How To Delete Resume On LinkedIn


Almost 800 million users use LinkedIn for professional networking or to look for jobs. Among other features, LinkedIn allows you to upload your resume and apply for jobs on the platform directly. However, many people who want to delete an old resume from LinkedIn don't know how to do this correctly. Removing an old resume from LinkedIn is relatively easy and takes a few minutes. In today's guide, we are going to share a step-by-step guide to delete your old LinkedIn resume and upload ...Continue reading

How to Add Resume to LinkedIn (2 Ways + Steps)


How to add resume to LinkedIn? 2 Main strategies LinkedIn is the most popular and trusted professional social media in the world. According to the statistic, 40 million people use it for their job search every month, and 3 people get hired every minute. Moreover, the pandemic and restrictions have made LinkedIn the primary networking platform across many industries. To take full advantage of all LinkedIn functions, you may want to upload your resume to LinkedIn as well. If you ...Continue reading

10 Top Funny LinkedIn Titles


10 Top Funny LinkedIn Titles People on the internet make the first impression about you based on your social media, and this is true for your professional life as well. Recruiters will perceive your professional image based on your LinkedIn profile info, picture, posts you share and comments you leave on other pages and in groups. And since 87% of recruiters hire through LinkedIn, it's not surprising that many candidates go above and beyond trying to catch their attention. However, ...Continue reading

Writing A Good LinkedIn Summary: Tips & Examples


Do you feel frustrated with LinkedIn profile summary writing? Well, that's understandable, because there's no standard recipe for writing a winning LinkedIn summary. Your writing style and general structure of the summary section will depend on your goals, industry norms, and your personal creativity. At the same time, omitting the summary at all is not the best idea as fully complete profiles get more views and feedback.In today's article, our LinkedIn experts will give you some pointers to ...Continue reading

Build A Powerful LinkedIn Profile: 11 Tips From LinkedIn Resume Writers


LinkedIn is considered the most trusted social network in the US, so it's not a surprise that most professionals use it in their job search. The site is used by 55 million companies and has 14+ million open jobs across many industries. However, simply having a profile won't take you anywhere. To be competitive on this online job market and get found by human resources managers, you need to advertise your strengths to potential employers. In today's article, our experts will share actionable tips ...Continue reading

How to write a powerful LinkedIn headline: Examples & tips


LinkedIn headline is the first thing that recruiters, hiring managers or prospects see when they come across your profile in LinkedIn searches. It can spark their interest and inspire them to view your profile - or to skip it.Standard LinkedIn headlines consist of your job title and company name. However, career experts don't recommend sticking to the default option. There are plenty of ways to use a LinkedIn profile header as a strong marketing tool, so why not use this opportunity to promote ...Continue reading

5-Step Guide On How to Add Resume to LinkedIn


Add resume to LinkedIn in 5 simple steps LinkedIn makes it unbelievably easy to build your career with the help of the internet. This social networking platform allows you to connect with professionals in your industry and beyond and establish your professional online presence. More importantly, here you can follow the target employers and apply for jobs directly. 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn regularly, meaning that you can get new opportunities without any effort from your side. To use ...Continue reading

How to Put LinkedIn On Resume: Expert Tips


Learn the only correct way to show off your online profileResume is your #1 career document, but it has its limitations. In particular, because of length limits – all recruiters insist that you keep the resume under 2 pages – it’s hardly possible to present the entire career history and full list of skills. And here’s when your LinkedIn profile is of huge help. It will provide the recruiters with the extra information that didn’t fit into your resume.According ...Continue reading

12 Trending LinkedIn Hashtags (And How to Use Them)


How to use LinkedIn hashtags in 2024? 12 Trending Hashtags + Examples LinkedIn is the ultimate resource for all ambitious professionals. It allows you to network, stay in touch with everyone you crossed paths professionally, and to browse new opportunities. However, not everyone is using this social media site to its fullest. And hashtags are one of the commonly overlooked tools. As a job-seeker, you can add hashtags to your LinkedIn posts to reach a wider ...Continue reading

12 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job-Seekers


LinkedIn is the world’s top professional social media for both HR professionals and the job-seekers. Nearly 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source talent. With this statistic in mind, it makes sense to make the best out of this Klondike of professional opportunities.Previously, we’ve written how to create a professional profile on LinkedIn. And today we are going to share some hints and insights specifically for the job-hunters. Even if you’re an active user of this social ...Continue reading

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