Why Start A New Career At 30: Tips Of Best Resume Website

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You don’t have to be in the same career path for a lifetime. Times change, and so do you: your priorities reshape, and the things which enticed you ten years ago don’t look that attractive any longer. And the question “Maybe, I need to switch career?” arises in the back of your head. Should you listen to the voice of your heart? The best resume website’s answer is Yes – and here’s why. Despite all the misconceptions about the career change (such as Continue reading

Freelancer Cover Letter: Tips From Cover Letter Writers

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As a freelancer, you’ll have to deal with cover letter writing a lot – much more often than if you had worked full-time. The office fellows create that letter only once to get a job (or contact the professional writer, saying “Write my cover letter!”). However, you’ll need to author that cover letter every time you want to get a new gig - maybe, even a few times a day! So, it’s high time you’ve learned to do it right – the odds of getting the Continue reading

Subtleties of Love Relations in the Workplace

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Do you work for the same company as your spouse does and aren’t comfortable with being gossiped about near the water cooler? Or, you have a crush on someone working in the other department and think over whether flirting at the workplace is appropriate? Well, you are not alone. Workplace romance tends to become more and more popular thing, especially within the big corporations with developed corporate culture. With lots of stressful tasks and necessity to work late hours, it’s Continue reading

Help Me Write A CV: Efficient Resume Checklist

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Despite the influence of social media and brand new ways to look for jobs, a classical text resume isn’t going to disappear. And this means that your resume should be written very well, taking into account the competition out there. However, if you aren’t the HR professional or a writer of professional resume service, it’s hard to objectively evaluate the quality of your resume. A successful resume consists of so many tiniest details that it’s hard to remember all of Continue reading

Brief Guide to Achieving Work Success

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How to achieve professional success and build a dream career? Here and there they say that all you need to do is to work twice as hard as everyone does, learn new skills constantly and show positive attitude at work. However, this is not entirely true. If you work in the office, you can think of a coworker who works really hard but hasn’t been promoted for quite a long time – or wasn’t promoted at all! So, you don’t have to be a workaholic to have huge career Continue reading

Ten Signs That You Need CV Rewriting

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A well-done resume is a must for those who take their career seriously. Word choice, format, structure, keywords, section and design – everything matters for making an impression on a hiring manager.  Moreover, your career and your goals constantly change, and so should your resume. That’s why the successful applicants often hire CV rewrite company. However, it’s difficult to be objective about your own resume. You might need a serious resume update without even Continue reading

10 Ways To Find Lost Desire And Inspiration

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There were the days when you were excited about trying new things and couldn’t wait to get down to work. However, for whatever reason, now you feel stuck and uninspired. You lack creativity and motivation to fulfill your day-to-day tasks, let alone learning something new and growing professionally. Sounds familiar? Everyone experiences the periods when the motivation is down and work brings no joy. However, they are easy to overcome – you just need to know the mental ways to Continue reading

How To Make My CV Stand Out: Professional Tips

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Recruiters receive hundreds of resume in response to every job opening. Obviously, they are not in a position to read into every single resume to identify the best fitting candidate. That’s why yours should be an attention-grabber and attract the attention in the matter of seconds. Many big and medium-sized companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) these days. They are aimed to ease and streamline the hiring process and weed out the totally irrelevant applications. Nevertheless, if Continue reading

Real Importance of Punctuation Marks

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When writing a resume, it’s essential to present yourself in the best possible light. This means paying close attention to all aspects of resume writing, including the layout, word choice, formatting, and punctuation. The resume punctuation is often underrated. Many job-seekers don’t take it seriously and it’s not the news that the majority of us limit the grammar check by starting the sentence with a capital letter and ending it with a period. However, for a breathtaking Continue reading

Executive Resume Tips From Resumes Writing Services USA

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Are you an accomplished C-level manager who is looking to make the next step in your career? Then, you will need a strong, persuasive resume that will sell your skills for the job. However, with a fierce competition in this field, you will need something more than a simple resume to be considered for the interview. A simple history of your education, work and list of skills might work for entry level position. In C-level management resume, you are expected to provide something more than a Continue reading

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