Writing A Killer Freelancer Resume: Tips From Resume Editor

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A freelancer’s working routine is different from the one of a nine-to-five office employee. While the latter can breathe out and relax for a year or two after being hired, a freelancer is always in search of the new gigs. Thus, as a freelancer, you should take your resume writing even more responsibly. Even in the digital era, you do need a resume, either written by yourself or crafted by a skilled resume writer. However, the freelancers need to utilize different approach to resume Continue reading

Write A Resume Summary:Tips By Custom Resume Writing Service

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Every candidate wants to make their resume stand out from the pile of others. When it comes to resumes, we all realize that it should grab the attention of the reader in a matter of seconds. Otherwise, a resume won’t reach its main goal – to generate interviews for you. And one of the best, time-proved ways to catch the recruiter’s attention is adding a catchy resume summary. Our online resume services will expand more on which tricks you need to use to make that statement Continue reading

What To Do If You’re Fired: Tips From Resumes Writing Compan

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The phrase “You’re fired!” can immediately cut the ground from under your feet. It’s so easy to get emotional and to say or do things you’ll later regret saying; still, you need to manage your feelings. Getting fired is an unpleasant experience as you immediately lose all those benefits you’re used to: the usual rhythm of life, a paycheck, professional communication and development. If you were a workaholic (see the signs of workaholism here: Continue reading

How To Create My CV: Valuable Tips For Job-Hoppers

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Are you a proactive personality who often changes jobs, juggling freelancing projects and temporary employment at the same time? Congratulations: the companies probably see you as a job-hopper. Changing jobs often requires you to take online professional CV creation more seriously than if you had a few stable, long-term jobs. What is job hopping, why it’s negative from an employer’s perspective and how to create CV online if you are a job hopper – read below. Also in this Continue reading

Why You Didn’t Get The Job: Truth By Resume Editing Service

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So, your resume was absolutely perfect. It doesn’t matter if you have written it by yourself consulting an HR specialist or bought it from a resume service online. The truth is, your resume was really stellar, with the numerous professional achievements highlighted and a great design. However, after the interview they didn’t call you back. That’s pretty disappointing, isn’t it? And it gets even more depressing if the situation occurs over and over again. What might be Continue reading

Write A Winning IT Resume: Tips From Resume Writing Website

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IT field offers challenging tasks, professional growth and highly competitive pay. That’s why it attracts the smartest people worldwide. Moreover, as the technology develops, the number of specialists wanted only grows. Our best resume services know the tricks that will help you win the job you want. How to write a resume that stands out? If you are seriously concerned about the quality of your resume, it means that you want to make a serious career move. The most attractive IT job Continue reading

Unexpected Tips For Busy Writers

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Are you a beginning writer who works hard on creating a manuscript of the first novel? Or, maybe, you’re a blogger/content writer looking to attract more audience to your personal or corporate website? Anyway, quality writing takes time. Time is a resource which is never enough. However, by using special tricks, you’ll learn to be more productive and get most of the time you have. They work for any type of writing – be it a website content, creative writing, or resume Continue reading

How To Start Your First Novel: 15 Winning Tips

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Are you one of those who have always dreamt of writing your own novel? If yes, then stop postponing it and finally dare to realize that dream. As they say, now is perfect moment for starting anything. And, who knows, maybe the first novel will determine your career and a writer and will make you a great writer? To start off, you’ll need a strategy to follow and the advice from other writers to guide you on your way. Creating a lengthy piece of writing is always a challenge, and you Continue reading

What Your Handshake Can Tell About You During The Interview

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During the interview, everything you say and do is being evaluated (that’s what the interviews are conducted for, aren’t they?). Not only your answers to tricky interview questions matter; if you don’t know how to react to the unexpected questions, see here for more information: Your body language is significant as well. The body language alongside with your visual appearance is even more important as Continue reading

How To Clean Up Boring And Lengthy Writing

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Have you ever faced the situation when the blog post you’ve put so much effort into looks boring, lengthy and unengaging? The first drafts, especially if you’re a beginning writer, often look like this. And, as a beginning writer, you probably can’t afford the services of a quality editor, so you’ll need to master the editing techniques if you want to advance your writing and make it appealing to your readers. Editing requires as much time and attention as the writing Continue reading

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