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Why choose cover letter writing services?

  • Custom cover letters - each letter is created from scratch based on your work history and tailored for a specific job. No templates or pre-written text - only original writing;
  • Tailored for your target job - generic cover letters can't impress hiring managers. Our professional resume writers tailor each letter for your target job, adding the relevant keywords to help you pass the ATS;
  • Educated cover letter writers - each writer has a Bachelor's or Master's degree and 1+ years of experience with job application documents. Moreover, all professional cover letter writers are English experts, so you can be confident in quality of writing;
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee - we offer free revisions for 2 weeks. The writer keeps working until you're fully satisfied. Revisions are not limited as our goal is to draft a perfect cover letter;
  • One-on-one communication with the writer - we have the most convenient cover letter writing process for busy professionals. Talk to writer in our messenger and discuss the details so they could better meet your needs;
  • Timely cover letter writing - our resume writing services work 24/7. Professional cover letters are available with a 24-hour delivery. In the case of a late delivery or poor writing, you can ask a refund.

Cover letters that give you a competitive edge

A cover letter is your chance to get noticed, remembered and shortlisted. Even if the job posting says it's optional, the employers prefer applicants who did submit a letter.

Not sure how to make yours stand out? team has 10+ years of expertise in writing cover letters. We have provided thousands of clients in the US, Canada and beyond with effective letters that boosted their job search!

At the price starting at $45, you get a 100% custom letter that exposes your hard skills and culture fit. Your dream job is waiting - place an order for a well-crafted cover letter now!

How it works?

  • Step 1. Sign up for the website

    Upload your resume, a link to the job posting and any other details. The more information you provide, the better professionally written cover letter we'll be able to create.

  • Step 2. Writer is assigned

    We pick the available writer based on your country and industry. Your professional cover letter writer will have not only excellent writing skills, but also the grasp of your field.

  • Step 3. Download the ready document

    Cover letter is delivered to your email in due time. You'll get a DOCX file that you can customize for other jobs. In case you're not satisfied with a cover letter writing service, you'll have 2 weeks to request a free revision.

Our advantages

Efficient process

As a leading resume writing company, we offer services that save your time. You don't have to choose a cover letter writer on your own. Our manager will do it for you, carefully choosing the writer with needed experience.

Also, we don't have long phone consultations. Instead, you can message the writer anytime to discuss the details. Thanks to direct contact with the writer and high quality of writing, 96% of our customers give us 5 star rating!

The best cover letter writers

We have a pool of American, British and other English-speaking writers, and don't outsource your projects to freelancers. Each applicant is closely evaluated before they are accepted to write cover letters. Writers need to prove their English expertise and competency with resumes through multiple tests. Only 8% of applicants join our writing team!

Most writers in our team have at least a Bachelor's degree. We believe that knowledge in specific narrow area helps build better resumes for professionals in the given field.

Writing from scratch

Many job-seekers use resume builders. This software helps you build a resume and cover letter using sentences suggested by the program. The biggest disadvantage is that these phrases were used by hundreds of other job-seekers. So, such letter will sound generic, and of course it won't show your personality.

At, we offer only original cover letters. Your consultant will develop a compelling cover letter and highlight the unique points that distinguish you from the rest.

Reasonable price for a professional cover letter

We maintain the balance between the interview-winning quality and affordability even for students. Our prices start at $45 per letter. This includes writing from scratch, customization for a job posting, and professional formatting.

We offer a flexible discount system for regular customers. If you return to place more orders, your discount grows. Every new client is eligible for a 20% discount regardless of the amount of the order.

Some writers charge $100 or even $200 per letter, but why overpay if quality can be found for much cheaper?

Guarantees of satisfaction

To help you feel confident in our services, we offer a set of guarantees. Firstly, as per satisfaction guarantee, we'll revise the letter for free until you are satisfied with it. Secondly, in case of a non-delivery or poor quality, you can ask for a refund.

All payments are secure thanks to the special encryption system. Also, we give you 100% of the rights for the written documents, so you can use them freely in your job search.

Expert cover letter help: what you'll get

  • A 100% custom cover letter written by expert of our cover letter writing services with your target job in mind;
  • Keyword optimization to help you pass the applicant tracking system and be considered by a human hiring manager;
  • Professional formatting of your well-written cover letter in the same style as your resume;
  • Direct communication with your writer if you want to change something in a written letter;
  • 24/7 customer support in live chat where you can ask questions or check order status.

We help all types of job-seekers including:

  • students and graduates looking to land their first 'serious' job;
  • mid-career professionals aiming for a better paying position or a promotion with the current company or a new employer;
  • career switchers looking to translate their experience to a completely new industry and role;
  • senior managers who wish to emphasize a track record of achievements and business impact;
  • people returning to workforce after the employment gap.

Most popular cover letter mistakes that candidates make

Many job-seekers make mistakes in their professional cover letter, and these mistakes can jeopardize their intervhiew chances. If you write a cover letter on your own, make sure to avoid these issues:

Focusing only on yourself

Of course, the letter is about your skills and experience, but you need to keep in mind the company needs either. The prospective employer is looking for a professional who can handle their business challenges and add value.

Think about your strengths and explain how they make you the right fit for the position. At the same time, make sure that your well-written cover letter outlines your accomplishments that correlate with the job opening.

Describing every job you've ever had

If you've had multiple jobs, mentioning each of them in a letter can make it overloaded with facts and thus very confusing. Cover letter isn't meant to describe sequence of positions held. Instead, it is aimed to highlight the most relevant experiences from your career history.

Focus on describing key skills and projects rather than listing all professional responsibilities you've had in a lifetime.

Talking about negative things

You needn't write about failures that took place in your professional life. If you were fired from the last job, moved to a new state or were engaged in the other unflattering situation, no reason to describe it in a letter. If the intervewerd touches upon this subject, you'll need to respond; but the cover letter is for different things.

You should focus on your ability to perform well in a job and tell about results. Of course, such situations as change of career or a lengthy gap should be explained. But even in this case the experts of professional cover letter services recommend that you focus on the positive sides and what you've learned from this experience.

Writing a long essay instead of a letter

70% of recruiters prefer receiving a cover letter that is under 300 words. Writing a long story about your career path is both time-consuming and not favored by hiring managers. Long letters hardly ever get read.

So, show appreciation to the recruiter's time as well as your ability to focus on the most important things. Short letters are more effective for your job search.

Reiterating the resume

Avoid retelling the resume content as you write cover letter. The recruiter typically reads the letter first, especially when it's copied and pasted in an email body. You need to introduce the most important highlights such as accomplishments, degrees, projects. It's also necessary to explain what interests you in the company and how you can benefit it, market yourself and your competencies.

Using cliche phrases

Cover letter consultants agree that it's better to use cliche openings and closings that to be inappropriately creative. Yet, in the letter body, avoid cliches like "I am an ideal candidate" or "I am proactive and a team player".

It's more effective to speak through examples. Instead of team player you can say "closely cooperated with teaching staff to introduce classroom technology and reduced time losses by 15%.

Writing that you worship the company

An effective cover letter should explain how you can address the challenges of the company. Yet, no need to overdo. Avoid flattering and writing long paragraphs about your love and appreciation to the company.

Flattery won't help you get an interview. Instead, a hiring manager might wonder why you write praising words instead of describing your real accomplishments.

Not following the formal structure

Since cover letter is a business letter, it has to use the traditional structure that all employers are used to. A great cover letter contains an introduction, letter body and a formal closing. A cover letter writer recommends that you stick to this structure and don't experiment with it. After all, this letter shows your business correspondence skills.

Typos and writing mistakes

When you compose a letter in a hurry or writing isn't your cup of tea, it's easy to make a couple of mistakes. However, hiring managers don't take them lightly. 59% of recruiters reject job applications that contain typos, grammar or punctuation errors.

The solution? Proofread the text multiple times, and read it aloud to make sure each sentence makes sense. Use an online spell checking software to fix minor mistakes. Error-free letters show attention to detail that is valued in many professions.

Not including a letter at all

Unless the employer specifically asks not to send a letter, always submit it. 45% of recruiters consider applications that don't have a matching letter. Frankly speaking, not all hiring managers read them top to bottom, but they appreciate the fact that you've bothered to compose one.

If you don't have strong writing skills, our cover letter service is at your disposal. Our well-trained experts can get a cover letter written for every profession. Just let us know your career history, and we will organize it in an interview-winning document!

All types of resume and letter services are available

Our website offers three service types for job-seekers:

  • Writing means the creation of your resume and letter from scratch, or a complete rewrite of old documents;
  • Editing includes correction of mistakes, style and formatting. Its focus is to improve your old cover letter and give it a boost rather than make a new one;
  • Review assumes that our professional writers give detailed feedback about issues that need to be improved, but you make changes by yourself.

The types of career writing we offer

In addition to a customized cover letter, you can order the following documents:

  • A result-oriented resume that succinctly summarizes your accomplishments, skills and employment history;
  • A keyword-rich LinkedIn profile that lets recruiter find you online with no effort from your side;
  • A polite thank-you note that shows your business etiquette. 37% of recruiters reject candidates who do not send this note!
  • Professional interview tips prepared by our expert. Be 100% ready for the most challenging interview questions.


  • We do not offer cover letter writing services for free since our writers need to be fairly compensated for their work. And if someone offers you cover letter services for free, they are most likely a scam.

    However, we do offer some free options to our clients. In our career blog, you can find tips and draw inspiration for writing a resume or tackling challenging career situations. Also, we offer free resume reviews - email us your resume to get expert opinion.

  • A resume writing certification, such as CPRW, proves the writer's expertise with resumes. However, it is not obligatory. For example, if a writer has years of experience with cover letters or has worked as a recruiter, they learn the right qualifications without a certification.

    At, we carefully select writers and check their credentials. All writers on our team have 1+ year of experience with application documents or HR experience.

  • It often takes a few rounds of revisions to create a perfect cover letter. We offer unlimited revisions for 2 weeks. If you are not satisfied, simply message the writer what you'd like to change, and they will update accordingly.

Boost your job search with a cover letter writing service

According to the statistic, 63% of recruiters think there are not enough suitable candidates. Prove that you've got what it takes with a personalized cover letter. Order now with a 20% welcome discount.

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

Sales, Accounting, Fashion, Marketing, Nursing, Pharmacist, Physician, Finance, Medical, Product Management, Military, Teacher, Healthcare, Executive, Technical, Engineer, Scientific, Military To Civilian, Pilot, Hospitality, Attorney, Banking, Project Manager, Lawyer, Career Management, Software Engineer, HR, Aviation, Construction, Legal, Science, IT, SES and ECO, Biotech