What does a reasonable resume service cost?

When choosing a resume writing service, there are three major considerations: writer’s qualifications and credentials, terms of service, and price. Companies offering to get your resume done online charge between $80 and $800, and the fees for executive resumes are even higher. So, choosing the appropriate level of pricing might be concerning. You don’t want to pay exorbitant fees – as a job-seeker, you have to stay on budget. At the same time, you don’t feel like buying a resume that adds no value to your job search.

A professional resume can make a world of difference, bringing you more attention from the recruiters, more interview calls and improving your personal brand. To choose the cost-effective service, though, it’s important to realize what the price for resume writing consists of and how to choose a reliable company that will deliver quality without charging you a fortune.

What does the price of a resume depend on?

Just like with any other service, the charges for resume writing depend on multiple factors. Here’s exactly what you’re paying for when ordering a resume:

  • Writer’s qualifications. A beginning resume writer from a freelancing website will obviously charge less than someone with 5+ years of experience and dozens of returning clients. Nationally recognized certifications such as NRWA, CPRW, or ACRW usually add up to the final price you’ll pay.
  • Writer’s fame and recognition. Resume writers featured on authoritative news websites, who have thousands of followers on LinkedIn, as well as award-winning writers, have higher prices than those who are less known to the public.
  • Company’s location. Online-based companies or those located in small towns keep their prices lower than those operating from the crowded office in a metropolis such as New York or Chicago. They can keep expenditures lower, and their clients benefit from it.
  • Terms of service. Does the company offer customer support round the clock via phone or chat? Does the resume package include a one-to-one phone interview with the writer? Do they provide an urgent delivery service within 24 or 48 hours? These benefits typically come at an extra price.
  • Additional features. In some companies, resume packages go with a cover letter or a LinkedIn profile by default. It means that you’ll be charged for a package of services even if you need a resume only. Paid features may also include the extended revision period or interview coaching with your writer.

Choosing the optimal price range for your resume

With an awareness of the components of resume price, you want to invest in a quality piece. All resume writing websites can be divided into three categories. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Resumes that cost under $80

Frankly speaking, it’s possible to get your resume done at $50 or even $30. However, as the leading experts in resume writing, we recommend that you avoid the low-end prices. Such charges assume that your resume will be done by a beginning freelancer who has no idea about how the recruitment process works. Or, they could also mean that you are dealing with an overseas ‘resume mill’, and the writer will simply insert your resume into a template and use cookie-cutter phrases.

At this cost, you cannot expect to get a qualified writer who will spend the needed amount of time crafting a custom resume for you. So, it’s better to stay away from suspiciously cheap resumes for sale.

Resumes that cost from $80 to $350

This is the price range that most resume writers operate in. If you’re ready to pay somewhere within this range, you’ll be able to find a qualified writer who understands the employers’ demands and your industry. At this investment, you can expect the writer to create a custom resume for you, taking into account your career purposes and making revisions if you find it necessary. In other words, you can expect quality.

Our company charges within this price range. At the investment of around $100, we offer one-on-one communication with your writer and unlimited revisions and updates. And, more importantly, we offer progressive discounts if you order resume packages.

Resumes that cost from $350+

In fact, the upper range of resume prices is not limited. You can find writers who will charge you over $1000 for a single resume. This price makes sense for you only if you want to work with a ‘star’ in resume writing or apply for a C-level position such as CEO, CFO, and more. If you’re a professional or mid-level manager, paying over $350 for a resume makes no practical sense. Lots of resume creators will write a persuasive, keyword-rich, properly formatted and targeted resume for much cheaper.

Now that you know what to expect from a resume in different price categories, you can make an informed decision.

How much should a cover letter cost?

The situation with a cover letter is similar to that with resumes – you can expect to pay from $25 for low-end services to over $500. Similarly, we recommend that you avoid the overly cheap prices and stick to the average prices to receive quality writing without overpaying for it.

Is paying to write my resume worth it?

Not sure if it’s worth it to work with a resume writer at all? If you’ve never hired a resume maker before, there are three main reasons to give it a shot.

  • They know the employers’ expectations. Resume professionals understand how recruiters scan resumes and what information they pay attention to in the first place. Hence, they can adjust your resume accordingly to help you look like an ideal candidate.
  • They save your time. Crafting a resume isn’t an easy and quick process – most likely, you’ll spend long evenings writing, editing and tailoring it. A resume writer will save you long hours and nerves as you’ll get an attention-grabbing resume at no effort.
  • They deliver quality. If you struggle to find the right wording or to frame your accomplishments, a professional can help. Through high-impact, persuasive writing, they will communicate your professional value to the target employers.

If you feel like writing a resume on your own, do give it a shot. But in this case, we strongly recommend that you show it to a resume editor to exclude mistakes.

Selecting a resume service provider

Given the variety of services and self-employed writers, it’s hard to make an informed choice. To get the quality result for your money, follow the steps below:

  • Do in-depth research. Don’t order immediately from the very first site that popped up in Google. Learn more about the company and the writers, seek testimonials and feedback from previous customers.
  • Talk to the writer (or company’s support rep). Reach out to the company and ask them about the process, writer’s qualifications, and guarantees. If they give you unrealistic promises such as the guarantee of an interview or even a job, it’s better to stay away from them.
  • Understand that it’s a two-way street. The writer does a lion’s share of work on your resume, but he cannot make a quality document without your input. So, be sure to give detailed response to writer’s questions and provide them with breadth of information.

What is the best resume service?

Above, we’ve considered the fair price for resume writing and realize how to choose a reputable service provider, you can choose a resume writer that will fit your professional needs best. Resumeperk.com offers custom resume writing as well as help with other career documents. We balance between moderate prices and high quality of writing, and you can choose the right package for your needs. We stick to individual approach, so you can choose a package and deadline that appeal to you. Also, we give a 20% off for your first order – contact us on chat to claim your code.

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