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Our experts create compelling bios for a job search, LinkedIn, a corporate website, and marketing materials. Work with the best biography writers who will skillfully present your achievements, professional background, and your brand to any audience.

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What is a professional bio and why do you need it in 2024?

A professional biography is a summary of your professional life, including achievements, experience, relevant skills, and projects. It shows your professional background, personality, and how you can help the organization if hired.

In 2024, professional biographies are not only for executives and public persons. With a professional bio, you can persuade the hiring manager that you are a worthy candidate and boost your credibility. Moreover, it can help you improve your online visibility. Our experts write customized bios and present your career story to the target audience, helping you attract new clients or get hired faster.

Why hire a writer for biography?

If you've ever tried writing your bio, you know how challenging it is to get started. What experience to focus on and what to skip? Should you include personal projects and hobbies? How to organize your bio if you have 20+ years of experience?

Our best biography writing services will relieve you from any worries and hesitations. We know what to include in your bio and what to leave out for the best result. Our experts will conduct thorough research, summarize your strengths, and meet the word limit to present your career story succinctly. More importantly, our services start just at $69 and are affordable for everyone.

Where can you use a professional biography?

Today, professional biographies have many uses - here are just a few ideas on how you can use yours:

  • send it with your resume when applying for a job;
  • your LinkedIn and other social media profiles;
  • marketing materials, a corporate website, or proposals you send to customers;
  • e-books, online publications, and reports.
  • your personal website or blog;

Our biography writing experts will develop custom content for each specific type of bio. We consider the length, style, and structure to develop compelling content for any target audience.

Our writers put your experience in the spotlight

Hiring a professional writer to craft your biography has many advantages:

  • Improve your online presence. Publishing a professional bio online communicates your expertise to a wide audience online. Thus, potential clients and employers will see your achievements, skills, and personality.
  • Get more interviews. Today, employers often ask applicants to submit a professional biography along with their resume. Our biography writers will present your relevant experience in the most attractive light to present you as the best candidate for employers.
  • Summarize your experience. Professional biography writers can summarize your strengths in a few sentences and paragraphs, explaining what differentiates you from other candidates. It will help build your credibility as an expert.
  • Benefit from industry expertise. Writing your own bio is challenging, as you might not be sure what to include and what experiences to focus on. Our experts have created thousands of bios and know how to write compelling bios that attract attention.

The advantages of our services

ResumePerk is a resume-writing agency with 14+ years of experience. Here's why you can confidently order your professional biography on our website:

  • Custom writing

    Our creative writing experts compose each bio from scratch and follow your instructions. We don't use templates or AI - our human writers use their expertise to write bios that position you as an expert.

  • Personalized approach

    Work one-on-one with your dedicated biography writer and speak to your writer anytime. Discuss your project in detail so the writer can better meet your expectations. We will match you with the writer with the right industry expertise and writing skills.

  • Unlimited revisions

    If you're not satisfied with a newly written bio, simply ask us to revise it. We offer free revisions for 14 days after the delivery, so you can ask for updates until everything meets your initial requirements.

  • Other career documents

    Order a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile development with your bio so that all documents tell a holistic story about you. We offer generous discounts if you order a package of documents.

  • Support 24/7

    Our biography writing services are in touch with you anytime. Use our 24/7 chat to learn more about our services, check the progress of your order, or ask any questions. Our friendly consultants are always there to help!

We create all types of bios

Our talented writers craft all types of bios for various situations:

  • a long professional biography
  • a short bio for social media
  • an executive biography
  • a creative bio
  • a bio for the About Us section of the website
  • personal statements
  • a bio for LinkedIn
  • your life story or family history for a website or blog, and more.

Our process

The writing process of your bio has several steps:

  • Place an order for professional biography writing services.
    Send us your CV, cover letter, and any additional materials so we can understand your background and career goals.

  • We match you with a writer.
    We find the best freelance writer for your projects. We have writers who specialize in 70+ industries and can describe your experience persuasively for your target audience. You can speak to your writer anytime.

  • Download the ready biography.
    We will deliver your biography before the deadline. Review the first draft and ask for a revision if necessary.

Get help with all documents for a successful job search

Our company staffs professional writers who can prepare all career documents for you:

  • a custom resume focused on accomplishments and adapted to your target job description;
  • an inspiring cover letter that emphasizes your fit for the job and lists your projects and strengths;
  • a keyword-rich LinkedIn profile that shows off your entire work history and helps you get found by recruiters;
  • a polite thank-you letter after the interview to show your interest in the role;
  • a comprehensive academic CV if you are looking for a teaching, academic, or researcher position;
  • resume and bio editing services - our experts will review your documents and improve the structure, and content, and fix mistakes for the best result.

You can order all documents in a package or separately. Our resume writers work on content, structure, and presentation of every document to convey your achievements and professional background. Enhance your job search with a professional bio and a custom resume - place your order today!

Our advantages

Clients hire us for writing biographies for multiple reasons:

  • Professional biography writers with college degrees - we test the credentials and skills of each biography writer before accepting them into our team.
  • Money-back guarantee - if your writer fails to follow your initial instruction or we are late with your order, we will refund your payment;
  • One-on-one process - your writer stays in touch during the entire process of writing and responds to all questions;
  • Extensive experience with bios - all our biography writers have a deep understanding of how to write a captivating bio and use a creative approach to describe your professional life events engagingly;
  • Our bios spark an emotional connection with the audience, explain where your expertise lies, and encourage employers to contact you.

Common mistakes to avoid when writing your biography

When writing a long or a short bio, it is important to avoid common mistakes. Here are the issues you need to fix to make your biography informative for potential employers and clients:

  • Not following the guidelines. A biography is a description of a person's life written with a focus on their professional history and achievements. Yet, the writing style and content will vary in different situations. You can write a short bio for social media in the first person. On the flip side, a biography for a job application can be 300 words in length and needs to be written in the third person. Study the requirements and guidelines to make sure your bio meets them.
  • Not keeping the length limit. For example, a Twitter bio is limited to 160 characters, and a LinkedIn About section can take several paragraphs. A professional bio you submit to an employer can be from 150 to 300 words. Know the length limit to include the most essential details.
  • Not telling a holistic story. When you apply for a job with your professional bio, remember that all your documents should emphasize the same skills and accomplishments. If your resume focuses on your successes in marketing and the bio is all about your community and volunteering projects, the reader might get confused. Make sure that all your documents tell the same story, but emphasize different details.
  • Not keeping it professional. Even if you write a bio for professional social media or a website, you still need to maintain a professional tone. Avoid slang, abbreviations your audience might not know, or an informal tone. Use strong action verbs, emphasize accomplishments, and focus on the value you can bring to the next client or organization.
  • Forgetting to include key information. Professional bios should include your name and job title, relevant skills and experience, accomplishments, passions and interests, and location. Missing these essential details will lead to lost professional opportunities.
  • Not customizing it for the job. If you use your bio for job application, make sure to adjust the content depending what the company is looking for. Learn more about the company, its culture and goals to show that you are the best suitable candidate.
  • Forgetting to proofread. A bio with typos and poor grammar can hardly make a professional impression. Be sure to proofread the written text manually or use a spell checker to ensure it is polished and error-free.

Creating your bio from scratch requires a strategic approach and a marketing perspective. Our content writing experts can write your bio or improve the existing ones, focusing on your achievements and valuable qualifications.

Get bigger results with professional biography writers

Want to boost your online visibility or strengthen your job application documents? Work with a professional biography writer. Our expert will attractively describe your skillset, achievements, and potential and position you as a top professional in your field.

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

Sales, Accounting, Fashion, Marketing, Nursing, Pharmacist, Physician, Finance, Medical, Product Management, Military, Teacher, Healthcare, Executive, Technical, Engineer, Scientific, Military To Civilian, Pilot, Hospitality, Attorney, Banking, Project Manager, Lawyer, Career Management, Software Engineer, HR, Aviation, Construction, Legal, Science, IT, SES and ECO, Biotech