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Black and white resumes are boring. Attract the attention of recruiters with a custom infographic resume that tells your career story in graphs and pictures. Impress the best employers with one-of-its-kind creative resume and get hired faster.

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Take care of your career success with pro resume writing

Writing a resume is hard, but it's twice as hard to develop one that will grab the hiring manager's attention in no time. Most text resumes look pretty much the same, and a busy manager can overlook your amazing qualifications and accomplishments simply because they don't "pop up".
The solution? Order a bright infographic resume that tells your career story in timelines, graphs, pictures, and charts. Thanks to a well-balanced visual design created by an expert designer of our team, your resume will help you get noticed among the competitors and land the job of your dreams. Here's what we offer to each client:

  • 100% custom design. Free resume builders offer the same templates to everyone. Our writer will develop a fully customized design suited for your taste and career goals. Thus, your visual resume will truly be one of its kind.
  • Professional writers. A professional designer will work on the appearance of your CV. But first, the content will be developed by a certified resume writer who knows your industry and will help highlight the key accomplishments.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. We work on your infographic CV until you're truly satisfied, no matter how many edits it will take. And our clients do leave satisfied - we are proud to have a whopping 96% satisfaction rate!
  • Cheap at the price. One-to-one help of a professional designer, at a price you won't find anywhere. To make the experience even more pleasant for you, we grant you an additional 20% off your first order.
  • Get what you want or money back. We will deliver your newly designed CV as per the deadline you've chosen. If we don't, we'll send the money back to your account. It's that simple - and you don't risk a penny.
  • Smooth experience, powered by customer support. Got questions? We are online round the clock to handle technical or payment issues, help you choose the suitable service package, and more. Talk to us on chat, anytime.

So, what is an infographic resume?

Some stories are better told in images and charts rather than words. Inforgraphic resumes are a perfect illustration of this statement. They communicate the information about your experience, competencies, and accomplishments through resumes designs in the first place. This type of professional resume consists mostly of pie charts, graphs, icons and images, figures, and more. All in all, including a graph can show consecutive sales growth you delivered much better than the lengthy statement like "Constantly exceeded quarterly sales target during FY 2019 by 30% on average".

As a rule, a creative infographic resume takes one page - it's enough to present everything the employer wants to know in a nutshell. And because of the great resume designs such resumes typically have, you'll get more of the employer's attention. They work for professionals of all level of experience, from new graduates to executive level directors and managers.

Where can I get a great infographic resume?

If used right, a graphic resume can absolutely help your career in business, IT, creative and many other industies. There are three main approaches to resume designing:

Option #1. Do it yourself using an online tool

The internet is full of free or cheap tools offering to make design of my resumes. Some examples of such tools are, and These websites allow you to make resume design by yourself. You customize the design suggested by the platform to your taste. This method may look the simplest, but it's also the trickiest.

DIY approach definitely gives you the ownerships over the process. Yet, to design everything right, you need strong design skills. Infographic resumes aren't good by default; they only work if designed attractively and please the eye. Professional designers know color theory and understand how colors match each other and what subconscious effect they make on the reader. Moreover, they are aware of the principles of the information architecture and know common design patterns.

The thing is, if you don't have any experience in design, your infographic resume won't probably look attractive and thus won't be of service. Which brings us to the next option for making a business resume design.

Option #2. Hire a professional designer

At a slightly higher fee you can find a freelance designer or even a design agency who can produce a resume design for you. Designers have the above-mentioned design competencies, so you can rest assured they'll come up with a powerful design of ou new resume.

So, what's the problem about this approach? Unfortunately, professional designers aren't resumes writers. They can only transform your resume text into a set of graphics and icons. They won't help with improving your professional resume, marketing your strengths and accomplishments, and structuring resume information. And, although your professional resume infographic will look like an eye candy, it will probably have flaws in content or fail to market your professional services to an employer.

Option #3. Find a professional resume infographic serivce

In the best scenario, you need someone who is equally good at executive resume writing and visual design. And you can find this combination only with the company offering resume design services. These companies staff professionals in resume writing who know how to use the principles of effective business writing and marketing in your resume. Additionally, they staff design professional who know how to present this information visually in your resumes best.

This is exactly how the experts of work. Your new resume is first written by a resume writing professional. And then, our expert in design decides how graphic elements need to be used on a resume to highlight your breadth of experience best. This win-win combination guarantees that you'll get not only visually pleasing but also powerful and persuasive resume that will certainly pay off your investment.

Are you curious about how your digital resume could potentially look like? Contact us for a sample project and we'll share the examples of top designs.

What our clients have to say

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    I work in advertising, so creativity is something that is expected from me. But you've done an excellent job on my resume. I got hired by an agency in Chicago in two weeks after I started applying for jobs.

    - Lisa L.


    I found your services by occasion, and the writer did an excellent job on my cover letter. Now I've placed another order for LinkedIn profile, and cannot wait to see what you come up with

    - Gloria Z.


    The CV I got was exactly what I wanted. The writer was open for my suggestions, and edited it to my comments at no extra pay. Now I highly recommend your services to everyone.

    - Judy L.

  • customer-photo

    You guys are awesome. I like the design of my visual CV so much. A plenty of hiring managers have complimented on my CV too, so I believe I'll get an offer pretty soon.

    - Roger F.


    I have wanted an infographic resume for a long time, but couldn't fit my experience into online templates. Your designer helped me pick a template, then customized it, and now all my career fits perfectly in one page.

    - Michael D.


    I ordered an all-inclusive resume package, and the deadline was next day. I've receive the excellent documents and started applying right away. Now I'm choosing between three offers from tech companies.

    - Sandy G.

  • customer-photo

    I received my resume yesterday. I'm not quite happy with the formatting, but the writing is just perfect. I didn't realize I had so many accomplishments in my career before I saw the new resume.

    - Daniel B.


    I couldn't have been happier with an infographic in green shades I got from you guys. I got an offer from Amazon last week, and the recruiter said it was one of the best resumes they've seen

    - Kevin W.


    This is the third time I'm getting my resume updated by you. Always good quality of writing and attentive support. I appreciate your help.

    - Josh B.

The benefits of ordering a professional resume design

Do you need an infographic resume altogether? Yes, if you're looking for a job in a competitive industry, and are looking for opportunity to stand out. Visual resumes aren't new, but not many job-seekers use them to their advantage. Thus, you may be one of the few who apply with a bright resume, and being creative in a good way will definitely work for you! And here's why:

  • It's not a secret that we are visual creatures. Recruiters are tired of reading chunks of text in resumes. Why not show your career history in figures, pictures, and charts that show, don't tell, your contribution?
  • Creative professionals will benefit from them most. Copywriters, marketing managers, web developers and other creative professionals can freely apply with a graphic resume. Your creative approach will be appreciated.
  • Infographic resume is great to post on social media, upload to LinkedIn profile or post on your personal website. The number of applications of such a resume is almost limitless, and as you spread it online, you increase your chance of getting noticed.

Yet, the result of your job search depends a lot on the quality of a graphic resume. Are you tired of browsing resume design ideas? Not sure how to create an infographic best? Rely on our resume design services and have your resume built from scratch by a professional designer. And they will work on the resume until you are completely happy with the design and content.

Note that not all employers will be excited to receive a bright picture instead of a traditional PDF document. If you apply for a job in government or corporate finance, for example, it's a better idea not to use an infographic. In case you're not sure if infographics are acceptable and appreciated in your industry, contact us for a free consultation, and we'll recommend the best format for your industry.

How to know if you need resume design services?

The traditional approach to finding a job assumes that you apply with a traditional text resume. Yet, in certain situations getting a professional resume design can be absolutely advantageous for getting you shortlisted. Check if one of the below situations apply to you, and don't hesitate to contact us when in need of resume design services:

  • You will contact the hiring manager directly. Applying with an infographic through job boards is tricky since the ATS might not read this type of document correctly. In fact, it only recognizes the text and scans it for keywords. But if you email a business resume to a hiring manager directly (or someone will kindly pass it to them), why not knock their socks off with the stellar design and graphics?
  • You will apply for a creative or digital job. Some industries welcome creative resume more than others. Web developers, marketing experts, data analysts, content creators at any career levels should definitely try infographic resume writing. Not only it can be the best way to showcase your experience, but also demonstrates your creative spirit.
  • You are eager to stand out. Job-hunting involves a lot of competition, and impressing the interviewer often equals getting an interview call. In this case, don't hesitate to contact resume design services for a new business resume. An infographic resume full of pictures, charts and engaging structure is exactly what you're looking for, no matter your career level.

Pro tip: remember that in either case an infographic resume is not a replacement of a traditional paper business resume. It is rather an addition to it, says the resume expert of our services. So, if you don't have a conventional text resume, the expert of our services can write it for you from scratch, now with a 20% discount. Chat with us to claim your code.

How to create a masterpiece resume design?

Resume is a marketing document in regard that it has to portray your experience in the best possible light. To make sure yours serves this purpose perfectly, our services have prepared some tips you should keep in mind when creating resume design on your own (or when buying one):

  • Rely on traditional resume structure. Usually, resumes start with your contact details and then list experience, education, and skills. If possible, keep the same structure when creating resume design. Recruiters are used to this order of things so they'll find it more convenient to read your business resume.
  • Customize the design. If you are using a template, it's best to customize it. You never know how many people have already used the same template, and the sole purpose of using an infographic is to stand out. Which is hardly possible when your resume looks like someone else's. The experts of our servcies recommend that you change at least color, icons or other elements.
  • Use the reasonable amount of text. A resume cannot comprise pictures only, even if it's a graphic marketing resume. Use the text sparingly, for example, to write down your most significant experience, skill names, school names and degrees, etc. At the same time, make every word count - lengthy job descriptions are not for a graphic resume!
  • Be careful with colors. Resume that uses too many bright colors will irritate the hiring manager rather than attract their attention. Be super careful when picking colors, and if you're new to design, limit yourself to 2-3 colors (for example, white, light blue, and black). Remember that this is a business document, not a cartoon.
  • Get feedback. Show your newly created resume to marketing and design professionals, HR managers, or other business professionals, and listen to their opinions and reviews. If people say that your resume looks not quite professional, or is difficult to understand, consider updating it or using resume design services.

Creation of a spectacular resume design shouldn't be complicated. Contact us, and our design expert will come up with a 100% best original resume design that favorably reflects your career story and helps you get noticed.

Should you upload the visual resume to LinkedIn?

LinkedIn allows you to upload media files, such as presentations, examples of work, and a resume. So, be sure to upload your brand new infographic resume to LinkedIn. Firstly, your profile visitors are more likely to click on the bright picture rather than another boring text file. And secondly, sharing an infographic resume will communicate the important qualities such as creativity, innovation, and ability to explain complex things in an easy way.

Our experts can update your LinkedIn profile as well. The writer will update it in line with your career goals, highlight the skills, and add keywords to help you get found by recruiters.

How to use a graphic resume effectively?

In addition to uploading your infographic to LinkedIn for marketing yourself online, there are plenty of other ways to use it. Grab some extra tips from our business resume design services:

  • Send it along with your text resume. If unsure whether to apply for your next job with design resume, attach it together with a text resume. If the hiring manager gets intersted, they'll open the graphic resume file and pay attention.
  • Publish it on your personal website. Advertise your professional or executive services online and publish the resume on your website. Thus, the visitor will know what kind of services you offer even before they read your site top to bottom. This works great for your personal marketing and branding.
  • Post it in your personal social media. Show off your resume design in social media. It's a great way to advertise your services and announce that you're looking for a job. Visual content works great on social platforms, so you'll get more chances of getting noticed.

Get your unique resume developed by experts

We have 11+ years of resume writing experience and a team of writers who specialize in over 60 industries and help clients land their dream job. Outsourcing your resume creation to experts saves you time and helps find a job faster because of high quality of writing and design. Here are the extra benefits our team can offer you:

  • One-on-one assistance - your CV designer works one on one with you, developing the design based on your comments and requirements. The designer works until you're happy with both content and looks.
  • Affordable prices - at the price of around $100, you get a custom resume, written and designed exclusively for you. This summer, we offer 20% discounts to all new clients, so don't miss a chance to get a new CV at a discounted price.
  • Strong set of guarantees - it's the central point of our mission that you leave satisfied with your new resume. The designer works and updates your graphic resume until you are happy with the final product. You can also claim money back from our services in case we don't deliver resume in due time.

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

Sales, Accounting, Fashion, Marketing, Nursing, Pharmacist, Physician, Finance, Medical, Product Management, Military, Teacher, Healthcare, Executive, Technical, Engineer, Scientific, Military To Civilian, Pilot, Hospitality, Attorney, Banking, Project Manager, Lawyer, Career Management, Software Engineer, HR, Aviation, Construction, Legal, Science, IT, SES and ECO

We are available worldwide, however, if you are looking for a local resume writing expert in your hometown, we are offering you to check the following pages for more information and your convenience:
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