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Looking to land your next job as a registered nurse or nurse midwife? Get a professional resume that will give you a competitive edge over other applicants and sell your patient care skills.

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Get a strong nurse resume that makes the difference

Nursing is an extremely rewarding profession that pays well and has great job outlook. Yet, even an experienced nursing professional can struggle to get hired if their resume isn't up to scratch. Competitive nursing resumes should highlight the medical equipment you worked with, your certifications (such as RN, FNP-BC, CPN or APRN), and accomplishments.

If you aim for quick results in your job search, consider professional nursing resume services. Our resume creators have years of writing experience under their belt and understand the need of employers in a healthcare industry. Here is just a brief outlook at what we offer our clients:

  • 100% custom writing - our nurse resume service guarantees original writing from scratch. Simply provide us with your career information to get started. We don't use templates or pre-written scripts - your resume will be one of its kind.

  • Qualified writers - a writer who knows ins and outs of healthcare industry will be doing your resume. They will describe your professional expirience, skills, and education in a way that compels recruiters and hiring managers.

  • Guarantee of satisfaction - think that your new resume needs some more work? We offer free revisions within 14 days. Believe that the writer didn't follow your instruction or didn't get the resume on time? We offer a money back guarantee for these situations.

  • Cheap prices - our company works exclusively online, so we can keep our prices lower than our competitors. Moreover, all new clients enjoy a one-time 20% discount regardless of the amount of your order.

  • Thoughtful support - our customer support works non-stop, at any time of day and night. Chat with us if you faced a technical issue, need help choosing the right resume package or have questions.

  • 98% satisfaction rate - clients from the US, UK, and New Zealand alike enjoy our services as they find us helpful in landing their next nursing job. The majority of our customers leave positive feedback and are happy with the resumes we've prepared for them. Don't believe us for word - take a look at what our customers say.

Client testimonials

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    I struggled getting hired after my graduation from SMU. Turned out, an old resume had lots of mistakes so the hiring manager didn't call me back. Now I have a few video interview invitations, thanks a lot!

    - Trisha F.


    I'm making a transition from nurse to health educator role. My writer Daniel created the best resume I've ever had, and I can't wait to start sending it to employers

    - Andy K.


    I didn't believe in the importance of having a pro resume before. The one you got for me was just perfect. Now, after months of unemployment, I got a dream job as a nurse with Mayo Clinic.

    - Maria D.

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    My former colleague recommended your services. I ordered a cover letter, and it surpassed all my requirements. I've already placed another order with you for LinkedIn profile writing.

    - Leo K.


    I liked the content of my new resume at once, but wasn't happy with the design. The writer took three rounds of revision before I was satisfied. I was impressed by your level of customer service and now recommend you to all my friends.

    - Peter W.


    I couldn't get hired as a NP despite ten years in a private heart clinic. My writer Trisha has completely redesigned everything and added list of accomplishments. I have three interviews scheduled this week - I couldn't be more grateful to you guys!

    - Barbara M.

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    I was told about the importance of keywords, but couldn't figure out how they work. The writer has updated my CV with keywords and tailored it for the position, and I'm signing an offer next week.

    - Luke D.


    I'm starting career as a nurse midwife after school and want to get a job in a private clinic. I'm happy with the way my CV looks - the writer described internships and clinical rotations as real jobs

    - Denis R.


    I was so disappointed with the resume I bought from other online company. The writer of created an amazing one for me, and I often get compliments from recruiters. Moreover, it cost me $100 only, not $300.

    - Darsy T.

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    I've been working with you for a very long time. You always help me to advance my career. Staying with you!

    - Chris


    I am so excited with the experience I had with your company. I am sure to get the the perfect position with a CV written by your professionals.

    - Amanda


    I am so happy. I received a new job one year ago and you know what? I got a promotion. Thank you so much.

    - David

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    I was so disappointed. I couldn't get any interview during a year. You saved my career. You followed me from my order placement to my employment. I appreciate your help so much.

    - Charlie


    The best online resume writing service. I know it, because I had worked with your competitor. But you guys are the best for sure.

    - Rebecca


    Thank you again and again. You not only provide your customers with high-quality services, but also make them affordable for everyone.

    - Antony

Who will write your nursing resume?

Registered nurses, pharmacy technicians, physical therapists and even client executives need high-quality resumes to get hired. Hire the best nursing resume writers to receive a document that truly helps your career. Our staff resume makers are trained in every aspect of resume writing. We only hire American and British writers with prior HR or resume writing experience.

Our website only works with in-house writers, no freelancers or third-world overseas contractors. Thus, you can be 100% confident in the quality of work provided. Each resume is checked by our PhD editor before sending to you to ensure flawless grammar and writing. With a perfectly polished resume, you'll find it easier to beat the competition and impress the hiring managers.

Hire a highly qualified nursing resume writer

Using a resume builder nursing for a RN resume is not recommended, as in this case, your resume will look like everyone else's. To get a unique resume written exclusively for you, hire a certified nurses resumes professional. Our company staffs resumes nursing experts in multiple healthcare specializations. More importantly, the resume writer will work on your document until you are satisfied. Our resume writing services guarantee free revisions within two weeks at no extra charge.

The qualifications of your resume writer determine whether you'll win that interview or not. We guarantee that your resume will be written in flawless English, enriched with necessary keywords, and custom designed. With a strong resume that positions you as a healthcare expert, you'll undoubtedly achieve success.

How to write a professional resume nurse?

Nursing resume writing has its specifics. You have to use professional slang, adapt it for the industry standards, as well as throw in some accomplishments. Our nursing resume writing professionals recommends that you comply with these guidelines:

  • To write a successful nursing resume, include some specific elements. Firstly, list the equipment you are proficient with, such as reading strips or working with vents. Facilities prefer nurses who don't need to be additionally trained. Expand on your knowledge of accessment techniques. Mention intencive care experience, telemetry, monitoring of vital signs, and patient and relatives education, as well as regulatory compliance.
  • Secondly, you should list relevant certifications (such as RN, NPR or AACN depending on your specialization) along with the state licensure closer to the top of document. Often, these certifications determine whether the hospital will offer you a position, so you want to put them in a visible place in your nurse resume. For instance, “Registered Nurse, California state Board of Registered Nursing, License #XXXXXXX, 2019”
  • List soft skills. Cultural awareness (considering age, gender, nationality and religious views of the patient), communication, ability to create safe environment and compassion are some examples of such skills. Becoming a successful nurse depends on your ability to interact with others and build trust. As our nursing resume writing expert says, the best way to reflect those skills is through examples, i.e. "Educated patients on procedures and the principles of healthy nutrution" or “Introduced the innovative education models to influence the quality training of new nurses”.
  • Concentrate on the accomplishments. While experience is important, employers look for achievements in the first place. Provide specific accomplishments with evidence and figures. Here's a good example from the nurse resume writing service: "Created and implemented the care plan which increased patient satisfaction by 25%".
  • Address the needs of the clinic. Saving lives is a calling, but a good nurse resume also shows the understanding of their employer's needs. You can do it by highlighting your experience in improving processes, saving costs, providing training to new nurses, and many more. You might say “Improved customer support service and quality standards of service in the hospital by 30%”.
  • Use valuable keywords. If the job posting asks for experience with monitoring patients with chronic cardiac diseases, focus on this kind of experience in the first place. If you see phrase “participate in departmental and interdisciplinary conferences”, try copying it.

If you're not sure how to reflect all these qualifications appropriately, rely on the best nursing resume writing services. We will pour years of expertise into the creation of a perfect resume that matches the employers' demands.

The most popular nursing specialties

People look for available nursing jobs because they are rewarding, high-paying and the demand for nurses will remain continually high. The prospected growth is by 7% by 2029. 96% of nurses report high levels of career satisfaction. If you hesitate about where to go in your career, review the three most popular specialities as suggested by our resume writing services.

A Nurse Anesthetist, or CRNA, is the best paying nursing job with the salary of $167,950 annually. They prepare and administer anesthesia which requires extensive training. Another popular career option is a General Nurse Practitioner who earn $111,840. They work in the premises of clinics, hospitals or start an independent practice. And the third nursing specialization that gains popularity is a Certified Nurse Midwife with an income of $102,390. They deal with pregnancy, labor and delivery, creating a secure environment for their patients.

The list doesn't stop here - Psychiatric NPs who counsel patients with mental health disorders, clinical nurse specialists and even nurse educators who move the profession forward are in unprecedented demand as well.

In addition to paying lucrative salaries, these roles are very demanding. Therefore, clinics and hospitals are very selective about whom to hire. To get shortlisted, you need a resume that is second to none. That's when the resume writing services step in. Our expert will organize your accomplishmens, research work and publications, and skills into a compelling nurse resume that markets you excellently.

Writing an entry-level nursing resume

Use an objective. It's reasonable to write an objective that would show what kind of experience you've gained through volunteering, study, and rotations. Additionally, you can mention what kind of entry-level role you're looking for. Yet, avoid writing “To obtain a Registered Nurse position with a reputable healthcare setting when I can build the skillset”. Such statements are desperately out of date.

  • Tell more about educational activities. If you wrote a research paper, participated in conferences or won an award, consider including everything in an entry-level resume. Consider including your thesis title or conference presentation title if they are connected with your target specialization.
  • List unpaid experience and side activities. Were you a manager of a volunteering project, a member of student organization or an intern? Describe this experience as if it was a real job. Say, you can write: “Provided medical assessments to 100+ people in underserved rural communities”
  • Focus on clinical rotations. The nursing resume writing services recommend that you list the details of your rotations: type of clinic, your responsibilities, and more. Statements like “Administered medications, provided treatments and monitored patient vital signs” will give an exact picture of what you can assist with when hired.

Your first nurse resume often determines your future career. That's why it's best to hire professional nursing resume writing services. Our writing consultant will downplay the lack of experience, show your potential and make your resume effective.

Get noticed with a nursing cover letter

Most nursing job postings will require you to submit a cover letter as well. Your letter should be written properly and customized for the job. 36% of recruiters reject letters that come across as 'too generic'.

Your letter has to be concise but contain the most important skills and accomplishments at the same time. In case with the nursing industry, you can tell a story or reveal your motivation behind choosing this career path in general, nurse resume writing service recommends. Use 3-4 short paragraphs and only include the information your potential employer could be interested in. Or, contact our nurse resume writing company and impress the most demanding recruiters with an accomplishment-driven and enthusiastic letter.

If you are concerned about copyright 2020 issues, we transfer the full resume rights to you, no rights reserved by us. Our site offers editing service as well in case you need to fix mistakes, improve the flow, grammar and layout. We understand how exhausing a resume rewriting process can be for a busy nurse when you work late hours in a busy setting and commit to ongoing education. Our service is ready to help anytime - just let us know your career goals.

Stop experiencing writer's block and breaking your head thinking how to humblebrag about the achievements. Withstand the competition, get noticed and follow your mission of saving and improving lives of others. Order a pro resume with a never-before-seen 20% discount.

Surprising facts about nursing you might now know

  • Not only nursing is a reputable and lucrative occupation, it also one of the oldest ones. Nurses first appeared in the Roman Empire, in the third century AD. And the first nursing school was founded in 1873 in New York City. So, this profession wasn't engendered by the industrial development - nurses have been in demand for centuries.
  • During the 12-hour shift a nurse walks nearly 5 miles. That's why it's important for nurses to be physically fit and strong, as this profession requires a great deal of stamina.
  • Demanding working conditions, the necessity to obtain a Master's degree and related licensure mean that this profession has a high entry barrier. Yet, this doesn't discourage young minds. In the US alone, there are three million nurses, and the profession was called one of the top jobs in 2018.

Nursing profession opens great career prospects as well as the opportunity to develop personally and make a contribution to improve the quality of life in your community and beyond. And the only thing that stands between you and the career of your dream is a good resume.

Prompt delivery right on time

With the spread of coronavirus pandemic many facilities hire nurses promptly. Applying in 1-2 days since the job was posted skyrockets your chances for consideration. resume writing services has got you covered - we offer 24-hour delivery. Download a ready resume the next day and don't waste a single second. And if for some reason we don't provide you with a fresh CV on time, we offer a full money back guarantee. Check our terms and condition for more.

Experts in 60+ industries

Our extensive team accounts for hundreds of writers in many fields, from manufacturing, retail and marketing to IT, finance and federal. For both fresher and a chief visionary officer will get a writer who can market you on paper most efficiently. Edits and revisions are free during two weeks. If you're after first-class nursing resume writing services where the careful support team attends to you any time of day and night and the writer pours their energy into the creation of unique career documents, you're in the right place. The writer will determine an optimal writing style and layout based on your specialty, career history and long-term goals.

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

Sales, Accounting, Fashion, Marketing, Nursing, Pharmacist, Physician, Finance, Medical, Product Management, Military, Teacher, Healthcare, Executive, Technical, Engineer, Scientific, Military To Civilian, Pilot, Hospitality, Attorney, Banking, Project Manager, Lawyer, Career Management, Software Engineer, HR, Aviation, Construction, Legal