Ways to Boost Your Resume Under 20 Minutes

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Summer is the low season in hiring, and in September, companies finally get busy looking for new employees. For you as a job-seeker, it means that now is the perfect timing to fine-tune your resume, reconnect with your former colleagues and alumni, and take that big career step you’ve been dreaming of. Finding a great new job is hardly possible without a strong resume, though. If yours could use some improvement, follow the today’s advice from the best professional resume writers. Continue reading

How to Answer “What Is Your Desired Salary?”

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When considering a particular job opening, you take many factors into account. You pay attention to the job responsibilities, corporate culture, company’s values and mission, and, of course, pay. The latter is a major consideration, yet most openings won’t share their salaries straightaway. Which brings you to the need to negotiate that pay, and that’s what often confuses even the top-tier professionals. The question about your desired salary will inevitably arise during the Continue reading

How to Quit a Job You Just Started?

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Quit the new job that doesn’t suit you in 7 simple steps Have you ever been stuck in a job that doesn’t fit you well or that you secretly hate? The situation gets more complicated when you’re not satisfied with the job you’ve just started. After a few days or weeks on a new job you might encounter an authoritative boss, toxic culture, unrealistic goals or responsibilities that differ from what you were promised. So, how do you go about this situation? First things Continue reading

Do You Really Need a Resume Summary?

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Career Summary is a statement placed at the top of the resume. They took over the objectives which were often vague and blatantly meaningless for employers. Summaries typically contain a few pitchy sentences aimed to market your background quickly. Given the six seconds that recruiters spend on each resume, having a strong introduction may make a lot of difference! Yet, the opinions of career experts on including a summary polarize. Some state that all job-seekers, regardless of their industry Continue reading

6 Tips to Avoid Resume Mistakes and Typos

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Mistakes in a resume can be very costly for the success of your job search. Hiring managers receive lots of resumes and can afford to choose the best of the best. Therefore, if your resume is formatted or written not as good as ones of your competitors, you’ll struggle to get interviews. Moreover, some recruiters reject resumes with errors whatsoever. 59% of recruiters reject candidates because of poor grammar or spelling. For them, your typos mean weak communication skills or lack of Continue reading

How Long to Hear Back After Submitting a Resume?

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According to the survey, 48% of job-seekers say that waiting to hear back from employers is a frustrating experience. And frustration happens for a reason, as often job-seekers are simply unsure of what to do next. How long should you wait for response and should you keep applying for other jobs in the meantime? Should you reach out to the company to find out the status of your application? Keep reading to have all these questions answered. One of the proven ways to increase the response rate Continue reading

An Ultimate Guide On How Long Should Your Resume Be

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Career experts state that the resume can be between one and three pages. Yet, this piece of advice isn’t of much help for confused job-seekers who try to squeeze their long track record into one page or, on the contrary, stuff the document with fluff to make it visually longer. The turning point of determining a perfect resume length is taking your unique career situation into account. The length should be dictated by experience, not vice versa. And today, our creative professional resume Continue reading

Resume Summary for Career Change: 5 Expert Tips

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An informative career summary is paramount for catching the employer’s attention from the first sight. Yet, in a career change resume, it performs another important function. The summary should explain how your prior background aligns with the role you’re seeking. Moreover, it has to prove that you’ve got the needed skills and competencies to excel at it. Previously, we’ve published a guide to career change resumes (you can read the article here: Continue reading

Top 9 Fastest Growing Careers for 2020-2021

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With the current uncertainty on the labor market, you want to make an informed choice of careers. To be an in-demand profession under any economic conditions, turn to the occupations which are expected to boom in the 2020s. Today, the experts of our IT resume services have prepared a list of the fastest growing careers for 2020 and beyond. Whether you are a student considering which major to pursue or a professional who wants to turn to a higher-paying career, use this list to get informed. Continue reading

How to Put Remote Work On Resume?

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5 professional ways to describe teleworking experience in a resume Even before the coronavirus pandemic, remote work has demonstrated a 44% growth over 5 years. Currently, 88% of companies encourage or require employees to work from home. Whether you’ve worked remotely for years or switched to this type of work because of coronavirus outbreak, your resume should reflect that you’ve performed this type of work, even if your responsibilities were the same as in the office. If you Continue reading

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