Scholarship Resume Examples & Writing Guide


How to write a scholarship resume? When applying for private, merit-based, or need-based scholarships, you may be asked to submit a resume along with other materials. A good resume can present your academic achievements and extracurricular activities in a good light, thus helping you get scholarship funding. Getting started with a scholarship resume can be tough, but we have you covered. In this post, you will find expert tips and guidance for composing winning scholarship resumes. ...Continue reading

10 Bad Resume Examples & Mistakes To Avoid


Bad resume examples: 10 mistakes to avoidWriting your own resume is always a challenge. Even if you have browsed plenty of resume advice, there is still a chance that you are making one of the resume mistakes that cost you interviews. And, to avoid making these mistakes, it helps to know how bad resumes look like.Our team has come across some really bad resume examples. The worst resumes feature poor formatting, unprofessional fonts, cliches, irrelevant work history, and spelling and grammar ...Continue reading

How to put babysitting on resume?


How to put babysitting on resume?Babysitting is a good part-time job or side hustle. It entails providing care to children, preparing food, supervising homework, and keeping them entertained. Some babysitters assist parents while others take babysitting responsibilities when the mother or father is away. It offers great flexibility - you can work part-time or on an as-needed basis, and study while the child is sleeping.Although seen as an entry-level position, a babysitting job can increase ...Continue reading

10 Best Skills for Teacher Resume + Examples


Top 10 Skills for Teacher ResumeTeaching is a good career that lets you share subject matter knowledge with others and make a difference in the students' lives. It also offers job stability and opportunities for lifelong learning. However, just like with any other job, you need a persuasive resume to land interviews for your dream teaching position.In particular, you need to focus on teacher resume skills relevant to the position you're after. Without these skills, the hiring manager can ...Continue reading

How To Update Resume To Get More Interviews?


A comprehensive guide to update resume in 2024: Tips + examples Updating your resume is not an easy task. Simply adding the skills you have learned in the last two years, a couple of accomplishments, and an online course you have completed is not enough to transform your resume into a powerful marketing document. For the best result, you need to update your resume with a target job in mind, emphasizing the exact qualifications that a hiring manager in your industry is ...Continue reading

How To Edit My Resume To Stand Out?


How to edit my resume? 12 tips from a professional resume writer Every job search starts with updating and refining your old resume. You need to remove what's irrelevant, add new amazing accomplishments and skills you've gained, and brush up your resume for a target position. On the flip side, to give your resume a quality update, you need to understand what exactly to pay attention to during the editing process. Otherwise, you'll be at risk of ...Continue reading

Do Resume Writing Services Work?


Do resume writing services work? The pros and cons of hiring a resume writer uncovered According to one popular study, recruiters spend about 8 seconds initially reviewing each resume. In most competitive industries, companies receive 250+ resumes in response to one job posting. As the data shows, job search has become more competitive than ever. So, partnering with a professional resume writer is often a sensible solution. Yet, if you have never tried a resume writing service before, a ...Continue reading

How To Start A Formal Email: Professional Examples


How to start a formal email: 11 Greeting and opening line examples Starting a professional email on the right note is essential for effective business communication. When writing a formal business letter in a professional or academic context, you need to follow a certain letter structure. Moreover, it is essential to choose an appropriate formal greeting depending on your relationship with the recipient. A good email greeting and opening sentence can help you reach your professional goals, ...Continue reading

Monster Resume Writing Service Review


Is Monster resume writing service worth it? Review & tipsWhen job search doesn't go as smoothly as expected, many professionals consider resume writing services. An experienced resume writer can improve your old document or create a new one for you from scratch, helping you land more interviews. Yet, it is important to find a reliable resume service if you want your job search to be a success. To help you choose, today we will review one of the most popular resume writing services - ...Continue reading

Amazing Resume Words For Leadership


Attention-grabbing resume words for leadership According to a survey by Gallup, 10% of the human population are natural leaders. Another 20% can become strong leaders with the right guidance and appropriate training. If you are a one-of-a-kind leader with a track record of inspiring and managing others, or you want to get hired for your first leadership role, your resume needs to prove that you have the right skills. In this article, we will share leadership words you can use to describe ...Continue reading

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