Unexpected reasons to pay someone to write my resume online

It takes more than just business writing skills to compose an effective resume. Firstly, you have to be aware of how the entire thing with recruitment software works to adjust your application accordingly. Secondly, you need to keep your hand on the pulse of the fresh trends. Resumes in 2020 look a lot differently from those people used to write fifteen years ago. And finally, you need to prioritize your competencies and throw in some accomplishments. Sounds complex? No more stress - we are here to help you out.

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What do we guarantee?

  • 1. Confidentiality and anonymity

    The information you provide for completing your order, as well as your payment detail, remain strictly confidential.

  • 2. Only top writers in staff

    We are picky about our writer's qualifications and only staff professionals with proven experience in human resources and resume writing.

  • 3. Deadline of your choice

    We respect your time - choose a time frame on your own and get the written documents right on time, guaranteed.

  • 4. Free revisions during 2 weeks

    Think that your written resume should be improved? Get it revised by your writer without paying extra within 2 weeks since the delivery date.

  • 5. The best quality for your money

    When you pay to have resume done USA, you get high-quality, custom writing at a very reasonable fee.

  • 6. Chat support 24/7

    Our support team is always online and we are glad to talk to you round the clock.

Pay someone to make resume for a brighter career future

Resume determines everything, from what kind of company will shortlist you to how much you'll earn at the end of the day. Solid and reputable employers don't tolerate weak resumes. Poor writing, missing keywords, no job targeting, grammar mistakes and even messed up formatting can turn the recruiters off. In fact, 59% of them reject application because of grammar issues or typos!
Don't waste the precious time trying to figure out what went wrong with your resume. Our writer can take care of your resume writing and make the document flawless in all regards.

What makes us unique?

Many of our clients are accomplished professionals in their fields. However, not every professional can craft an attention-grabbing resume and accentuate their professional strengths effectively. As a result, if you aren't good with resume writing, the rest doesn't matter since you won't pass even the initial screening.

To pay someone to write my resume can be quite a viable solution in this situation. Think about this: a professional resume writer wraps up your capabilities and accomplishments into the terms that the hiring managers can relate to and understand. We offer the extensive understanding of the employer needs while providing our writing services at a reasonable cost.

Perfectly trained resume writers

Our company assists professionals who are serious about their careers. Once you've made a purchase, we assign you a resume maker who understands your professional background. The writer works in conjunction with you to access your professional history and understand your career goals. Upon the delivery of your new resume, you'll have 2 weeks to claim free amendments - if the first draft didn't fully meet your needs, we'll work on your resume until you're totally satisfied. We'll pour all our knowledge and expertise to create a resume that will make your qualifications shine. The employers spend only 3.14 minutes on each resume - we can make each line unforgettable!

Individual approach to each client

Unlike many other resume services, we understand that your career situation is unique and requires a personalized approach. Each resume is written and designed from scratch based on the information you provide us. Whether you want to change a career path, return to the workforce after a break or downplay any issue from your career, we know how to do it best.

In addition to resumes, we produce a range of other career documents. If you need curriculum vitae, we have writers who specialize in this type of document. Want to land a job faster? Add a cover letter and a professional LinkedIn profile to your order to start your job-hunting fully prepared.

Prompt delivery

Competitive jobs have a strong competition, and you need to submit the application within 1-2 days after the job was advertised. In case you came across the dream job opening but feel like your resume isn't up to scratch, consider to pay someone to write my resume urgently. Our organization can prepare it within 24 hours, with all quality standards maintained. If you're not in a hurry, you still will be pleased by our terms of service. Our standard delivery time is 5 days. Unlike other resume writing services, we value your time and won't keep you waiting for weeks!

Affordable and flexible pay

For job-seekers, money is a serious constraint, and we're totally aware of that. The cost of our basic resume writing service starts under $100. Your final price will depend on the deadline, and we have sweet discounts for new clients. For those clients who want first-class service, we offer premium options such as unlimited edits, free storage, extra check by an editor, and more.

Professional resume customization

Thanks to the massive use of ATS, resume customization is the only way of getting shortlisted. If resume tailoring and keywording sound all Greek to you, it's high time that you called professional resume writers. Your professional resume writer studies the job posting as well as the industry resources to optimize the resume written for a particular job. They will also mimic the job listing's language.

Customized resumes are more appealing to employers since they are focused on their needs, not your desire to get hired. Moreover, tailored resumes have higher response rate, which means that you'll find the job faster. By the way, we create resumes for all industries, including manufacturing, finance, retail, media, federal, IT, and more.

What determines a resume price?

When you pay someone to write a resume, you probably wonder why each professional resume writer charges different. Try our service for FREE before ordering.The price might vary from $40 to $1,000 and beyond. In fact, the only factors you should pay attention to are the qualifications of a resume writer and deadline.

We don't recommend that you stick with overly cheap service providers that promise to deliver a professionally written paper at around $50. Suspiciously low fees mean that the company is located in a third-world country, or the writer is an unexperienced freelancer. In both cases, you're unlikely to get a quality product, let alone the advanced features such as personal branding, original design, and more.

Expensive services typically mean that you overpay for the writer's personal brand or extensive promotional efforts. In fact, this isn't directly connected with the writer's skills or experience. It's possible to find professional resume writers at a cost around $100. Just be sure to find someone who is reliable and provides guarantees of high-quality work.

When it's time to find someone to write resume?

Job-seekers have multiple reasons to rely on resume cover letter help. Yet, in certain situations it's highly recommended that you hire an expert instead of writing it on your own. Say, if you aren't really good with words you'll probably struggle to communicate your value to the recruiter. Also, if you haven't udpated the resume for 5 years or more, it may look outdated and thus need an update from the trusted website.

But the most important reason to call for help is suspicously poor resulsts in the job search. Say, you're an executive assistant who struggle getting hired for the same type of role. Or, you're a Senior Java Developer who is offered Junior jobs only. In this case, the resume writer will see the shortcomings in the document and write the best possible resume that promotes your value, even if you're in an executive position. Our career advice is to order other documents as well so as to give the employer the fuller information about your career track and personality.

High-quality resume help brings astounding results. It helps cut off weeks or even months in your job search. Yet, firstly check real people reviews and package offered to make sure you're dealing with a trusted company.

Pay for resume to make the difference to your job search

With an overwhelming number of resumes that hiring managers receive these days, quality of your resume matters more than ever. Today, simply outlining your experience, education and skills are not enough for winning an interview. If you are unaware of keyword optimization techniques, don't know which resume format to choose or how to market yourself for the job, you're out of the competition.

Don't know how to make your resume outstanding and too busy to learn the rules? Forget the writing stress and entrust crafting your most important career documents to professionals. We'll take care of every aspect of your resume, from content and style to grammar and design. Want a set of application documents developed specifically for your target job? No problem - we'll portray you as an asset for your dream employer.

High-quality resume writing makes a huge difference to job-hunting. We use your resume as a business communication tool to show off what you've got to offer and create error-free resumes. So, whether you're an entry-level accountant, an experienced French teacher or even a CEO of a startup, we got you covered.

Why us?

Our team combines extensive experience in resume writing, top-notch customer care and awareness of what a modern labor market demands. We don't make loud promises - we guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the resume we'll get you. Otherwise, we'll revise the resume and a cover letter for free.

Here's what makes us your top option for developing your resume:

  • Delivering strong resumes and cover letter for 10+ years, with 98% client satisfaction rate over the past year;
  • Guarantee of timely delivery - download your resume on time or demand your money back;
  • Skilled writers from 60+ industries - we'll assign the best fitting writer to complete your project;
  • Instant online service - place an order and talk to our support rep anytime, from anywhere;
  • Client satisfaction above all - proven by thousands of happy clients from the US, Canada and Europe who got resumes they'd dreamt of;
  • Astonishingly low prices - get a complete set of job-hunting documents under $200!
  • Attractive free benefits and huge discounts for first-time clients.

Professionally Written Resume Packages

In most cases, a single resume is not enough and you need to strengthen your application with a customized cover letter. While a professionally written resume is a must, applicant tracking systems may automatically eliminate the applications without a cover letter. Recruiters pay attention to cover letter as well while hiring managers will not invite you for an interview without a cover letter. Job seekers writing their resumes should pay more attention to a cover letter because this document will be read first.

When you hire a resume writer, you can choose a wide range of packages on our website. Specifically, you can order a professional resume, resume and cover letter, thank you letter to be sent after the interview, Linkedin profile update, and even the interview tips. Our services will help you get a new job in no time. With a unique cover letter prepared by certified resume writers, you increase your chances for an employment offer in the short term!

Still hesitating?

An ineffectively written resume slows down the job-hunting process. Wrong resume format, poor writing and errors can prevent you from getting great jobs you're qualified for. Ready to pay somebody to write my CV? At a small investment, we can fix all the flaws of your existing resume or create a brand-new one which will reflect your career goals and sell your core competencies to the most reputable employers.

Our price doesn't depend on the page count. The price is fixed no matter how many pages you need written. So, contact us immediately, get your resume delivered in due time and advance your job search.


Before spending money on resume writing services, you need to understand what exactly you want to get eventually and decide which service suits you better. Our team offers you a detailed checklist for your convenience.

  • ✅ Check out the available services on the website and make sure you understand what a resume writer can help you with
  • ✅ Find out the difference between the services offered to avoid any misunderstandings
  • ✅ Realize whether you really need help with your resume or you have enough time, energy, and skills to do it yourself
  • ✅ Understand that resume experts cannot read minds (unfortunately) and be ready to provide all the relevant information and your expectations
  • ✅ Decide whether you want your resume to be universal or aimed at a particular job or position
  • ✅ Find and choose the most appropriate resume layout or design that you will like
  • ✅ Understand that asking for professional resume help is NOT cheating and the services are absolutely legit
  • ✅ Think about your job search goals and be ready to share your thoughts with your writer for better cooperation
  • ✅ Note all possible “tricky” job search situations to choose a resume writing strategy (career change, long employment gap, extensive career history, switching from freelance to full-time job, etc).
  • ✅ Realize that a perfect resume may not be enough to find a job if you have to overcome a mental block or need motivation. Such cases may require psychological help.
  • ✅ Make sure that the resume service you have selected is reputable and trustworthy. It should have a clear policy, guarantees, and customer support.
  • ✅ Decide on your timeline, budget, and possible add-ons to your resume (such as a cover letter, LinkedIn profile or thank you letter).
  • ✅ Make sure that the writer you are hiring has experience in resume writing for your particular situation, industry, and role.

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

Sales, Accounting, Fashion, Marketing, Nursing, Pharmacist, Physician, Finance, Medical, Product Management, Military, Teacher, Healthcare, Executive, Technical, Engineer, Scientific, Military To Civilian, Pilot, Hospitality, Attorney, Banking, Project Manager, Lawyer, Career Management, Software Engineer, HR, Aviation, Construction, Legal, Science, IT, SES and ECO, Biotech