10 Tips to Manage Your Personal Brand Online


Your guide to creating a memorable and authentic online brandHaving a strong, recognizable brand is essential for any company that intends to stay in business in the long run, but not only. In the era of the social web, the importance of personal branding has skyrocketed. Both young and seasoned professionals build their personal brand to impress potential clients and employers, foster their network, and achieve even greater career success.A good personal brand should highlight the traits ...Continue reading

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing: 10 Tips


The fastest way to start your digital marketing careerCareers in marketing become increasingly popular because it’s a growing industry that allows you to leverage your creativity, connect with thousands of people and allows for flexible working options. Digital marketing is all about delivering the brand’s message to prospective customers all around the world.To get started as a marketer, you’ll need to master a few skills and tools that all marketers use in their daily ...Continue reading

How to List Certifications On a Resume? Your Ultimate Guide


List your professional certifications effectively So, you’ve put together a resume, listing your work experience, the great things you’ve accomplished, and a formal college education. You’ve chosen the right resume format, worked on fonts and formatting, and proofread it a few times. Is your resume ready for submission now? Not exactly. Adding the relevant certifications can give your resume a competitive advantage and prove the professionalism in your field. ...Continue reading

How to Write a Short Bio for Work: 9 Tips


Compose a professional bio that presents your best sideA short professional bio has multiple uses. You can add it to a LinkedIn summary, About the Author section of your blog or book, About Us section of the corporate website, online portfolio or a job application. In any case, its goal is to quickly introduce your accomplishments and qualifications to the reader as well as throw light on your personality.The biggest challenge about writing a bio is that it affects heavily how the target ...Continue reading

Top 19 Work From Home Careers For You To Consider!


If you have to get yourself hired as fast as possible, you must use the professional resume writing services of! We will provide you with a high-quality resume fast and cheap! You don't have to engage in a dangerous gamble with your future career success with our exceptional level of writing! Every day we create thousands of flawlessly written resumes for our respective clients! If you ordered us to make your resume, cover letter, or any other job-related document, you do ...Continue reading

How to Find a Career Mentor & Transform Your Career?


Cooperate with a mentor to move your career forwardFinding a mentor is one of the proven ways to push your career forward. You learn directly from the person who has encountered the challenges you are facing now and can offer you motivation, insider tips and specific guidance. Under the supervision of an accomplished and more experienced person, you start growing professionally much faster than if you had tried to work your way on your own.Both college students and experienced ...Continue reading

15 Best Work From Home Careers: List of Jobs & Tips


Pursue a profitable remote job this yearIf you were considering a remote career, 2020 is the right time to pursue it. According to the statistics, there’s a 44% growth in remote work over the previous 5 years, and this trend is predicted to grow. Professionals who already switched to work-from-home careers report better work-life balance, reduced stress and even better job satisfaction. And, taking coronavirus pandemic into account, telecommuting is likely to become a new norm for the ...Continue reading

Writing A Perfect Research Assistant CV: 10 Tips


Write a winning CV of a research assistant in 10 stepsThe research assistant is a popular career option for students and recent graduates. This job assumes gathering and analyzing information and data, overseeing experiments, interview research subjects, and update records. As a rule, research assistants are employed by universities or research institutions, consulting companies, colleges, or companies doing market research. On average, ...Continue reading

Cover Letter for Sales Executive: Expert Tips & Examples


Write a winning C-level cover letterSales executives are the most important people in the organization when it comes to expanding markets, driving sales, and increasing revenue. To achieve these ambitious targets, sales executives establish a new business, negotiate contracts, review sales performance, and develop marketing campaigns. However, to successfully advance your executive sales career, you need to master one more crucial skill – cover letter writing.Your cover letter is the ...Continue reading

College Student Resume Objective: How to Write + Examples


College students are facing high competition for entry-level jobs. The statistic reveals that only 86% of college graduates are employed. Landing an entry-level job is stressful, and you have to compete with your peers who are working towards the same degree as you. Moreover, as a student, you may lack professional experience, and be unaware of how to write a college freshman resume that would be of interest to a recruiter.Crafting a persuasive resume is your real chance to stand out. In ...Continue reading

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