Expected Graduation Date On Resume | GUIDE & EXAMPLES


How To Put Expected Graduation Date on Resume? (A Comprehensive Guide + Examples)

Including the graduation date on your resume can be puzzling if you haven't completed your degree program yet. The best practice for current students is to list the anticipated graduation date. Thus, you will inform the potential employers about the progress of your studies so they could give you the needed flexibility. Continue reading to find out how to include the expected graduation date on a resume.

In the guide below, you will find:

  • why you should list the anticipated graduation date;
  • tips on how to include your expected graduation date effectively (+examples);
  • how to format your education section.

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Why is it essential to list your expected graduation date on a resume?

The expected graduation date means month and year when you plan to complete your studies. If you are looking for a job or internship, employers will need to know when exactly you plan to complete your college education to adjust your working hours so you could attend classes. Or, they might offer you a part-time job until you complete your Bachelor's or a Master's degree program. If you're in a final semester, they are more likely to offer a full-time position than if you were a second year student.

Listing your expected graduation dates is also essential to show the employers that you are motivated enough to combine work and studies. Plus, the hiring manager will appreciate your discipline and time management skills.

How to list an expected graduation date on your resume: Game-changing tips & strategies

Listing your anticipated graduation date and your education in general takes attention to detail. If you miss something important, a hiring manager can toss your resume. Here is how to include and format your expected graduation date:

Anticipated graduation date examples

Here is an example of putting expected graduation date for an Economics major:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

BA in Economics (Anticipated May 2023)

GPA: 3.78, Dean's list

An example of listing expected graduation date for a Master's student majoring in English literature:

Yale University, New Haven, CT

MA in English Literature (Expected Graduation 06/2024)

Tau Sigma Honors Society

Coursework: Creative writing, linguistics, American literature, teaching English

Find out your expected graduation date

If you are not sure about the graduation date, clarify this in your university. Some self-paced programs have flexible end dates that depend on your progress. Yet, many colleges have a fixed graduation date which you can find out in advance and use it in your resume and other application documents.

List the degree, school name, and expected graduation date

Include your current degree program at the top of the Education section. The format is as follows:

  • Your degree and major
  • School name and location
  • Anticipated graduation date.

The graduation date should go in parenthesis on the rigt after school and degree in a Month/Year format. If you are not sure about the month, you can include a year only, but keep in mind that most employers will need more details.

Also, there is no need to include the exact date of graduation. You can share this information with the employer directly if necessary. Do not include a start date as in most cases this information adds no value to employers.

Include your GPA

Most career coaches recommend including your current GPA if it's 3.0 or higher. In the absence of work experience, your academic performance works as a predictor of your motivation and ability to work hard. Thus, other things being equal, the employer is more likely to choose a candidate with great academic performance.

Where to put your expected graduation date?

If you are a student, place your Education section at the top of the resume. Unless you gain relevant work experience, your degree is your biggest asset. Put your current degree program at the top of the list along with the expected graduation date.

Once you get hired and gain hands-on experience, you can place the Education section with a Bachelor's degree after Work Experience section.

How to format your Education section: Proven expert tips

Listing your expected graduation date on your resume is only one element of the Education section. Here's how to tell the employer about your educational background to make them interested and to avoid the most common mistakes:

  • Consider including relevant coursework. If your college courses are related to your target job, list them under a school name and a degree. Include 6-8 most relevant courses to let the hiring managers know that you have the right theoretical knowledge.
  • List your degrees in reverse chronological order. Start with a degree in progress and move on to previous ones. If you have at least an Associate's degree, you can skip the high school information.
  • Mention all academic honors, awards, and recognition such as the Dean's list, Summa Cum Laude, and athletic awards. These accomplishments position you as a top performer and help you stand out among other job-seekers.
  • If you did not proceed to college after being a high school student, list your school name and graduation date. No need to include any high school activities.
  • Use the same font type, size, and formatting as you used for other resume sections. Leave enough white space between sections to make your resume easy to look through.

How to put an expected graduation date on your resume: Key takeaways

Listing your expected graduation date is essential if you apply for entry-level jobs. To do this effectively, follow these guidelines:

  • Add your school name, degree, major, and accomplishments as usual. As a student, you need to market your education to draw the attention of potential employers.
  • Include the month and year of your expected graduation in parentheses. Place the dates to the right, as this format is most approved by recruiters.
  • Put your current degree program at the top of your education section so that the employers could see the dates at once and understand when you'll be available.
  • Double-check all dates and spelling, as an incorrect date or a misspelled major can cost you an interview.

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