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Order a professional resume that puts forward your strengths and gets you noticed by top employers. Our elite resume writing team will transform your CV, adapting it for a Paris job market to help you get shortlisted and win more interviews!

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The most effective resume writing services for the Paris job market

As a global resume writing agency, ResumePerk creates resumes for international job-seekers, adapting each application for a local job market. If you are looking to get hired in Paris, our resume services can prepare your documents in line with the local standards and employers' expectations. Here's what makes us one of the best resume services on the market:

  • Personalized assistance

    A professional resume writer creates your documents from scratch based on your work history and career goals. We can also adapt your CV for a particular job description. The writer works one-on-one with you and stays in touch until you are satisfied.

  • Effective templates

    Human resources managers spend up to a minute reading your resume. Our experts customize the format and design of your application to make your strengths and achievements pop and draw attention in seconds.

  • Unlimited revisions

    We work with in-house resume writers who are dedicated to your success. If your newly written CV needs a revision, we offer unlimited changes for 14 days. You can take as many rounds of revisions as necessary.

  • Complete resume packages

    Complement your resume with a custom cover letter, LinkedIn profile and other documents essential for your job search. We offer cost-effective, all-in-one packages that will get you completely prepared for the job application process.

  • Curious about how we can help you stand out? Send us your resume for a free review. Our resume writers will check it and send you a report explaining what is good in your resume and what should be improved. It is free and doesn't oblige you to place an order.

How does it work?

As a remote resume agency, we assist job-seekers online - just follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Order your resume

    Upload your old resume (or fill out a questionnaire) and tell us about your professional goals. We will also ask you to attach links to your target job postings so that the writer could prepare a targeted application for you.

  • Step 2. We assign a writer

    Our customer support manager connects you with the best French resume writer who understands your industry. You can speak to your writer directly using our inbound messaging system.

  • Step 3. Download your application-ready resume

    We will deliver your brand-new resume according to the deadline. You'll get an editable document that you can update in the future. Apply for your dream jobs with confidence!

  • Step 4. Share your opinion

    We would like to ask you to leave feedback about our process and the writer's performance. This helps us improve our services.

    As a new customer, you can order resume writing services on our website with a special 20% discount! If the code has not been applied automatically, chat with us to claim your code.

We offer all kinds of resume and career services to busy job-seekers

Our resume writing agency is focused on providing all the services related to the job application, and can prepare your documents as follows:

  • a perfect resume (called CV in France), adapted to your target job post and emphasizing your fit for the position;
  • a cover letter, or une lettre de motivation, that explains how your background and your expertise align with the employer's expectations and make you an excellent candidate;
  • LinkedIn profile - a resume writer will optimize your profile with keywords and complete all sections. This will help you appear higher in searches and get found by local recruiters;
  • follow-up note - only 1 out of 4 candidates follow up after the interview. Send this concise and personalized note to the employer to stand out;
  • a professional bio - our experts will craft a persuasive career story that you can post in your online profiles, add to your website or attach when applying for jobs;
  • interview tips - with expert tips for interview preparation, you'll find it easier to manage tricky questions and make a lasting impression.

You can order just a resume or opt for an all-inclusive cost-effective package that gets you 100% prepared for a job search. Your resume writer will adapt all documents for your target job title and align them with each other so that they tell a comprehensive career story and promote your personal brand.

Why choose our professional resume writing service in Paris?

ResumePerk is a global company with 14+ years of experience. Whether you are looking to adapt your American resume for a local job market or to hire francophone resume writers, we can cater to any request. Our resume service offers countless advantages that you won't find with other local agencies:

  • Original writing

    We don't use chatbots, AI or pre-written text. An experienced resume writer creates your document from scratch to uniquely show your qualifications, boast your accomplishments and give you a competitive edge.

  • Expert resume helpers

    Don't entrust your resume to some random freelancer! At ResumePerk, we work with in-house writers who have 2+ of experience with resumes in different industries. You can see sample resumes before placing your order.

  • Quick delivery

    Meet your career objectives faster. With our 24-hour expedited services, you can start applying for jobs tomorrow and land more interviews faster. Plus, we have a money-back guarantee ensuring the timely delivery of each document.

  • Optimized for ATS

    Beat the resume robots with ease! Our best resume services add valuable keywords and adjust the document structure to help you go through the applicant tracking system.

  • 100% secure and confidential

    All payments are secure thanks to a special encryption system. Any personal information you share with us remains confidential, as we do not disclose any information about our clients.

  • Support 24/7

    No in-person visits are necessary - our company operates online for your convenience. The support team is online on chat 24/7 so you can ask your questions or get a free consultation anytime.

What are our clients saying?

  • "I was looking to move to France, and this resume service did an outstanding job on my resume. They have rewritten my experience section completely and updated the format. I have received two interviews with tech companies so far, and can recommend resumeperk to everyone."

    Roger D.
  • "This company is amazing. I needed my CV in English to apply to international companies, and my resume writer Sarah was very helpful and always in touch. She listed my skills, achievements and everything and I couldn't believe how great my CV looked. Very grateful for your support and recommending you to all my friends."

    Sarah K.
  • "Never worked with a resume writer before, but they did a good french resume for me. My french isn't very good so I searched for a professional service. Affordable prices and I got my resume and cover letter the next day. Thanks a lot!"

    James F.

How to find the best resume services for your needs?

On the internet, you can find dozens of resume writing services, and each will promise to create an outstanding resume for you. Yet, take your time to choose a truly reliable and professional company, as the success of your job search will depend on the document you receive.

When choosing a resume writer, pay attention to these elements:

  • Company specialization - there are writing agencies that are willing to help you with website content, college essays, and resume writing in one spot. Stay away from these generic agencies and look for a specialized resume company.
  • Review samples of work - ask the company about samples of prior work, or a free resume review. Good companies will provide them so you could evaluate their writing style before ordering.
  • Ask about guarantees - at ResumePerk, we offer unlimited revisions until you are satisfied and a money-back guarantee in case of non-delivery. On the flip side, companies that give interview guarantees should warn you as no resume writer can promise you an interview.
  • Evaluate company communication - if chat support responds to you in poor English or sounds too salesy, chances are that your writer will be just as inattentive to your needs. Choose a company that sounds helpful and positive.
  • Check customer reviews - of course, some reviews might be fake, but reading comments will give you valuable insights into the company's work and quality of writing.

Will you benefit from hiring professional resume writers?

Collaborating with a professional resume writer is the easiest way to give your resume a boost and get noticed by target employers. We offer personalized services for any career situation:

  • recent students and graduates who are not sure how to organize their CV;
  • experienced professionals looking for a more rewarding and better paying position;
  • senior executives and directors who need to emphasize their track record of leadership and accomplishment;
  • stay-at-home moms and dads returning to work after a long break;
  • people switching careers to pursue a new career or find their dream job;
  • international job-seekers looking to present their extensive experience to get hired in other countries.

For every situation, we will come up with a highly customized resume that puts your best foot forward. Contact us today to discuss how we can give your resume a quality update!

All professional writers rely on these practices. Yet, not every resume writer is qualified to work on complex federal resumes. Before hiring resume writing services, you want to make sure they are reliable and have the necessary skill sets.

The key differences between the American and French resume

If you are looking for a job in France for the first time, you should know that there are several crucial differences in resume writing and formatting. Not knowing them might send your application to the "no" pile even though you are qualified.

The main differences to keep in mind when applying for jobs are:

  • Type of document - French job-seekers use a CV instead of a resume. It is usually a bit longer, more detailed than an American resume, and less self-promotional.
  • Document length - American resume takes up to 2 pages, longer is not recommended. In France, your CV can take 2-3 pages if you're an experienced professional. Yet, in both countries the document should be targeted for a specific job description to get you shortlisted.
  • Including a photo - in the US and Canada, including a photo is not acceptable (unless you're an actor or a TV presenter). In France, including a photo is a common practice - but be sure to use a professional headshot.
  • Personal information - in the US and UK, including your nationality, marital status, and gender is not appropriate and can even lead to rejecting your application. In many European countries is acceptable but whether to include it is up to you.
  • Professional experience - in an American resume, you can omit irrelevant jobs to keep your application more targeted to what the employer is looking for. In a French CV, your experience (expérience professionnelle) should be more detailed, but be sure to keep the most relevant information at the top.
  • Hobbies and interests - resume writers state that hobbies in the US are most often excluded. In France, you can list interests and activities which are related to your target position.

Navigating these and many more differences is challenging if you are writing a resume on your own. Our resume writing services can take on this task, saving you time and giving you confidence during the job search process. Order your resume CV tailored for a new job today with a 20% discount!

How to write a French CV: 8 Ultimate professional tips

Your French CV is a marketing tool that presents your best qualities and achievements to target employers. Remember that your qualifications will be compared with those of other job-seekers, so, focus on traits that make you a standout candidate. If you'd like to write a CV on your own, take these tips from our resume writers into account:

  • Be detailed about your experience and credentials

    Since a CV means "course of life", be sure to list all jobs you had in a chronological order, and provide other job-related information in detail. On the flip side, remember to adapt the experience to the needs of a particular employer. Thus, you can remove the details irrelevant to your target position. Use a standard reverse chronological format, as other formats are not common.

  • Include contact details and personal information

    Include your email, phone number and address under your name as usual. In France, it is also common to specify your marital status, age, and nationality. Adding them will help you create a CV that aligns with French expectations. If the employer asks for any other specific information, be sure to include that too.

  • Personalize your career summary

    Your Summary section works as an elevator pitch, giving you an opportunity to make a strong first impression. If you have some notable professional achievements, include them here.

    Mention any degrees, awards, and rare qualifications that are valued in your industry to stand out from the competition. Entry-level specialists can use a career objective instead of a summary.

    If you are moving to France and want to find a job with a local company, you can mention relocation is a summary statement as well.

  • Avoid cliches and generic statements

    A resume writer states that it is not enough to list your degrees, job duties and credentials to create a standout CV. Focus on specific experiences, projects and achievements that prove your qualifications and make you look like a perfect candidate for a job. Show why your talents fit perfectly for a target position.

    Avoid buzzwords like a natural leader, go-getter, hard-working, team player, and similar ones. Instead of saying that you're a team player, show that you trained other team members or share results you've achieved while working in a team.

  • List relevant education

    Education is one of the biggest assets of your French CV. Even if you only have a high school diploma, the Education section is a must to have. If you have 2+ years of experience, place it at the top of the resume, otherwise it's best to start with education.

    Put your most advanced degree at the top, no matter when you received it, and continue with undergraduate ones. Include any academic achievements, awards, and certifications, as well as coursework if relevant to your target position.

  • Indicate language proficiency

    If you apply for jobs in France, our resume writer recommends mentioning that you have a working proficiency in French. Specify your knowledge of the French language, as well as other European languages. Other things equal, an employer is likely to prefer someone who can effectively communicate in a French-speaking work environment.

    In addition to language skills, list other job-related skills and competencies. You can find skills that have to be included in a job description.

  • Focus on professional experience

    In this section, you need to present a comprehensive picture of your experience. Remember that the recruiter will look through job titles and company names in the first place, so keep your titles relevant and accurate. To keep this section easy to read, resume writers recommend that you use bulleted lists rather than paragraphs.

    When you apply to an overseas company, it is helpful to add 1-2 sentences about your past employers. Mention the industry, turnover, number of employees, and other important details. Keep your job descriptions brief - 6-7 bullets with responsibilities and achievements are enough. List your unique qualifications. For example, if you're a sales manager, specify how your conflict resolution and negotiation skills saved companies time and money.

  • Perfect your resume presentation

    Since including a picture is common for local CVs, you might want to add one too. Select a professional-looking photo where you look calm and confident.

    When formatting your CV, choose the appropriate font, size, and layout. Keep the same font type and size throughout the document, using bigger font for headings only, to make your document eye-catching and visually appealing. You may use some color to emphasize the main points, but remember that this is a professional document.

    If you struggle to compose some resume sections, our experts are willing to help. Having created resumes for professionals at all career levels, we have mastered the principles of effective resume composition. We can provide you with the best resume services personalized to your needs and your target country - chat with us to discuss your resume needs!

Let our elite resume writing team give your French CV a boost

  • work one-on-one with your dedicated writer
  • get a resume tailored to your target career and enriched with keywords
  • unlimited edits until you are satisfied
  • apply for the best jobs in Paris, France with confidence!

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

Sales, Accounting, Fashion, Marketing, Nursing, Pharmacist, Physician, Finance, Medical, Product Management, Military, Teacher, Healthcare, Executive, Technical, Engineer, Scientific, Military To Civilian, Pilot, Hospitality, Attorney, Banking, Project Manager, Lawyer, Career Management, Software Engineer, HR, Aviation, Construction, Legal, Science, IT, SES and ECO, Biotech