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Need a cover letter that shows off your qualifications for the role and exposes cultural fit? Our English career experts prepare customized letters for 65+ industries. Impress the hiring managers and boost your interview chances with professional help!

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Why choose our cover letter writing services over others?

  • Custom writing - we create a unique letter based on each client's experience and career goals. No templates or pre-written sentences - the writer develops the content exclusively for you.
  • Educated cover letter writers - each letter is prepared by a resume professional with 2+ years of experience. We have 100+ writers and editors who are English experts with university degrees and a passion for writing.
  • Unlimited revisions - if you're not quite happy with the cover letter writing service, we'll revise it for free until you're satisfied. Our website offers 2 weeks of FREE revisions if the writer didn't follow your instructions.
  • Effective resume packages - in addition to a customized cover letter, you can order a professional resume, a keyword-rich LinkedIn profile and a courteous thank-you note. A resume writer will align the content and sync the design of all documents to sell you as a best candidate for a role.
  • Quick turnaround - if you need to apply urgently, our professional cover letter writer can deliver your letter by tomorrow. We guarantee timely delivery of every letter to make your job search fast and effective.
  • Client support 24/7 - support agents are online on chat round the clock. You are welcome to reach out anytime to check order status, resolve any issues or choose the best service for your needs.

Are cover letters necessary for job application?

Cover letters are meant to show your culture fit and motivation. They can also give specific examples of success or explain shortcomings in career history (i.e. job-hopping). Moreover, 45% of hiring managers will not consider a resume that goes without a letter.

Whereas they are considered optional, attaching a letter in the following situation is a must:

  • The employer requested a cover letter in the job ad. Some recruiters use tricks, for example, they may ask you to write a certain word or phrase to make sure you've read the job posting carefully. Candidates who haven't done so won't be considered, so you should follow every instruction closely.
  • You are applying for a position abroad. Then, you should study the local standard how to write cover letters and comply with them.
  • You are making a career transition. In this case, creating cover letters is necessary to explain your motivation and how your skillset is helpful.

At, we recommend every job-seeker to use customized covering letters in job applications. A letter is the additional tool that can convince the hiring manager to choose you over others. If writing isn't your cup of tea, you are welcome to use our cover letter services, save your time and get an excellent letter that describes you in the best light. cover letter service: what you'll get

Every client who turns to us is guaranteed to receive a high-quality cover letter which is:

  • Customized for your individual professional goals and tailored for a specific job posting;
  • Optimized for the applicant tracking system and contains the necessary keywords to get you shortlisted;
  • Custom designed and formatted - well-designed application documents get more consideration from the hiring managers;
  • Presents specific accomplishments and strengths to create you an image of a result-driven professional for a recruiter;
  • Is well-structured and presents your story in an engaging yet professional way;
  • Delivered in an ATS-friendly, editable DOCX format that you can update in the future.

Cover letters for every industry

Our team provides efficient letters for 65+ industries including:

  • Finance & banking
  • Media & arts
  • Office administration & management
  • FCMG
  • Healthcare
  • Government & federal
  • Marketing & sales
  • Information technology

Writing a professional cover letter: 7 essential tips

All successful cover letters have common features. If you want to compose a letter by yourself, our writers recommend that you follow these tips:

Address the person by the name

Address the recruiter, hiring manager or a department head by the name in the letter header. They will appreciate your attentiveness. You can find the person's name in a job description or the company's LinkedIn. If you haven't found the recipient's name, it's acceptable to start the letter with "Dear Hiring Manager".

Tell how you learned about the job opening

At the beginning of the letter, greet the potential employer. State your target job title and where you learned about it (job board, social media, LinkedIn, etc). If you have a referral in the company, do mention their name as you'll get more consideration in this case. Stating the exact job title and company name will show that you are writing a targeted letter to a specific company, and are not mass-mailing it to everyone.

If you apply through a job board on LinkedIn, then no need to write where you learned about the vacancy since this is obvious.

Express the interest in this particular company

Research the company carefully and tailor the letter text to its goals, professional cover letter service recommends. Use the corporate website, social media, and news articles about them, or talk to those who work or have previously worked there. Your strong and exclusive motivation for a specific company boosts your chances to get shortlisted and hired.

Detail the highlights of your experience

When writing cover letters, avoid reiterating the information from a resume. Instead, a professional writer recommends that you choose 3-4 strenghts that align with the vacancy, and focus on them. You can tell about personal achievements, projects or experience in these areas. If you have limited experience in the given area, it's best to write about how you plan to handle professional duties despite the lack of experience.

Write a strong closing paragraph

Thank the potential employer for reading your letter to the end. Note that you are ready to come for an interview if they consider you a suitable candidate. Leave your contact detail at the end for the reader's convenience. You may want to add a call to action, for example, "Please don't hesitate to contact me at..." Or, you can take the initiative and write that you plan to call the next week to check the status of your application.

Make it short

Professional resume writers state that the ideal length for a cover letter is 3-4 paragraphs. It can be longer for a senior executive or a university lecturer, but exceeding one page is not recommended. If you are not repeating the resume word for word, 4 paragraphs are enough to explain why this role is your dream job and why you qualify.

Proofread carefully

If you follow these points carefully, you'll compose a well-written cover letter for sure. But, once the letter is written, it has to be checked for mistakes. 59% of recruiters reject applications with typos and grammar mistakes. We recommend showing your letter to a professional editor who can eliminate mistakes, check the logic of text and improve formatting. In this way, you will surely impress the hiring manager.

Cover letter myths, debunked by the best cover letter writers

  • Myth #1. Everyone can write a cover letter

    Composition of this letter type takes more than good writing skills. One should understand the recruiters' expectations, job market trends and know how to market the candidate well. Ideally, you should seek an experienced or certified professional resume writer.

  • Myth #2. A great cover letter can guarantee you a job

    Even the best resume and letter in the world can secure you an employment. A cover letter writer does not influence the hiring decisions, so we are honest with our clients and don't promise employment. However, our customers do get more feedback from companies.

  • Myth #3. You can send the same cover letter to all employers

    Generic cover letters go to trash. Companies only consider letters written with a specific job position in mind. Our writers customize the cover letter for a specific opening to increase your chances for an interview call.

Our cover letter writing service is fairly priced

If you google "cover letter writing services", you'll find out that their cost varies from $30 to $250+. The price depends on the deadline, company location and the experience or professional cover letter writers. If the writer is famous or award-winning, the cost of their services will be obviously higher. But in fact, you needn't spend hundreds of dollars to receive an interview-winning letter.

At, you can order a separate cover letter at $45. This fee includes custom letter writing, tailoring it for a specific vacancy, and formatting. Because our company is fully virtual, we can keep prices this affordable. A low price doesn't mean an average quality - we have American and British writers who can produce an excellently written letter.

For those looking for superior quality, we offer Premium writing services. They include hiring one of our Top 10 writers with a 5-star rating and a proofreading by a PhD editor.

Boost your interview chances with the help of cover letter writers

Providing every client with an excellent letter that sells their strengths is our motto. We use a remote customer service model that includes as follows:

  • Placing an order takes 15 minutes, and you can do it online anytime;
  • Chat support is open 24/7 for clients around the globe;
  • You can talk to your writer directly using our internal messaging system.

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Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

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