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A compelling CV can boost your interview chances through the effective presentation of strengths and competencies the potential employers are looking for. As a leading CV writing service, we offer customized CVs to professionals of all levels with 98% satisfaction rate!

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The advantages of our professional CV writing company

  • Custom CV writing services - our professional writer develops each curriculum vitae from scratch, based on your questionnaire and requirements. So, your CV document will sound unique and set you apart from other job candidates.
  • Perfect for academic positions - in the US, a professional curriculum vitae is used to apply for college faculty, research and other academic positions, as well as some medical and legal roles. Our experts have completed thousands of such CVs and will help you as well.
  • Adapted for local standards - requirements for a CV vary from country to country. Whether you apply for a job in the US, Canada, UK or else, our professional resume experts will adjust the content and looks to the local standards.
  • Educated writers - our team has 100+ resume writers and editors who specialize in different industries. Each writer has a Bachelor's or Master's degree and 1+ years of experience with CVs, so you can be confident in the quality of documents we provide.
  • FREE unlimited revisions - when you order CV or cover letter writing services, you'll have 2 weeks since the delivery date to request a revision. The writer will update the documents to your comments until you are satisfied with the final product.
  • Optimized for ATS - not only do we concentrate on your achievements and credentials, but also incorporate the right keywords. By making the document keyword-optimized, we increase your chances to be shortlisted!

Why a professional resume maker can make a difference in your job search?

Today's job market is highly competitive. And, since the jop application process is automated, a lot depends on the quality of your CV. Let's take a look at some statistics about job search:

  • 75% of CVs get rejected by applicant tracking systems because they contain mistakes or lack keywords;
  • 40% of hiring managers spend under a minute reviewing each application;
  • 77% of resumes are either too short or too long, which makes them ineffective.
  • On average, a corporate job posting attracts 250+ resumes;

It is easy to make CV writing mistakes that will cost you an interview. Even if you are an accomplished and qualified researcher or instructor, you will be evaluated based on what's on your CV. Our professional CV writing service and physician resume service can portray you as a perfect candidate by highlighting the right accomplishments, awards and credentials. You can sit back and relax while we are taking your CV to a new level!

The most common curriculum vitae CV mistakes

Ineffective CV length

Academic CVs has no length limitations, so you can confidently put all information about your relevant jobs, publications, conferences and more. No need to cut off the important things just to make it shorter. Take as many pages as you need to describe relevant employment history and other activities.

If you apply for non-academic positions, career coaches recommend keeping the resume to 2 pages. Optimize it by only using information that is relevant to the employer. If the second page contains only one paragraph of text, change the formatting to make the text fit into one or two full pages. Otherwise, the document will look incomplete.

Missing information and sections

A CV has more section than a resume, so make sure you've included all necessary details about professional appointments, publications, honors, grants, conferences, research positions, teaching, and community service. To ease the CV writing process, keep a file with information about all your activities.

Inappropriate pictures

In the US, pictures are not used in job applications. The only exception is when the employer specifically asks for it. If you apply for a job in Germany or Switzerland, you can use a professional picture, ideally taken in a work setting.

On the flip side, you can and should use a picture in your LinkedIn profile and professional social media, since this is a part of your online image.

Lack of specific accomplishments

The best way to prove your professionalism and competency is through numbers, percentages and specific accomplishments. Hiring managers prefer specifics that support your experience over vague statements and job duties. For example, "Slashed the cost of teaching aids by 35% by implementing technology-based learning."

Poor grammar, spelling and punctuation

59% of hiring managers reject applications with writing mistakes. The CV should be perfect in terms of grammar, spelling and punctuation. To achieve this, use an online spell checker to fix minor mistakes. Or, what is more effective, hire an editor from a physician resume writing service. An editor can not only correct mistakes, but also strengthen the content and formatting.

Forgetting about keywords

Keywords help your resume to pass the software selection and be seen by human recruiters. In most cases, it's easy to find the needed keywords in a job description. In most cases, skill names and qualifications are keywords and should be used word for word in your CV. Yet, don't overdo with keywords and don't copy-paste the phrases many times. Use them meaningfully.

Vague Career Summary section

Since the summary of qualifications is placed at the top, you have to write a persuasive introduction or to remove it at all. Don't use a one-sentence introduction telling that you want to "work for a reputable company and develop professionally". Instead, you should summarize what qualifications will help you excel in a position.

Sending the same CV for all job postings

Generic CVs almost never pass the ATS filters. It sounds time-consuming, you will need to adapt each CV for a specific institution, college, or company. No need to rewrite completely, but adding keywords and adjusting the summary is necessary. In this way, you will show your intention to get a job and join this specific company.

Stretching the truth

A professional CV with fake information can lead to many negative consequences. The company can withdraw a job offer, and your professional reputation might be jeopardized. Today, it's very easy to do a background check and reveal that your degree or work experience with some instituion is fake. So, it's best to be honest and transparent.

Not adding a cover letter

Professional resume writers recommend that you always attach a letter with a CV. Employers will appreciate it, and 45% of hiring manager will even not consider a CV without a letter. Moreover, a cover letter can be a great place to describe details of your accomplishments or shortcomings like career gaps.

Choosing the best CV writing service

The quality of application documents you'll receive depends on choosing the right service provider. Here are some hints for selecting top-notch curriculum vitae writing services:

Look for customer reviews

To choose a reliable CV writer, look at what other customers said about them. You can read the independent websites with reviews or client testimonials on a specific site. Or, ask a friend or colleague to recommend a CV writing agency if they had a great experience with one of them.

Ask about writers' qualifications

Ideally, you want to work with certified professional resume writers, or a writer with 2+ years of experience. Ask if the writer is experienced in your industry. Also, it's helpful to wonder about writer's location - overseas freelancers rarely deliver good quality.

Check the terms of service

Does the company offer a satisfaction guarantee, or they deliver a first draft and call it a day? Do they issue refunds in case of non-delivery or if they delivered a poor CV? Trustworthy CV writing services care about customer satisfaction and provide you with some sort of guarantees.

Look for resume writing services, not clerical services

CV services are provided by many, including clerical companies, essay writing agencies, etc. You need to look for resume/career writing services specifically, since only they are specialized enough and know keyword optimization, personal branding and recruiters' preferences.

Make sure you understand the process

Will you be able to talk to the writer directly via phone or chat? Does your package include free revisions, or you'll need to pay extra for them? These two points are crucial because direct cooperation and revisions are essential to build an effective curriculum vitae.

The optimal cost of CV writers services

CV writing services cost from $100 to $1,000+. We don't recommend using services that cost under $100, because very cheap services, as a rule, don't offer original writing. The price depends on writer's experience, location, and the complexity of your CV.

Yet, you needn't pay hundreds of dollars to receive a strong resume. It's possible to buy a quality CV under $200. At, professional writers can build your resume for $169 only. This includes writing from scratch, keyword optimization, professional formatting and unlimited updates.

The price you pay for a CV writing service is not an expense, but rather an investment in a successful job search. As a rule, job-seekers with professionally done resumes receive more feedback and interview calls from employers.

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

Sales, Accounting, Fashion, Marketing, Nursing, Pharmacist, Physician, Finance, Medical, Product Management, Military, Teacher, Healthcare, Executive, Technical, Engineer, Scientific, Military To Civilian, Pilot, Hospitality, Attorney, Banking, Project Manager, Lawyer, Career Management, Software Engineer, HR, Aviation, Construction, Legal, Science, IT, SES and ECO

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