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Professional bios we write

  • Bio for job search

    Our experts will deliver a well-written professional bio highlighting your strengths and career milestones to employers, providing you with a persuasive professional narrative.

  • Short professional bio

    Use a short professional bio on your social media, a personal website, or a brief bio section. We will include the key information about you to boost your credibility.

  • Executive bio

    An executive bio writer will prepare a comprehensive outlook of your achievements, professional background, leadership style, and professional brand.

  • Bio for company website

    Let us prepare a well-written bio for the About Us page of your company, showing off your professional skills and emphasizing your unique value.

Why get your bio written by an expert?

A professional bio is an invaluable tool that many professionals overlook. Its purpose is to summarize your background, professional history, and biggest achievements, and build your credibility. The bio also reveals your personality: your values, personal interests, and passions.

You can use a professional bio in many contexts: use it as a part of a job application, publish it on your personal or corporate website, or use it in marketing materials. However, even experienced professionals find bio writing extremely challenging. To write a compelling bio, it is not enough to describe your jobs, projects, and interests - you need to create a narrative that brings everything together and creates a story.

Our company offers professional bio writing services to professionals, CEOs, students, writers, public figures, and many more. We analyze your career path, identify your passions and values, and create a story that promotes your personal brand.

Whether you need a professional biography for LinkedIn, a personal website, a social media page, conference materials, or a short bio, our experts are ready to help. We will consider the context and the audience, and turn your work history into an engaging story showing your professionalism. Chat with us to get a welcome discount for your first order!

Why choose our professional bio writing services?

As an established resume-writing company, we offer these advantages to every customer:

  • Custom bio writing

    We create 100% original bios according to your specific requirements. No copy-and-paste or AI-generated text. We will assign your bio to a writer with specialized experience who can complete your task quickly and effectively, and proofread the text to ensure error-free content.

  • Experienced writers

    Our agency has just professional authors who specialize in bio and career writing. Each writer is an English expert and has industry knowledge. We can adapt your bio for a specific job description if necessary.

  • Quick communication

    Our biography writing services encourage direct communication with your assigned writer through a messenger in your customer area. You can talk to the writer anytime to discuss your personal bio in detail. Or, use our 24/7 chat for any questions.

  • Full job application packages

    In addition to professional bio writing, we can compose your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and other professional documents. Order an all-inclusive package and get a discount!

  • Unlimited revisions

    If you're not completely satisfied with a written bio, the writer will revise it. Free revisions are available for 14 days after the delivery. You will receive a bio in an editable format, so you can update it in the future.

  • Money-back guarantee

    If we are late with your order, or your professional bio doesn't meet the instructions, we will refund your payment. Cooperating with us is risk-free, try today and make sure!

How does it work?

To get your bio written by our expert, follow these steps:

  • Place your order

    Fill out the questionnaire and upload the materials, such as your CV, target job posting, and other details the writer might need.

  • We find a bio writer

    We connect you with a writer who knows your industry and can highlight your professional accomplishments and tell your life story in an engaging manner.

  • Download the written bio

    Once your bio is ready, you can download it from our website. Free revisions are available for 14 days.

Our experts can create an informative bio that tells your professional story, emphasizes your expertise, and showcases your personality. Place your order today and get a discount of up to 20%.

What our clients say

  • "I ordered a short professional bio at Resumeperk and the service was truly exceptional. My writer summarized 20+ years of my professional journey in a few sentences and made it sound like a compelling narrative. The final bio reflected my accomplishments, leadership style, and professional values, and used the right tone. I highly recommend this bio writing service to everyone."

    Kevin, California

  • "The quality of my biography was amazing. They showcased my marketing career, key accomplishments, and community projects that define me as a professional. The result was amazing - I was invited for an interview a few days after applying for the job, and the hiring manager said that it was my bio that made them choose me over others."

    Laura, Nevada

  • "These guys wrote a LinkedIn bio for me and revised my profile. In a couple of paragraphs, they showcased my expertise and my personality. The writing process was quick and smooth: I sent the materials, and the writer delivered a final bio in 24 hours. Now the recruiters contact me more frequently. Can't thank you enough!"

    Ada, Florida

How to write a persuasive professional bio?

To write a flawless professional bio, follow the tips below:

Write in the third person. This is the common standard for biographies. It should sound like someone else wrote a bio for you. However, in some instances, you can write in the first person - for example, on LinkedIn.

Review professional bio examples. If you've never written a bio before, you might experience writer's block. To ease the writing process and get inspired to write your bio, review professional bio examples online. Read them to understand the format, structure, tone, and what to include. However, do not copy a professional bio template word for word. Your bio should reflect your unique skills and relevant achievements and explain what distinguishes you from others.

Remember about the word limit. Usually, a professional bio is concise - 150-200 words. A short bio for some social media websites can be limited to 2-3 sentences. Thus, you should be very selective about what to include. Analyze your work history and current goals to identify what experience you'd like to focus on in your bio.

Include the essential information. Each professional bio should contain the following details:

  • Your name and job title
  • Skills and expertise
  • Your biggest accomplishments
  • Education and certifications
  • Your interests, passions, and personal life.

You can vary the content depending on the word limit and your background. If you are looking for a job, list your most marketable skills and biggest accomplishments. And if you've recently received an award, focus on this over other details.

Focus on relevant details. When writing a bio for a job or company website, focus on the most relevant skills and experience. No need to mention jobs you had many years ago, an irrelevant degree, or any other details that don't serve your current professional goals.

Proofread before sending (or posting). Typos and grammar mistakes give an impression of sloppiness and show poor written communication skills.

Proofread your bio before sending it to make sure that it looks impeccable.

Even if you prefer writing a bio yourself, it's a good idea to show it to an expert. Our writers can check your bio to ensure that it's written in a professional manner, has no mistakes, and makes the right impression on employers. Place an order and get your bio improved by an expert today!


  • Our company offers affordable bio writing services. The price depends on the deadline and whether you need additional services (such as resume or LinkedIn writing). Professional bio prices start at $69, plus we offer discounts for new and returning customers.

  • Our experts can compose a job seekers online bio or executive bio in 24 hours. If you're not in a hurry, choose a delivery in 3 or 5 days. We also offer free revisions for 14 days after the delivery.

  • We will assign one of our in-house writers who specializes in your industry. All our writers have 1+ years of experience in writing resumes and professional bios and are trained in writing career documents.

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

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