of hard work. And this hard work doesn’t guarantee you a Continue reading

3 Reasons to Hire Someone to Write My Cover Letter

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Should I pay someone to do my cover letter? When it comes to the effective representation of your strengths and abilities, a resume is not enough. Even the best resume cannot reflect your personality, attitude and soft skills. And here’s when cover letters come into play. Hiring managers place high expectations on cover letters these days. They want to receive a non-trivial, creative letter which portrays you as the best person for the role. Quite a challenge for a job-seeker, Continue reading

Make The Most of Your Commute: 9 Tips from a Resume Writer

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Resume writer’s tips for a productive commute Unless you’re a freelancer or a remote employee, the commute is inevitable. According to the statistics, an average American spends 26 minutes to travel to work. If you sum up this time, you’ll be curious to learn that you spend over a week each year simply getting to the office and back home. Commute time is a great untapped reserve of time. And you don’t have to waste this time browsing Instagram feed or listening to a Continue reading

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