Do I Need A Resume For My First Job? | Resume With No Experience


Do I need a resume for my first job? Tips from a resume writer Your first full-time job sets the tone for your career development. According to the study, 87% of students whose first job matched their potential had a decent job five years after. So, your first job resume should present your potential and your knowledge in full. Moreover, it has to be compelling enough to persuade the hiring manager to consider your candidacy furhter. But the problem is, how do you write a resume for your first ...Continue reading

How Long Should A Professional Resume Be In 2022


How long should a professional resume be: 3 strategies from the expert Resume length is probably one of the most debated questions. Experts and recruiters have different opinions: some say that a one-page resume is a must, while the others are okay with a two- or even three-page resume. To make things easier for you, we have collected the data and summarized the opinions of recruiters and expert resume writers.Struggling with putting your resume together? Our team is here to help. ...Continue reading

What Do Employers Look For In A Resume | Resume Tips


What do employers look for in a resume?Hiring managers don't spend much time reviewing resumes. According to the statistic, 24% of them spend under 30 seconds on each resume. More importantly, employers look for certain things on resumes, and unless you're an HR professional, you might have a hard time trying to guess what really matters for them. In today's article, we've prepared a list of things that employers want to see in your application. By adding these details, you'll improve the ...Continue reading

Tips & Tricks to Write A Retirement Letter


10 tips & tricks to draft a retirement letterLeaving your job can become the beginning of the golden age if you do everything right and leave on a good note. According to the statistic, men on average retire at the age of 64.6 while women leave the workforce at 62.3 years. But before you leave, you need to take care of the finances and, of course, write a strong retirement letter to say farewell to the company and clarify some important points. In today's guide, we will show exactly how to ...Continue reading

What to Include in a Sorority Resume (Tips + Examples)


Sorority Resume: What to Include (+ Examples)Sororities and fraternities are important components of student life. Over 70% of students who are sorority members graduate, compared to 50% of students who don't belong to a sorority or fraternity. Joining one of them as a student gives you a breadth of experience, and also lets you build skills that are assets for future employers. In today's article, our skilled resume consultant will explain how to compose a resume for sorority recruitment and ...Continue reading

CV Designer: Tips & Templates to Create a Beautiful Resume


How To Design a Perfect CV: 9 Secrets From CV DesignerIn a professional resume, every element counts. Your document not only needs to have persuasive, spotless writing, but to impress visually as well. Since most recruiters spend under 10 seconds doing the initial review, looks matter more than you think. Using an eye-grabbing yet professional resume CV design leads to getting you noticed and hence shortlisted. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?Yet, don't hurry up to experiment with layouts and ...Continue reading

How to Decline an Interview Professionally


Turning down job interviews is confusing. On the one hand, as a job-seeker, you are interested in attending more job interviews and choose the best suitable job offer. On the other hand, at some point you might realize that the job is not the right fit and showing up for an interview makes no sense. Simply not showing up for an in-person or online interview is a bad idea. It's unethical, let alone unprofessional, and may jeopardize your chance for employment with the company in the ...Continue reading

Powerful Words To Describe Yourself In A Job Interview (+ Examples)


Top 15 Words to describe yourself in an interview Out of 250+ resumes sent to a company, a hiring manager only selects 4 to 6 candidates for an interview. And the employers usually run 2-3 rounds of interview before they choose a candidate. During both in-person and virtual interviews you will be asked to describe yourself, and many candidates stumble upon this seemingly simple question.While giving your answer, you'll need to lead through case studies, maintain positive body language and ...Continue reading

How To Sell Yourself On A Resume? 9 Tips + Examples


How to sell yourself on a resume? 9 tips and strategiesResume is a marketing document in the first place. Its purpose is to present your value and past successes to convince the employers that you'll excel in the job if hired. Yet, simply listing your previous experience and project is not enough. You need to pitch them and articulate your value as a potential employee to get noticed in today's highly competitive job market.As the economy recovers from the pandemic-driven drop, it's the best ...Continue reading

10 Top Funny LinkedIn Titles


10 Top Funny LinkedIn Titles People on the internet make the first impression about you based on your social media, and this is true for your professional life as well. Recruiters will perceive your professional image based on your LinkedIn profile info, picture, posts you share and comments you leave on other pages and in groups. And since 87% of recruiters hire through LinkedIn, it's not surprising that many candidates go above and beyond trying to catch their attention. However, ...Continue reading

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