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Our project manager resume writers prepare highly tailored documents for job-seekers in every industry. Whether you work in construction, finance, IT, or manufacturing, we will create a strong project management resume that articulates your value and helps you get shortlisted. We offer the quickest turnaround in the market - order your resume and start applying for jobs tomorrow!

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Why choose the experts of ResumePerk?

With 14+ years of industry expertise, we create project manager resumes that meet hiring managers' expectations:

  • Tailored to your goals

    We write each project manager resume from scratch, with no templates or AI-generated text. The writer uses your professional history and current goals to create the best project manager resume that will draw the attention of hiring managers.

  • Expert writers

    We have 100+ professional resume writers and editors who specialize in 70+ industries. Each writer has 2+ years of experience with resumes or as a recruiter, and is well aware of the modern resume trends and the best practices to facilitate your job search.

  • ATS-friendly

    Send us your target job posting, and we will add keywords to help you pass the electronic screening. We optimize each resume for an applicant tracking system to help your application get shortlisted and seen by a human recruiter.

  • Unlimited edits

    Our resume writing services offer unlimited revisions until you are satisfied. Unlike our competitors, we offer an extended 14-day free revision period. Just send your comments to the writer, and we will update your resume according to your needs.

Find your dream employment faster with a strong project management resume

Project managers oversee and coordinate budgets, schedules, and teams to ensure timely implementation of projects in diverse industries. This career path is considered a rewarding one, as you get to build soft skills, can see how your efforts help implement the project, and earn a salary much higher than the national average.

As a professional project manager, your resume needs to showcase such skills as project coordination, risk management, Agile/Scrum, performance monitoring, and team leadership. Moreover, you have to present a track record of projects you've completed before, with tangible results and your contribution clearly defined.

While putting your career history together in a compelling way can be a challenge, our project manager resume services have got you covered. We craft persuasive resumes for entry-level project managers right out of college, experienced professionals, and Directors of Project Management. Each project manager resume we create is personalized: the writer dives deep into your professional background to spotlight what matters to employers most.

Here are just a few reasons to work with our resume writing team:

  • we have industry experts - whether you are a technical project manager, senior project manager, program manager, or marketing coordinator, we'll find an expert for your needs. A professional resume writer will position you effectively for jobs in the world's leading companies;
  • we return your documents in 24 hours - our resume writing services offer a 24-hour rush turnaround for resumes and cover letters. Thus, you can start applying for your target project manager jobs tomorrow;
  • we prioritize customer service - our support team is on chat 24/7, so you can get your questions answered anytime. Our chat representatives will consult you about our services, check your order status on resolve a technical issue promptly.
  • we value privacy - we do not publish or share any information about our clients with third parties. Any information you share with us for resume and cover letter writing remains confidential.

What our customers say

  • "The Resumeperk writer took my scattered experience and turned it into a really strong project manager resume in a way that I couldn't have done on my own. I did not realize that my old resume needed so much work! My writer was super attentive to detail and stayed in touch until my resume was finished. I apply to a lot of PM jobs and already have two interviews scheduled."

    Chloe N., New Mexico
  • "This service was recommended to me by a friend, and they beat all my expectations. I ordered a resume and a cover letter, both of which showed off my skills and accomplishments in the field. I needed just a few minor tweaks before I got the perfect documents to apply for professional project manager roles. I highly recommend these guys to anyone in the PM role."

    Jacob W., Montana
  • "As an entry-level PM assistant, I had only a few university projects under my belt and was unsure how to describe them. However, the writer did a fantastic job, showing my soft skills and potential, which gave me a lot of confidence as I applied for my target jobs. Thanks to them, I am about to land my first full-time position in project management."

    Marie F., California

How does it work?

At ResumePerk, you can get your project manager resume completed in a few clicks:

  • 1. Place an order and upload your old resume (or fill out a questionnaire) to tell us about your background and goals;

  • 2. We find a writer who can expertly position you for your dream job - you can collaborate with the writer directly;

  • 3. Download an editable copy of your resume and other documents.

Amazing resume packages for project managers

Our team of writers and career coaches creates all types of documents for your job search. You can order each document individually or purchase a full resume package:

  • A customized resume, designed to highlight your unique career story and adapted for applicant tracking systems;
  • An inspiring cover letter - 49% of hiring managers believe that attaching a cover letter is essential. Our experts can use a letter to show your motivation, relevant projects and cultural fit;
  • LinkedIn profile optimization - 72% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find new talent. Let us develop profile content that highlights your expertise, competencies and personality;
  • A concise thank-you letter after the interview - stay on top of the hiring manager's mind by sending this letter that shows your continued interest and summarizes your strengths;
  • A detailed curriculum vitae - if you want to find a dream job in academia or a research position, our experts can prepare a comprehensive CV that summarizes your career;
  • Professional interview tips with hands-on advice on how to ace the most stressful interviews.

We will assign the best project manager resume writer who is an expert in your industry. The writer will underline your hard and soft skills, key achievements and background in line with the job description to help you get noticed faster.

What should a project manager put on a resume?

A professional resume of a project manager should be focused on results, relevant education and skills. When writing documents for clients, our project manager resume writing service follows these strategies to prepare a standout application:

Decide on a resume format

There are multiple resume types, each of which works best in different situations.

For example, a reverse chronological resume lists your jobs and projects starting with the most recent one. It is considered the most popular one and is favored by HR managers across all industries. Whether you're an entry-level PM or a senior professional, they can clearly see your experience, qualifications and career progression. On the flip side, due to transparency in roles and dates, it’s hard to hide gaps and job-hopping in such a resume.

As opposed to a chronological resume, a functional one is focused on your skillset and competencies. At the very beginning, you list your skill highlights in detail. Job titles and dates are listed briefly at the bottom. This format is best if your career trajectory is not perfect and has gaps, as this format downplays a lack of consistent and relevant career history. It is also great for a candidate with no experience, according to a certified resume writer.

There's also a combination resume, which is a mix of the previous two. Such a resume puts skills above the fold while presenting a consistent career history. This format works well for students, accomplished professionals, and many other types of job-seekers.

Keep the length reasonable

Project managers with less than 7 years of experience should use a one-page resume. If you have more experience, use a two-page document. A three-page is usually not recommended, but is reasonable if you changed industries or have rich leadership experience.

List education and certifications

There's a competition for the best project manager jobs, so use all your credentials to stand out to the hiring manager. List relevant education, training, certifications, and a membership in a professional association. Showing that you constantly develop your skills is always a good idea.

Include your experience and projects

The experience section should sell you for your target position. Put your current job at the top of the list, and mention the organization name, your role and start-end dates of employment. Write down your responsibilities and achievements using bullet points, and add figures where appropriate. You can list projects along with your job duties, or separately in a Projects section. Be sure to include figures and quantify your impact where possible - employers want to see your ability to make a difference.

Proofread for perfection

Check your project manager resume for mistakes before submitting it. Typos, spelling issues and poor grammar can turn off the recruiters, making you look unprofessional. Use an online spell checker and then proofread your resume and cover letter writing manually to make sure your documents are spotless.

Whether you need a new project manager resume or an update of an old one, our professional resume writing services are there for you. With a large expert team, we can prepare an effective resume tailored to your dream job and help you make an irresistible impression. Place your first order today with a 20% discount - claim your coupon code in chat!


  • Yes! On our site, you can view some examples prepared by our project management resume writers. Please, keep in mind that our project manager resume writing service prepares a customized document to every client. We develop unique content, structure, and design to make your resume look one of a kind.

  • We have in-house resume writers with 2+ years of experience crafting resumes or as hiring managers. Our writers stay informed about the recent resume trends to provide you with the best project manager resume for your professional goals.

  • Most of our clients are happy with the first draft. Yet, if you believe that your project manager resume could be improved, you'll have 14 days to claim your free revisions. The writer keeps polishing your documents until they meet your initial requirements.

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

Sales, Accounting, Fashion, Marketing, Nursing, Pharmacist, Physician, Finance, Medical, Product Management, Military, Teacher, Healthcare, Executive, Technical, Engineer, Scientific, Military To Civilian, Pilot, Hospitality, Attorney, Banking, Project Manager, Lawyer, Career Management, Software Engineer, HR, Aviation, Construction, Legal, Science, IT, SES and ECO

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