How to Add Resume to LinkedIn (2 Ways + Steps)


How to add resume to LinkedIn? 2 Main strategies 

LinkedIn is the most popular and trusted professional social media in the world. According to the statistic, 40 million people use it for their job search every month, and 3 people get hired every minute. Moreover, the pandemic and restrictions have made LinkedIn the primary networking platform across many industries. 

To take full advantage of all LinkedIn functions, you may want to upload your resume to LinkedIn as well. If you hesitate about how to do it correctly and whether resume uploading is worth it, read our today's guide to get all the answers. 

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Upload your resume to LinkedIn as a media 

LinkedIn has a specific section for media and documents. Use it to upload a resume, certifications, diplomas, samples of work and other pieces that portray you in a good light. As we are speaking of resumes in the first place, here's how you upload it: 

  1. Open your profile using "View profile" option. This is how the profile looks to recruiters and other external visitors. 

  2. Hit the blue button "Add profile section to open a drop-down menu. By the way, if you haven't added such essential profile sections as About, Education or Skills, it's high time you've done it as well. 

  3. In the Featured section, use Media button to open a dialog box. 

  4. The box will allow you to locate a document on your computer and then upload that resume to your profile. You will need to add the title (for example, "Resume-Rachel Fox-Software developer"). Description is optional, but feel free to use it to leave any comments for your LinkedIn resume. That's it! 

Upload a resume document via Easy Apply option 

If you don't feel comfortable to upload a resume to LinkedIn profile where everyone can view it, there's another option. Easy Apply function lets you send the resume straight to the company you're applying for. In this case, it's not saved or posted on your profile. Here is how to upload resume in this way: 

  1. Open the job posting of interest and click the "Easy apply" sign. 

  2. A dialog box will pop up, allowing you to attach a resume file and add other details of job application, such as email and phone number. 

  3. Click submit for uploading a resume straight to the company. 

Is beneficial to upload resume to LinkedIn? Pros & Cons 

At the outset, LinkedIn was not meant to share paper resumes. It is rather an addition to other LinkedIn functions than the main way you should use the platform. So, whether to upload a resume on LinkedIn is completely up to you. Yet, make sure to weigh all pros and cons carefully: 


It's convenient for many recruiters 

Oftentimes, hiring managers who review job applications prefer reading a resume over screening your online profile. Following this logic, they will rather request a resume than spend time checking out your profile. If you've already posted resume to your LinkedIn, they can download it immediately. 

You become visible for jobs that are never posted 

You've probably heard of the "hidden job market" - jobs that are never advertised online and are filled through referrals and networking. In this scenario, recruiters may browse specialists in their network, and if your LinkedIn account has a resume, they can read it and contact you with an interview invitation. Convenient, isn't it? 


Your confidentiality is jeopardized 

When you upload a resume in response to a job ad, it's visible only for the hiring manager. Yet, when you're adding your resume to LinkedIn, literally every visitor of your profile can read and download it. So, your contact and other sensitive information is left to their mercy. Tip: If you decide to post a resume anyway, consider removing your address and other private details. 

You cannot tailor a resume for each specific opening

Career experts recommend the job seekers to tailor a resume for each job posting. In this way, you have a higher chance to pass ATS selection and come across as the right candidate for a human recrutiers. 54% of job seekers fail to customize their resumes which makes their job search less efficient. Yet, if you upload your resume to LinkedIn, you never know who will be reading it, so you cannot advertise your strengths for a right opening. 

You let everyone know that you're job hunting 

If a person all of a sudden updates their profile and select upload resume on LinkedIn, there's always a reason behind it. Most people in your network may think that you're actively searching for a new opportunity. And if your colleagues and boss discover a newly posted resume in your LinkedIn profile, this might raise many uncomfortable questions. 

This might be redundant 

If the resume repeats what's written on LinkedIn profile word for word, there's no need to add your resume. 

The solution? Obviously, there isn't a right or wrong answer. Everything depends on the goal you're trying to achieve. If you're job-hunting openly and use every opportunity to get noticed, be sure to add your resume to LinkedIn. And if you're only considering options, there's no need to do so. 

What other documents should you add on LinkedIn profile? 

Apart from adding a LinkedIn resume to your profile, there are plenty of other things you can add to your profile to make it more appealing: 

• Samples of work. If your profession allows you to show the outcomes of your work, do so without hesitations. Copywriters, bloggers, graphic designers, programmers, and marketers can upload samples of work directly to LinkedIn. If you cannot show specific work results, consider creating case studies of how you helped clients or former employers to succeed. 

• Diplomas, certifications, licenses. Documents that signify your professional development are valued highly by employers. If you have plenty of diplomas, focus on those issued by most reputable institutions in your industry. 

• Presentations, articles posted, and research papers. Such documents show your theoretical knowledge and contribution to development of your industry. 

• Videos featuring you. Lectures, interviews, conference talks, or podcasts all deserve being uploaded. In some cases, being a media person guarantess you more feedback and interest from the employers. 

•  A link to a personal website. If you have an infographic resume or a personal website, make sure to connect it with your LinkedIn profile. 

Key Takeways: 

  1. It takes less than 3 minutes to upload your resume to LinkedIn. Yet, take your time to evaluate whether it's worth it given the state of your career. 

  2. Adding your resume to Media section means that everyone will see it. Think if you are ready to share the details of your work history - and be prepared for spam. 

  3. Whether to upload your resume or not depends on your goals and the industry. Keep in mind that the safer option is to use an Easy Apply button. 

  4. Keep your LinkedIn profile 100% complete. Uploading your resume will not help if your profile is near-empty, as incomplete profiles rarely appear in search resutls. 

Strengthen your resume for the next job search 

A resume and a LinkedIn page are not replacements for each other. They serve different purposes - and for successful job search, you will need both. 

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