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Cover letters are considered essential by over 50% of employers. Increase your chance for a dream job interview with a spotless, error-free letter. Let our expert editors strengthen your writing and present each skill and accomplishment effectively.

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Why choose our cover letter editing services?

  • In-depth editing - unlike some CV editing services, we go beyond correcting typos, grammar and spelling. Our professional editors also improve document structure, word choice and logic to ensure an excellent impression with the reader.
  • Only experienced editors - we have 100+ resume writers and editors who are experts in English language. Each professional writer has 2+ years of experience with application documents and a Bachelor's or Master's degree.
  • Free revisions - for all writing order, you receive free editing and unlimited revisions for 2 weeks once the paper is delivered. If you're not satisfied with a written document, we will edit and update it free of charge.
  • Rapid deadlines - need to apply for a job ASAP? No worries - we offer a rush next-day delivery. Our deadlines vary from 5 days to 24 hours, but if you need editing in a few hours, this is also possible - contact us on chat.
  • Money back guarantee - if you didn't receive the order within the deadline, or the quality of editing was substandard, you can request a refund. Cooperating with our agency is risk-free.
  • Customer support 24/7 - human support team is online round the clock to address all your questions and concerns or provide a free consultation. Check the status of your order and get help anytime.

Quality cover letter is essential for job application

Employers believe that cover letters show motivation and help them evaluate the candidate more effectively. Moreover, 45% of recruiters reject application that don't include a cover letter. The writing style and content matter as well. Hiring managers don't favor letters that contain typos, poor formatting or misspelled words.

Our cover letter editor will fix even the tiniest shortcomings, turning your text into a written masterpiece. We edit each written word, and also improve the formatting and style for a perfect first impression.

Our cover letters editing include

At, we offer comprehensive editing and improve the text at all levels rather than just correct mistakes. Our editing team offers as follows:

  • Correction of grammar, spelling and punctuation according to the norms of contemporary English language;
  • Improvement of writing style and tone in line with the standards of business writing;
  • Formatting according to your chosen style guide;
  • Contact with your editor through our internal messaging system;
  • Design of your cover letter paper (letter is designed in line with the resume if you order a package);
  • Enhancing the readability, flow and structure to better present your professional strengths to the reader;
  • Edited cover letter is delivered in DOCX format so you could update it in the future.

A perfectly written letter has more chances to impress the prospective employer or admissions committees. Order letter editing services with a 20% discount now, and find a new job faster!

The rules and tips for cover letter editing

We recommend every job-seeker to get their resumes and cover letters checked by an expert before application. A professional consultant can identify and correct shortcomings that prevent you from getting more interviews. Yet, if you want to do letter editing on your own, follow these tips suggested by our pro editors:

Put it aside

Once you've completed writing a letter, let it rest until the next day. If you've spent hours crafting and rewriting the letter, you'll find it hard to spot mistakes. Tomorrow you'll be able to look at it with a fresh eye and correct more issues and shortcomings.

Keep the grammar book and style guides handy

You need to be highly attentive and meticulous as you edit the text. If you don't know some grammar or spelling rule, you should open a grammar guide, or a style guide, so keep them at your fingertips. Relying on the common sense is helpful, but when you hesitate, it's best to consult a reliable source.

Use an online spell checker

Online spell checking software shouldn't be your only form of editing, but it's a good way to start. The program won't detect all errors, but it will save you time and energy by finding at least common ones. Such software is good at spotting grammatical errors, missed commas, spelling issues, and some programs also help eliminate adjectives, filler words and improve sentence structure.

Read your letter aloud slowly

To distract from the meaning of the letter and better focus on each word, read the text aloud. In this way, you will notice long sentences, awkward phrases and words that don't make sense. As you use more senses, you will notice that some words or statements just don't sound right and therefore need further editing.

Make sure your cover letter is one page

70% of recruiters believe that 300 words is the right length. However, a bit longer is also acceptable, unless your letter exceeds one page. If it's longer, consider removing the dated or irrelevant work experience and skills, and focus on the most important facts from your biography first.

Use the hiring manager's name in a salutation

Look up the name of the hiring manager in your target company and use it in your letter, for example, "Dear Joanne McMillan". You can find their name in LinkedIn or the corporate website. This simple step will set you apart, as many other applicants fail to do so.

Break the text into short paragraphs

To keep the letter easy to read, write no more than 4-5 short paragraphs. You may also use bulleted lists, for example, to reiterate your accomplishments or projects relevant to the target job. Make sure that the first paragraph explains where you've learned about the role, and the last one uses a polite closing.

Remove overused buzzwords

Cliches like go-to person, team player, go-getter annoy the recruiters. Try to avoid them in any of application documents. Instead of writing that you are a team player, think how you can prove this to a potential employer. It's better to describe a real work situation or an accomplishment.

Format professionally

Use the same letter opening and closing that you use for business letters. Choose a professional font, and keep it between 10-12 pts. so that the text is comfortable to read. Check paragraphs, spacing and indents for consistency. Also, use a popular file format, such as DOCX or PDF to make sure your letter opens correctly on all computers and mobiles.

Ask for professional help

Nobody can correct the text better than a pro editor with the right qualifications and skills. At, we carefully select writers and editors who want to join our team. Every editor takes English test to prove their knowledge in proofreading and their subject matter knowledge. And only those who passed tests excellently are accepted to work on clients' orders.

Do you need a professional cover letter for job applications at Microsoft? Or, maybe you need personal statements as you want to study computer science at Yale University? Worries aside - our cover letter editing services will help you get noticed for the job or program of your dreams.

What is the ideal price for cover letter editing?

At, you can calculate the final price of your order on the home page. All prices are transparent, no hidden fees. For instance, the pay for cover letter editing starts at $25. Your charge depends on the deadline, plus you'll need to pay a little extra if you have a multi-page document.

Our company keeps the prices low because we are a virtual agency and all editors work in a comfortable home environment. The price for editing is fixed, no matter if you apply for a marketing, tech, public health, logistics or other industry.

Want exceptional quality of editing? Then, you are welcome to order Premium services. You can choose an American or British editor and get the letter aligned with local standards, plus an extra proofreading from a PhD editor.

We use personalized approach to each client

Each customer receives personal attention and care from our team. All job-seekers who placed an order with us get the following:

  • 24/7 chat with customer reps who are willing to answer all your questions;
  • resume and letter editing for all career levels and 65+ industries in the US and beyond;
  • editing is provided by subject matter experts who are experienced with job application documents;
  • communication with your editor - discuss your goals and the project in detail for a better quality of editing;
  • unlimited revisions and edits (provided that you've ordered writing services).

More resume & cover letter services available

Don't have a letter yet or think that editing isn't what you need? Our site offers all types of resume assistance including:

  • Writing of a custom cover letter. Each letter is customized for your target job opening and adapted for ATS using the right keywords;
  • Letter review with an in-depth analysis of mistakes and suggestions to improve your writing.

To get a consultation about services we offer, contact us on chat anytime.

Cover letter has many functions:

  • It shows you are interested enough in a particular role and a company;
  • It can present extensive experience in your field and describe case studies and successes;
  • It explains challening situations such as employment gaps or career change;
  • It exposes your culture fit with the company and shows you share values with the team;
  • It showcases your writing and organizational skills even before they call you for an interview.

Get more interview chances with a perfect cover letter

Our editors have the right experience and skills to make your letter shine. We combine flawless English editing skills with understanding of the demands of hiring managers. With an error-free letter, you'll have much more chances to be shortlisted and interviewed.

Our team can also edit your resume, LinkedIn profile and a thank-you note, refining the content and formatting. We offer a 20% discount to every new client. Talk to us on chat to claim your discount code!

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

Sales, Accounting, Fashion, Marketing, Nursing, Pharmacist, Physician, Finance, Medical, Product Management, Military, Teacher, Healthcare, Executive, Technical, Engineer, Scientific, Military To Civilian, Pilot, Hospitality, Attorney, Banking, Project Manager, Lawyer, Career Management, Software Engineer, HR, Aviation, Construction, Legal, Science, IT, SES and ECO, Biotech