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A Good Resume Makes All the Difference in Your Job Search

When it comes to landing more interviews and finding a job faster, nothing is as effective as a resume done by a professional resume writer. A certified writer can give your resume a competitive edge by focusing on the accomplishments and results that prove your expertise. Moreover, they attractively highlight your skills and use a persuasive language to prove that you are the exact person the employer is looking for.

To get an idea of how an effective resume should look like, browse the below examples. Our writers prepared these resumes and letters for real clients. These examples show that a good resume should be flawless in all aspects, from writing style to design to formatting. We've helped hundreds of clients to facilitate their job search, so if you're in need of a strong resume, feel free to contact us anytime.

Event manager resume example

In addition to writing resumes from scratch, our website offers a service of resume editing. This entails the correction of mistakes, improvement of the writing style and tone of voice, adding a career summary and relevant skills, and changes in resume design. Look at the examples below to notice the dramatic difference the writer has made to a resume of this restaurateur.

The writer used bulleted lists instead of bulky paragraphs and highlighted the awards so that they aren’t get lost on the second page. The second page was removed at all. The writer also improved the summary, making it eye-catching and more informative for the reader. The formatting and design was changed significantly, and now the document catches the attention from the first lines.


Example resume before


Example resume after

Cover letter of a sales representative

An effective cover letter should use short paragraphs, briefly introduce your key specialization and outline a few accomplishments. This cover letter example meets all the criteria. In paragraph one, the writer introduces his client's areas of specialization to prove they have the right skills for the job. After that, the letter lists the job-seeker's most notable accomplishments and awards, which builds a strong professional image.

The letter body expands on the client's competencies and skills, showing their breadth of relevant experience. Pay attention to the fact that the writer uses different formatting to draw the reader's attention to the most important points in the letter. They also use a strong closer that expresses interest in the future cooperation.

Example cover letter

Thank you letter sample of a product manager

What is the easiest way to get remembered by the hiring manager after the interview? Sending a thank-you note, of course. This thank you note example is quite lengthy, but it makes sense since the candidate has extensive experience and a skill set. The letter has a title outlining the client's areas of expertise. It expresses the candidate's interest and enthusiasm in the position.

The letter body lists the client's biggest strengths as a product manager: years of experience, translating business objectives into specifications, and coordinating Agile teams. Note that if you decide to send a thank you note to the interviewer you should do so no less than in 24 hours after the interview.

Example thank you letter

CV example of a physician

Academic professors, doctors, researchers, healthcare workers and some other professionals need to apply with a CV rather than a resume. CV is typically longer than a resume and presents the full track record of candidate's experience, research activities, teaching, education, and more. This CV of a primary care physician accurately reflects the client's credentials and the entire career story.

Since this isn't a resume, the document is less focused on accomplishments but rather on awards, research and comprehensive academic background of the job-seeker. And the contrast black and white formatting with sections clearly separated makes the lengthy document easy and pleasant to read even for the busy hiring manager.

Example CV

Event manager resume example

In this resume for an Event Manager, the writer has used a combination format. It starts with the summary that outlines the job-seeker’s specialization, areas of expertise and job-related skills. The writer outlines the client’s expertise in event coordination, logistics, and digital marketing, adding figures where appropriate. This resume lists relevant jobs and education only, which makes it extremely focused.

Also, note that the document looks visually engaging. The resume sections are divided clearly and succinctly, different jobs are visually separated. Job descriptions are brief and easy on the eye. High-quality custom design helps this client to get more attention from their target employers.

Example resume

Get inspired for writing your own resume

The purpose of the above examples is to give you the idea of how an effective resume and letters should look like. The resume tips and advice published online can be confusing, so it's best to learn from resumes created by experts who understand the recent resume trends and the expectations of the top employers.

It's not recommended to copy the samples word for word, as they were written with the career goals of other job-seeker in mind. However, you can and should use the same strong action verbs, skill names, phrases and writing style to enhance your own resume.

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