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The best resume for career change, written by experts

A decision to embrace a dramatically new career is more common these days. According to the statistic, 49% of workers have made a dramatic shift in their careers. If you are in the middle of changing careers right now, consider hiring a professional resume writer. They can reconsider your experience and skillset, making it applicable for your target career.

The biggest challenge in resume writing here is an irrelevance. How do you explain ten years of experience in retail sales for a copywriting or business analysis role? A certified professional writer knows exactly how to display your past experience most attractively. A custom resume created by them will highlight your prior accomplishments, skills, and help you stand out from the midst of applicants.

Professionals who decide to pursue a new career have varying reasons for that. Some aim for a prestigious, lucrative career such as web development or business management. Others want to follow their professional passion and retrain to become a musician, a writer or a graphic designer. And some want to make a difference in the lives of others and switch to a personal trainer, school teacher or social worker.

Whatever your reason is, you need a strong resume cover letter that explains this transition. Here the job-seekers face two major challenges. Firstly, they are unsure how to present the work experience they already have in a right way. And secondly, they hesitate what to include and what to leave out, which often results in the submission of a resume that lacks focus.

A professional resume writing service can resolve these challenges for you in a click of fingers. Our writers who understand the HR requirements and specialize in one or more industries will translate your seemingly irrelevant skills into an asset for employers. Your writer will use the appropriate format, add all-important keywords and showcase your current goals, all with the purpose of getting you noticed and shortlisted.

Resume for changing careers, written for you by an expert

When you apply for a job in a new industry, it's highly important that the writer preparing your career change resume had the right qualifications for it. At, we staff certified resume writers with 1+ years of previous experience. A resume for a nw career field has its peculiarities - it needs to demonstrate how seemingly irrelevant prior experience has prepared you to excel in a completely new capacity. With 11+ years on the resume writing market, our resume writing experts know how to do just that.

The process works conveniently even for super busy professionals. You provide us with information about your career history and goals by email and the writer asks you extra questions to better access your situation. Then, you receive the first draft within the deadline specified by you. In case you'd like some amendments you can view a resume and submit your comments to the writer. The writer works on the final paper until you are satisfied with the product.

All our writers have at least a Bachelor's degree in some field of study and are trained on the principles of resume writing. They can produce a targeted resume that shows off your professional value and helps speed up your job search. No rights reserved - all rights for the written resume will be transferred to you. We don't work in fixed hours and are open 24/7 to provide personalized service anytime you need it.

Change of career resume: The elements of a successful resume

Writing a resume for a dramatic career change is different than if you were continuing the same career course. In particular, professional resume writers insist that a transition resume should contain the following elements:

  • An objective. An element redundant for a traditional resume, it helps play up the best strengths in a career change application. Your career goal isn't obvious from the background, so mention your target position and briefly outline why you are qualified for it.
  • List of skills. The employer may not connect your irrelevant career track with their current needs. Create a list of skills that you've gained and that are sought after by job-seeker. By the way, this trick will make your CV more ATS-friendly.
  • Hybrid resume format. The chronological resume exposes the inconsistency of your career history. On the other hand, functional one makes the recruiters think you're hiding something. Stick to a hybrid one as the safest bet for career changers.
  • Relevant keywords. Adjust the language of your resume using the lingo in the job posting. This will make your resume more relevant and help pass an electronic selection.
  • Achievements. Regardless of the industry, people who go an extra mile and deliver results are valued. Show off the results of your work, adding figures and percentages where applicable. Ideally, connect those accomplishments with what employer is currently looking for.

The experts of our resume writing services put the above-mentioned and other best practices to craft a truly effective resume. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you pursue a dream career.

Writing an objective for career change resume

Career changers are encouraged to use an objective in their career change resume. Indeed, an objective is the only place where you can outline your career goals that are different from what you used to do in the past. If constructed right, an objective sill serve as an elevator pitch and help in your job search. Our resume writer suggests that it contains the elements as follows:

  • 3-5 sentences. One-sentence objectives are out of date and cannot align your past experience with employer's needs properly. Take a few sentences of your career change resume to explain what makes you a strong fit.
  • Connections between the past and the future. Connect the dots in the employer's mind: mention how the experience you gained prepared you to excel in a new capacity. For example, you can say that the experience in sales taught you communication and persuasion and thus you'll make an excellent PR manager.
  • Stress transferable skills. Good news: among the two applicants the hiring manager is most likely to choose the one whose personality is better fit. So, if you lack some hard skills, don't worry. Point out the soft skills gained in previous career: problem solving, decision-making, strategic planning, and more.
  • Put personality traits in the spotlight. Our resume service recommends that you name a few personal qualities as well. This brief self-descrption (such as dependable, organized, flexible, etc.) won't get you hired but will construct a deeper impression about you.
  • Use keywords. Here's the little known ATS secret. Keywords used at the top of your resume cover letter weight more. So, to get selected by the applicant software, use the specific terms from the job posting at the very beginning of the resume file.

When resume writing seems tough, consider resume help. Our resume cover letter experts write resumes that wow recruiters, for cheap, and can market you for your desired role.

Resume career change: What are the most popular career change options?

Curious about what jobs people opt for when changing careers? Well, the options vary depending on why the person pursues a career change in the first place. Those who aim for a higher salary choose the professions like a software engineer, data scientist or financial planner. Each job from this list requires retraining, but pays pretty well.

Those who aim for more flexibility and work-life balance can choose a job of a teacher/tutor, consultant, or a digital job such as online marketer, copywriter, or social media manager. These jobs can be easily done remotely or you can become a freelancer. As a result, a person can plan their own workload and be responsible for their work-life balance.

Finally, there are people who decide to pursue a dream of youth or make money out of their hobbies. One can make a transition to a writer, composer, logo designer, yoga instructor, or actor. Such people are driven by passion which favorably sets them apart. Moreover, a story behind such a transition can make a great cover letter.

Struggling to compose a cover letter on your own? Our staff writers will help tell your story.

How to write a LinkedIn profile for a new career field?

When it comes to radical career change, your Linkedin profile requires thorough preparation as well. A profile that simply lists everything you've done professionally won't work. To get noticed, take the following steps:

  • Write a custom headline. If you're switching from automotive sales to IT, you may write "Sales professional with 5+ years in the automotive sales industry and experience closing multimillion deals". Point out in a LinkedIn profile how prior experience sets you apart from others.
  • Use a catchy summary. Summary section of your career change resume should do exactly what the objective does. Mention the skills you have for the new industry, as well as transferable ones that make you the right personality for the new type of job, resume cover letter writers say.
  • Get involved. If no experience in a new career line so far, use other ways to show your interest. Subscribe for the industry leaders and popular groups, mention relevant unpaid and volunteering projects. Ask for recommendations in connection with the new area of work. All in all, LinkedIn profile is for communication and networking as well.
  • Tell a story. The main thing people are curious about when they see a career change resume or LInkedIn profile is why did you decide to pursue a change? If you have an excellent story that could answer this question, tell it right in your summary. This will immediately set you apart.

Career change resume and cover letter will help you get hired faster

Your career change situation is unique, and so is our approach to writing your career change resume. The writer works one on one with you, discussing the details throughout the process and incorporating the changes if necessary. We have already helped hundreds of clients to start their careers from scratch, and we'll be glad to assist you too.

If you expect to get a new job ASAP, it's recommended to have all your application documents done by a resume writer. In this case, not only your change resume but a cover letter, a LinkedIn profile and others will tell the same congruent and holistic story about your experience and personality. And this story will create a stellar, spotless impression about you - even if you don't have relevant experience yet.

Don't miss your chance to get a discount

Only this summer, all the new clients are eligible for a 20% discount off the first order. Take the chance to maximize the number of interview calls at a discounted price. Benefit from the expertise of our writers, and make the big step in your career with a resume that effectively sells your strengths.

Our standard career change resume fee includes unlimited edits. The writer of our services work and update the document until it fully meets your requirements. The number of revisions offered by our services is not limited - your satisfaction is our top priority.

Change of profession cover letter will increase your chances

45% of recruters reject resumes for not including a letter. Moreover, when you change a profession, a cover letter is the perfect place for showing your non-obvious motivation for that change. You can mention why you'd like to pursue a labor of love with this particular company. It's also a good idea to mention how the previous career history has prepared you to excel in a new job. Custom cover letters are also something our experts can help with; just let us know your goals and we'll match you with a suitable writer.

Career Change Resume Expert Tips

  1. Career change resume format. If you consider changing a career, you need to use a proper format for your resume or CV. In particular, instead of using a chronological presentation, consider functional resume with the focus on skills, trainings, and specific achievements related to your new job of interest.
  2. Resume objective and resume summary. Devote proper attention to skills summary. Even if you do not have all the required skills, the objective section is your chance to address transferable skills, unique skills and experience, and match with the job description.
  3. Skills and experience. Cover letter is your best friend if you want to change a career, especially if you are looking for a job in a new sector or industry. Use the cover letter space to outline your aspirations, career objectives, and how useful you can be for a company. Sometimes, a well-written cover letter plays the most important role in HR decision making process.
  4. Job description. Be very attentive in reading the job description and use the information from a job posting to align your resume and cover letter with the requirements outlined in that description. However, never lie in your resume! All lies will become obvious sooner or later.
  5. Examples. Review several samples or examples of well-written resumes for a career change. Pay attention to relevant skills, work history, and career path. Dissect the experience section, read about the new field, and find the way to convince the hiring manager that you are the best candidate.

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

Sales, Accounting, Fashion, Marketing, Nursing, Pharmacist, Physician, Finance, Medical, Product Management, Military, Teacher, Healthcare, Executive, Technical, Engineer, Scientific, Military To Civilian, Pilot, Hospitality, Attorney, Banking, Project Manager, Lawyer, Career Management, Software Engineer, HR, Aviation, Construction, Legal, Science, IT, SES and ECO

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