Top 7 Company Offices in America


Top 7 Company Offices in AmericaThe world’s largest and most profitable companies do their best to attract and retain the top talent. They offer lucrative compensations, provide extravagant benefits and supply the employees with delicious snacks. One of the top ways to stimulate staff productivity and creativity is creating fascinating office spaces. No more open spaces with eggshell paint and standard dull desks – game rooms, large kitchens, fresh designs and sports areas are quite common for the modern offices of internet companies. Cozy and relaxing or enormous and extravagant – we’ve prepared a list of the best America’s corporate headquarters.

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The best corporate headquarters in America

If you already know the best career for me, it’s time to decide on the company you’d like to work for next. By joining large established companies or fast-growing startups, you’ll get great opportunities for professional growth, collaborating with the best professionals in the industry and working from the state-of-the-art office. Let’s take a closer inside look at the top American companies:

  1. Google office in NYC
    Not surprisingly, Google is associated not only with the cutting-edge technology, but also with dream office spaces. For example, the Google office in New York takes 2.9 million sq.ft. Each floor of this office building has its unique design. Since the company attracts the most qualified professionals worldwide, they strive for creativity and flexibility, and their office is the reflection of this philosophy. Game rooms, relaxing spaces, meeting rooms, massage chairs and many more are intended to motivate the employees and let them relax right in the office. Moreover, the company offers free meals of your choice and snacks in many kitchens. At Google, people aren’t allowed to be more than 100 m from food – so kitchens are everywhere. Although the office design and perks vary in different locations, Google office is a synonym of a dream office for many.
    Google office
  2. Parliament Design
    Parliament Design company located in Portland, Oregon made their office both usable and attractive. However, in addition to being simply beautiful and full of cool office features, their office design represents the philosophy of the business. This awesome office space design uses lots of recycled materials such as old street signs and salvage pizza oven, and the use of unique items and raw materials only makes this design more memorable. If you are a design professional who is a huge fan of recycling and reusing of materials, this company seems like a dream job, doesn’t it?
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    Parliament Design office
  3. Facebook office in Menlo Park, California
    Many tech giants have awesome offices, and Facebook isn’t an exception. However, the company approached planning their office design differently: they used their own software to ask the staff what they would want from the office. As a result, in addition to the standard open office and recreation areas the Facebook staff received a place to DJ and even the opportunity to skate. The huge office space has an urban design that supports the self-expression: for instance, you can create your own wall art and use walls to message one another. This wall looks literally like a copy of your Facebook wall. As well as in Google, the selection of free meals is impressive, and even the café name reflects it – it’s called ‘Epic café’.
    Facebook office
  4. Zappos office in Las Vegas, Nevada
    Zappos is a huge online shoe retailer now owned by Amazon. Like many of the world’s coolest offices, it has multiple kitchens and places to relax and unwind. However, instead of using standard open space, Zappos opts for a cubicle-based design. This solution is a reflection of their philosophy that values people’s importance and individuality. Every employee is encouraged to customize their office place using decorations and trinkets. Moreover, an office has plenty of empty space which might be used as a lounge, a game room and more. This is intended to stimulate what the company calls ‘unplanned collaborations’, which they believe foster creativity and leads to non-trivial solutions and approaches to work.
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    Zappos office
  5. TripAdvisor office in Massachusetts
    The largest travel site that offers recommendation to travelers worldwide has a breathtaking office as well. As it’s common for today’s top tech companies, their office helps connect global teams and supports the creativity of each member through the unique design and comfortable working environment. It has an urban loft style with glass ceilings and exposed structure, each floor is branded as a continent, and at the reception there is a huge world map that consists of the headshots of the app users. Multiple areas to work from support any working style. Whether you feel comfortable to work at a low table, by the fireplace, or lying on the sofa – you can do exactly that. Among the features this cool office offers are the on-site culinary team, gyms, game rooms and even a pub.
    TripAdvisor office
  6. StackOverflow office in New York City
    StackOverflow has created a worldwide community where programmers can learn, exchange knowledge and ask their coding questions. The company culture prioritizes collaboration and inclusion, and the headquarter is one of those office spaces you cannot believe is real. The developer’s work requires deep concentration, so the office gives lots of opportunities to have fun and relax. In addition to traditional game rooms, snacks and coffee spaces, they offer private offices and places to take a nap. Moreover, the company organizes social events and has lots of traditions. Due to the combination of a perfectly designed, comfortable office and the fun events people love participating in, the company employees truly enjoy working at StackOverflow.
    StackOverflow office
  7. Calm office in San Francisco
    Calm is a mindfulness and meditation startup, and their office design looks soft and relaxing as well. The Calm headquarter looks like an urban oasis designed in peaceful earthy colors and lots of green. They also have plenty of cozy, relaxation areas which not only reflect their ‘mental fitness’ philosophy, but are also priceless in a hectic startup culture. Although this office is less than those of tech giants mentioned above, it has its individuality. And if you’re a fan of yoga, meditation and personal growth, you’ll enjoy working here.
    Calm office

In addition to cool, one-of-a-kind offices, these companies also offer lucrative compensation, tremendous opportunities for learning and growth and extravagant perks. If the stunning looks of these offices inspired you, consider finding your next job with one of the world’s top companies. Think it’s impossible? Then, continue reading.

How to get hired by the world’s top companies

Getting interviewed and hired by one of America’s biggest companies takes more preparation than usual and a little bit of luck. However, don’t think that it’s impossible! It only takes the necessary skills and experience, more time and effort to get noticed. In particular, here are the steps you need to take:

  • Find out as much as possible about the company. Research their history, mission, values and goals, connect with them in social media and keep hand on the pulse of their big news. If you apply and get an interview invitation, this knowledge will help you maintain the conversation with the hiring manager and come across as more prepared and motivated candidate.
  • Connect with the hiring-related accounts. Look for the company hiring manager on LinkedIn and connect with them in case they do the hiring through it. Some companies also have specific accounts in social media or job bots they use for application. Look up for these specific accounts and then follow their directions to apply.
  • Bookmark the Careers page. The top companies typically have Careers or Jobs section where their recent openings are posted. Bookmark this page in your browser and check it regularly for updates so that you won’t miss a relevant opportunity.
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  • Seek the opportunity of meeting the recruiter in person. Following the person in social media is okay, however, to be top of mind, look for the opportunity to talk to the hiring manager personally. You can meet them in the conference, meeting or the open company event. Talk to them and share your resume.
  • Show your dedication to the company’s mission. If you were lucky to get an interview invitation, show your deep passion for the company’s mission. The top companies have a huge pool of other candidates who are perfectly qualified as you are. So, it’s only showing your knowledge of the company and your personal connection with their mission that can help you stand out.
  • Intensity and energy are your passing scores. The best employers look for candidates who are willing to dedicate all their time and energy to work. During the interview, you need to display the high energy levels, extreme motivation and the flow of ideas. A plain discussion with the hiring manager won’t get you hired.

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