Assess All Kinds Of Risks Of Starting A New Career

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Do you feel that your current job or career path in general doesn’t satisfy you any longer? Well, you’re not alone: according to Careerprofiles, around half of all working professionals aren’t content with their current careers. There are lots of aspects people find frustrating about their jobs: bosses who are hard to deal with, unhealthy working environment, lack of work/life balance, mundane job that has no opportunities of promotion, etc. Many professionals of all career Continue reading

Significant Tips How To Format Your Resume

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The modern technology spreads around and now you can find a job posting and apply on Facebook or Twitter. Nevertheless, don’t underestimate the power of good old resumes. The traditional resume is a must when you start looking for a new job and it is considered your calling card until the hiring manager meets you in person, so you should put an extra effort into making it information and visually appealing to a reader. Although content is a king, don’t underestimate the importance Continue reading

Problems Of Gender Wage Gap: 10 Facts

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Although the equality between men and women is promoted in all spheres of life, such problem as gender wage gap still exists.  Many have heard that women typically earn less than men on the similar role, however, not everyone understands the scope of the problem. According to, women make only 80 cents for every dollar men make. In other words, to make the amount a man made in 2016, a typical woman will have to work until the 12th of April, which is known as Equal Pay Day. Such Continue reading

Main Differences Between Workaholic And Hard Worker

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Probably, everyone has heard about workaholics – people who are so obsessed with their job routine that they can’t relax for a second. They work for 12 hours (or more!) per day, constantly check the mail and answer phone calls, and bring their work home. And, although workaholic approach is considered an addiction, looks like this addiction is approved countrywide. Unlike the other addicts, workaholics are often seen as hard-working personalities and even have a good reputation at Continue reading

How To Reveal That Your Boss Is Spying On You

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Thinking that your boss is spying at you? Well, it can be true – most companies track the activity of their employees in different ways. Moreover, it’s legal and is the common practice countrywide, so you can’t, for example, lawsuit the company if you happen to find out that the management is spying on you. The whole idea of tracking your activities in the office is nothing new. However, with the total availability of new technology, there are lots of tools out there that can Continue reading

How To Quit Your Job In The Right Way

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Quitting your job is a hard decision. It is often preceded by the month of job dissatisfaction, professional stagnation or the overall feeling of unhappiness. There are a number of signs that it’s time to leave your job; and if you’ve found yourself within that description, now is the best time to move on. Making a decision to quit is only a halfway, though. The hardest task is to quit in the right way. Quitting your job isn’t the best time to be impulsive and reveal your Continue reading

Secrets How To Ask For A Raise: Just Follow These Tips

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Asking for a salary increase can be exceptionally stressful. Even if you feel that you have a proper reasoning to receive a higher compensation, you might be daunted by the perspective of getting a refusal. According to Payscale, only 20% of employees agree that they are fairly compensated, while 40% of their bosses believe that the employees are comfortable with the salary levels. Thus, your boss might not even suspect that you would like to earn more, and the only way to resolve it is to Continue reading

Useful Tips How To Behave At Office Company Party

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A corporate party is the perfect event to socialize with coworkers, make new acquaintances within the organization you work for and, if you’re lucky and sociable enough, even advance your career. However, all of the above is only possible if you know how to behave at parties of this kind. Although corporate parties are organized to let the staff relax and have fun, they are still business events and require an appropriate conduct. So, lots of things you’re used to doing when Continue reading

Must-Dos And Don'ts For Modern Resume You Should Know

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Just like every field influenced by technology, resume writing rules constantly evolve. Some of the things that considered acceptable and necessary to include into your resume 10 years ago now look inappropriate. Moreover, various online journals and career coaches sometimes share quite the opposite advice (you’ve probably heard the discussions about whether your resume should fit into one page). So, for an average job-seeker it can be a tough task to put the resume together. Which tips Continue reading

Have You Asked Yourself What To Do After The Interview?

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The interview is over, and you can walk out of the door and breathe out. You did your best and definitely impressed the hiring manager with your experience, your skills and personal traits. You used the best of interview advice to stand out and you hope that this job will be yours. However, now everything is up to the hiring manager. Is it really so? Have you ever wondered what you should do after the interview to maximize your chances for the job? Luckily, there are. Even in today’s Continue reading

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