How To Write A Powerful Relocation Cover Letter - BEST TIPS!


Writing a relocation cover letter: 7 essential tips

According to the statistics, an average American relocates 11.7 times in their lifetime. If you plan to find a job in a new city in advance, you will need to make some changes in your resume and a cover letter.

In today's guide, you will find:

  • the secrets for writing a strong relocation cover letter to compete with local candidates;
  • relocation cover letter example;
  • general cover letter tips to help you get noticed by a hiring manager.

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Powerful sample relocation cover letter (and why it works)

Why is this a good relocation cover letter example?

  • The candidate raises a point about relocation in the second paragraph of the letter. They give a solid reason for relocation (their partner got a new job in the city);
  • The letter starts with a hook that includes measurable resutls the candidate has delivered for the previous employer;
  • The candidate further expands on relevant experience and education, listing their most impressive accomplishments as a bulleted list;
  • The letter takes one page, which is the recommended length. This relocation cover letter format is neat and structured well to attract the hiring manager's attention.

Now that you are familiar with good relocation cover letter examples, let's take a look at how to write a letter to get more chances for a job offer.

7 insider tips for writing relocation cover letters

Composing a perfect cover letter takes time and research. In case with the relocation cover letter, you should also consider the employer's risks and concerns associated with relocating a candidate. Here's how to write a letter that will surely get you noticed:

Lead with a hook and your top qualifications

Don't make the relocation the focal point of your cover letter. You should emphasize the relevant experience and achievements first, and then mention your readiness to move to a new city. Market your expertise and skills first, and only then move to the relocation issue.

Start the first paragraph of your letter by summarizing your key selling points to hook the employer's attention. In the above sample relocation cover letter, the candidate mentions that they saved $1.5M in costs. Write 2-3 sentences, focusing on what makes you a perfect candidate for this job opening to get the reader interested in learning more about your background.

Explain your reason for relocation

If you mention relocation in your letter, the first thing that hiring managers will want to know is your motivation. They do not want to spend their time interviewing someone only to find out that the candidate has changed their mind and decided not to move. So, your goal is to persuade the hiring manager that you seriously intend to move.

Here are the good reasons for moving you can mention:

"My husband has received a job offer from Intel this month, and we are moving in San Jose in May"

"I am moving to Austin this spring to be closer to my family who all live in Texas"

Employers are more willing to consider candidates whose relocation is settled and who has a solid reason for moving. Reasons like "I want to move to Florida because I enjoyed a vacation there last summer" sound less credible to them.

If you plan to relocate for the good job opportunity, this is a good reason either. Yet, in this case, you might want to give more context in your relocation cover letter samples.

Give a time frame and context for relocation

No matter your reason for relocation, the employer will appreciate if you specify the exact date of arrival. If you do not have a date yet, write something like "in the end of June". Thus, the employer will see if your schedule aligns with their staffing needs.

If you plan to find a good job opportunity and then relocate, mention that as a reason in your cover letter:

"It has been my ambition to relocate to Miami permanently, and I am confident that this is the right job opportunity"

Mention the relocation dates, or tell that you are ready to move at the employer's earliest convenience. The above relocation cover letter example says nothing about relocation expenses, but be sure to raise this issue.

Employers often offer cash allowance or reimburse travel costs for the right candidate. Yet, not every company offers a generous relocation package. If your ambition is to get a job offer in a new city faster, mention that you are willing to relocate at your own expense.

Specify to the target company when exactly you can start working. For example, you may write "I can relocate to Washington within a week after receiving a job offer" or "I am willing to start working remotely until I move to Utah permanently".

Focus on your excitement about the position

Just like any cover letter, your relocation cover letter sample should focus on your qualifications and fit for the role. Take some time to research the company, its goals and the expectations from the candidate. Explain how your background and experience aligns with their needs and what you can help them with.

Avoid using cliches like "I am excited about your company and its mission". Instead, say "I was excited to know that one of the main responsibilities for the position is setting up an HR department from the ground up. While working for a XXX company in the past..." and then proceed with the highlight of your experience with specific results. Explaining your why will make a great impression on a hiring manager.

List measurable results

A potential employer expects to see specific results and accomplishments both on your resume and a cover letter. Figures and percentages draw attention and serve as predictors of a great perfomance. Whenever possible, illustrate your responsibilities with figures. Here are some examples:

Delivered a 15x return on investment during the Facebook advertising campaign for my company;

Reduced costs by $9,000 by re-negotiating supply contracts.

Do not reiterate what you have already mentioned on a resume. You can expand on the facts you have included on a resume, providing more specifics and details.

Also note that a great cover letter should be tailored towards the specific job posting. You might need to adjust the experiences and skills you include in a letter depending on the company's expectations. If tailoring your cover letter sounds too challenging, our cover letter consultants will be glad to assist. Contact us on chat to discuss how we can help improve your letter.

Show your flexibility with interviewing

In the closing paragraph of your relocation letter, explain how you plan to attend a job interview. Do not wait for an employer to clarify this for you. For example, you can write "I am available for an interview at your earliest convenience via Zoom, Skype, or any other platform".

Keep in mind that some hiring managers prefer a traditional in-person interview and consider it essential for the hiring process. Tell that you are interested enough to travel for an interview: "I am willing to travel to New York City for an in-person interview if necessary".

Keep your career level in mind

Unless you are a highly sought-after technical specialist or a top manager, it is easier for an employer to pick a local candidate. If you want to compete with local guys who needn't compensation for relocation costs and can come to the office shortly, you need to be flexible.

In your sample cover letter, show that you are serious about relocation. Mention your willingness to relocate at your own expence and travel for an in-person interview. Make the process of hiring you easy and seamless for an employer, as in this case, you will find a desired employment much faster.

Proofread before sending

Typos and mistakes can turn off the hiring managers. 49% of them will toss the resume that has typos and grammar mistakes. Proofread your cover letter several times to make sure that it is flawless and free from any writing mistakes.

Take some time to format the letter so that it makes a neat impression. Use short paragraphs, reasonably long sentences and a traditional business letter structure. Keep the font between 10-12 pts so that the lettter is comfortable to read.

Where to mention relocation on your cover letter?

There are two main strategies to mention the relocation issue in your cover letter:

  • At the beginning of the letter - in this case, you expand on your willingness to relocate in the second paragraph of the letter or in the end of the first one. This strategy is better to use if your relocation is settled (i.e. you are moving because your wife was offered a position).
  • At the end of the letter - if you choose this option, mention the relocation just above the closing paragraph. This option works best if you intend to relocate for a job. You can include the time frame for relocation, how you plan to attend interviews, etc. when the hiring manager has already learned your strengths and is ready to discuss the details.

How to address relocation on your resume?

Your resume should also mention your willingness to relocate. Here is how to do this in the best way:

  • include your target job title, current address, and list your experience and education as usual;
  • mention your willingness to relocate at the end of the Summary section. You might use phrases like "Open to relocate globally" or "Relocating to Los Angeles in June 2023";
  • don't list any other details about relocation - this is what you are writing a cover letter for;
  • write a resume as usual, listing your professional history, skills, and educational background.

Writing your relocation cover letter: Key takeaways

  • Start with a catchy opening paragraph that summarizes your value. List your key qualifications, achievements, and measurable results;
  • Give a specific reason for relocation, and explain when and on what terms you will be moving to a new city;
  • Focus on your interest in the company and your fit for the target position to prove that you are a worthy candidate for relocation;
  • Explain how and when you plan to interview.

With this relocation cover letter guide and writing tips, you can address the employer's concerns associated with relocating you. If writing a letter still sounds challenging or you are not sure how to format it properly, our cover letter consultants are here to help. We will prepare a winning resume and a cover letter for you, marketing you for a target position and helping you get more interviews.

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