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Product managers are widely sought by innovative businesses and tech companies. We offer professional resume writing services that help highlight your value, spark your accomplishments and market you for a target PM position.

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Why choose our resumes?

  • Only original writing

    Resumes copied from the internet are of no interest to a hiring manager. Our product management resume writers create each resume from scratch based on your instructions and wishes.

  • Focused on your achievements

    Product manager resumes should demonstrate your impact on the product, as hiring managers prefer to shorlist resumes with accomplishments and figures. Let our writer emphasize your successes in product planning, design, launch and more.

  • Optimized for ATS

    Most companies use applicant tracking systems to select candidates. We use an ATS-friendly resume format and file type so that your resume opens correctly with any ATS. We also add high-value keywords for your target job description.

  • Unlimited edits, for free

    We put your satisfaction first and will revise your new resume for free until you're satisfied. Just forward your comments to your product manager resume writer. Free revisions are available for 2 weeks.

  • One-on-one writer cooperation

    As a product manager, you know the value of timely and efficient communication. Talk to the writer anytime and discuss the resume project in detail. This will help us create an ideal resume for your needs.

  • Available 24/7

    Whenever you need a brand-new resume, we're always in touch. Our support reps are online in chat 24/7. Contact us to get a free consultation, choose the type of service or troubleshoot the technical issues.

Career adantages of using a professional resume writing service

If you've never used resume services for drafting your PM resume, think about this:

  • Product management is a highly competitive field. If your resume doesn't impress the recruiter in the first 7.4 seconds, you're out of the game.
  • It takes more than just writing skills to create an effective product manager resume. You need extensive knowledge of keyword optimization, resume structure and design.
  • Are you aware of how hiring managers read resumes? If not, you are probably emphasizing the wrong things and they can easily overlook your accomplishments and strengths.
  • Professionally written resumes bring more interview calls. In some cases, they can help you negotiate a higher salary.

When hiring a product management resume writer, you are benefiting from their expertise, industry knowledge and knowledge of how hiring decisions are made. Moreover, our writers only use the best resume practices to create a professional yet engaging document for you!

Skilled in-house resume makers

Unlike many other resume agencies, we won't outsource your resume to unexperienced third-world freelancers. Our team has 100+ resume writers and editors based in the US, UK and other English-speaking countries. We offer a highly personalized service - you are connected with a writer and they keep working on the document until you're satisfied.

We carefully weed out countless candidates to find those who are qualified enough to join our team. Each product manager resume writer has 2+ years of experience with resumes or a resume writing certification. Every writer is a holder of a Bachelor's degree or above. Thanks to our customer centric approach and writers' experience, we've managed to reach 96% customer satisfaction rate!

How to choose a reliable PM resume writer?

When you consider hiring a resume consultant, it all boils down to choosing the right service provider. No matter if you need an entry level product manager resume or a senior level one, pay attention to these things when choosing a resume company:

Ask about guarantees

As a product manager, you know that customer satisfaction is vital to a business success. Resume companies are no exception, and reliable agencies always provide guarantees. The best guarantee you can count on are free updates if the writer misunderstood the instruction. Also, ask if the company provides refunds in case the document turned out low-quality or they didn't deliver it on time.

Beware of companies who guarantees interviews or a job. No resume writer can promise it as they aren't involved in the hiring process!

Look at product manager resume sample

To evaluate resume quality, ask for product manager resume examples done by the company. As a rule, most companies willingly share samples or post them on their website.

Another option is asking for a free resume critique. If they objectively described the strengths and mistakes in your old resume, you can count on good quality of writing.

Review the writers' qualifications

Ask if the company has much experience with product manager, project manager and similar resumes because they are very specific. It also makes sense to wonder how many years of experience your writer has, what is their education and where they are located.

Test their customer service

Can the company be reached anytime with a toll-free phone number or chat? Are customer reps attentive and helpful, or do they aggressively try to sell the services to you? Do they willingly answer your questions about the process and the writers' experience? Remember that customer service reflects the company's culture. company meets all the above criteria, so you can count on exceptional quality of writing and service with us! Moreover, we offer 20% off to every new client so you could experience the advantages of a pro resume! Contact us on chat for details.

We write resumes for product manager and similar roles including:

  • Product owner
  • Project manager
  • Associate product manager
  • Director of product management
  • Chief Product Officer
  • Product marketing manager
  • Junior product manager
  • Technical program manager

What product manager skills should you list on a resume?

Employers expect product managers to display a variety of technical skills as well as soft ones. The majority of successful PM resumes list such competencies:

  • Strategic thinking and data analytics to define and evaluate the product success
  • Engineering and design skills to give detailed feedback to the teams of designers and developers
  • Digital marketing skills such as social media and copywriting
  • Product management certifications (AIPMM, PDMA or other)
  • Leadership and organization skills with a proven ability to lead cross functional teams
  • Building a product roadmap and conducting strategic review
  • Analyzing large datasets and measuring improvement of metrics

How to build an effective PM resume?

Focus on figures and metrics

Hiring managers look at metrics in the first place. If metrics and accomplishments are not listed, resume is likely to go to trash. Your daily duties are of little interest if you want a successful PM career. Employers want proof of your ability to bring results to the table.

Give your resume a "Product Manager" title

You may clarify the title further, for example, "Product Manager - Mobile Apps Development". Resume consultants also recommend adjusting the resume title for every specific job posting to make the document more ATS-friendly.

If you look for a job in another town, use a local address

Many hiring managers reject candidates from far away to minimize difficulties with different time zones, to avoid relocation expenses, and for other reasons. When looking for a dream job in a new city, use a local address to draw more attention from local recruiters and land a PM interview.

List 4-5 most recent jobs

Recruiters will look at most recent jobs only. If you have years or decades of experience, you needn't list everything. Including 4-5 jobs is enough for an employer to evaluate your competencies and fit for the company. Moreover, this will save resume space.

Mention relevant courses only

Professional development is great, but a PM resume has to be very focused. List only courses and trainings that are relevant to your target PM job posting.

Attach a tailored cover letter

Did you know that 45% of hiring managers will reject resumes without cover letters? Write a customized cover letter that presents your product strategy skills for a specific job. Also, think about updating your LinkedIn profile, as product managers are expected to have strong online presense.

Keep it to one page

A resume for an entry-level position should not exceed one page. Be sure to use bullet points instead of paragraphs, and format the document so that it's easy to skim through. If you have been in the PM role for 10+ yrs, you can use a second page.

Use keywords from the job posting

Keywords help your resume pass through ATS and be seen by a human recruiter. Product manager jobs attract many candidates who are underqualified, so companies ease the recruiter's job with this software. The simplest way to optimize your resume is to use soft skills and competencies from the job posting. Copy the key words and phrases word for word.

Proofread before sending

Even a great resume can be tossed if it has grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes. Go through the written resume line by line to correct mistakes, or use an online spell checker. An error-free resume shows your attention to detail and strong communication skills that are invaluable for a PM.

What is a reasonable cost for a resume?

If you do market research, you'll find that many companies charge $300, $500 or higher for a resume. But in fact, you can order a quality resume for much cheaper. Thanks to the model of remote business, our website offers resume writing starting at $117. This price includes custom writing, formatting, design and tailoring, and 2 weeks of free updates.

We offer urgent resume process for those PMs who need to apply ASAP. At a slightly higher price, we'll deliver your resume by tomorrow.

Energize your job search with professional help

Our agency has helped thousands of job-seekers get more attention from employers. Let our experts present your experience in the most favorable way and help you land a new position faster! We leverage only the modern writing practices to save your time and boost your confidence.

Not sure if your resume needs an improvement? We review product manager resumes for free. Send your resume to us and hear detailed feedback plus receive an exclusive discount off your first order!

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

Sales, Accounting, Fashion, Marketing, Nursing, Pharmacist, Physician, Finance, Medical, Product Management, Military, Teacher, Healthcare, Executive, Technical, Engineer, Scientific, Military To Civilian, Pilot, Hospitality, Attorney, Banking, Project Manager, Lawyer, Career Management, Software Engineer, HR, Aviation, Construction, Legal, Science, IT, SES and ECO, Biotech