How To Start Cover Letter To Make It Eye-Catching

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What is a cover letter? It’s a self-description, marketing tool and an outlet for explaining details about your personality which don’t belong to resume. For a hiring manager, however, the cover letter is something different. It’s the reason to read your resume carefully – or to trash it without any consideration. If the prospective employer mentioned that you should apply with a cover letter, then it does matter. So, you need to use all your creativity and motivation Continue reading

Just Follow These Tips To Become Popular Blogger

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Making money blogging is like a dream come true for many these days. You are your own boss, you can work from anywhere and write only about what is interesting for you, isn’t that perfect? However, to really make a living blogging, you need to be popular. Our resume service knows a lot about writing in general and blogging in particular. Today we are going to explain why some blogs grow instantly while the others struggle getting visitors and coverage they deserve. Read below for killer Continue reading

Personal Or Online Interview: Choose Wisely

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Skype interviewing isn’t a new practice. Many companies prefer it when interviewing candidates located outside of the city or for other reasons. However, the candidates’ views have divided: while some are fans of getting interviewed through Skype, the others value face-to-face contact. So, who is right and which kind of interview will land you a job faster?   If you are 100% confident in the quality of your resume or received a free critique from resume services, let’s Continue reading

How To Write Effective Email That Get Opened

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Business communications of today’s world cannot be imagined without e-mail correspondence. Although social media keep taking over, e-mail messaging is still important and e-mail etiquette is seen as a sign of professionalism of the sender. Whether you write e-mail listing on behalf of the company, promote your own product/service, or try to connect with important players in your industry for whatever reason, you have one goal in mind. You want your email to be read. And then – Continue reading

Working For A Friend: Pros And Cons

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Have you ever dreamt of working for someone you know well and share similar values with? In this regard, working for a close friend may look like a dream come true. You might even want to quit your current job to obtain a position with your friend’s company as soon as possible. Nevertheless, working for a friend isn’t going to be all fun and games. Before accepting an offer, you need to consider all peculiarities of transforming your casual friendship into a manager-employee Continue reading

10 Useful Tips To Speed Up Job Search

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Applying for a few jobs and getting interview offers on the spot sounds like fantasy. In today’s highly competitive job market it’s nearly impossible to find a job fast. According to career experts, it takes the job seeker months to find a new employment. Is there any way to speed up this process and get more responses fast? Fortunately, there is. However, simply posting your resume online isn’t enough to get rapid results. Follow our tips below to facilitate your job search Continue reading

Helpful Pieces Of Advice For PhD Student Writers

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Strong writing skills are a must for postgraduate students. You will need them to present the findings of your research, complete your thesis, apply for grant and even compose a covering letter and expand your career prospects. However, many PhD students are stressed by the necessity of putting together a lengthy and sophisticated paperwork. The quality of your writing in academic settings can really make or break your success as a student. To overcome the writing block, use the winning Continue reading

Content Writing Tips For Beginners

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Beginning content writers usually get down to working with tons of energy and excitement.  However, as their bursts of creativity take over, they often forget how to strategize the content and attract new website visitors. Obviously, a website or blog content is something more than a well-written piece of text; it rather has a marketing and promotional purpose. There are several peculiarities of content writing beginners might not be aware of. If you are new to web writing, take the Continue reading

Tips On Content Writing: How To Make Your Post Outstanding

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The engagement of website visitors often starts with persuasive, calling-to-action landing page. To develop website content that would ultimately transform your occasional visitors into clients, read below. Our professional resume service will reveal some tips to help you stand out. What makes an outstanding content? Oppositely to what you probably think, the great content isn’t something that visitors enjoy reading. The great content is a copy that readers quickly go through and hit Continue reading

10 Tips For Winning Group Interview

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A lot has been told about how to succeed in a one-to-one job interview. There are certain rules on what to dress, what to say and which habits to avoid during the interview to ensure a positive impression on a hiring person. However, when it comes to a group interview, the rules of the game are different. Group interviews can be a real challenge for reserved, quiet personalities. They are also disliked for their competitive environment and lack of ability for the candidate to fully represent Continue reading

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